Friday, September 11, 2009

Today is a day that will forever be remembered.

We will always take our hats off, put our hands on our chest and truly be thankful for where we live. So many people have it so much worse...So many people lost families, lives, friends, heroes that day...We dedicated our rehearsal to them today. We sang almost all American songs so far. ( Of course since we have to do rehearsal for Tour it's been Wake Up America... but still.)I love my country. I love my constitution. I love my rights, my laws, my FREEDOM. I have friends in Iraq right now, I have friends in the army, getting ready to give their LIVES for me. For my family, for my friends and for the amazing people living here.

HEROES, truly GIVING THEIR LIVES to protect YOU! You don't think abuot it much, but next time you throw a fit about getting up for school, going to work, doing chores... there are people DYING for you to do that. Right now! Being tortured, being beaten and thrown around...For US. For our COUNTRY. For something that we never take enuogh pride in. There are some bad places... yes. But look how far we've come. Even just women voting. Women being in charge. How hard did we have to fight for that right? A hell of a lot more than we give credit for, I'll tell you that much.

But down to wars, down to explosions, down to people DYING. People losing family, their sons, daughters, sisters, brothers, mothers, fathers... for THIS country. For you sittig reading this blog RIGHT NOW.

9/11 will ALWAYS be remembered. Not for the buildings falling... not for who drove the plane... not even for whatever "images" came out of the smoke that has left us all in awe...But for those people that died. That were there making a living to support their family, those people that had no idea what was gonig on and went down in those two buildings. The people that burned alive, that were crushed by the mass of those buildings. The people that were crushed...And those family's that cried... those friends, and American citizens that CRIED... watching people jump from that building.. watching and hearing them scream.

Everyone's heart fell that day.And there are people fighting for us for that to not happen right now. Go to your family's today, hug them and tell them that you LOVE them. Your friends, your neighbors, your aqquantences.Because it could've been them there that day. And you never know what tomorrow brings. What if they were the people out getting killed for us right now?
They ARE to someoen.

It's someone's FAMILY. Someone's CHILD. Out there protecting OUR COUNTRY...

GOD bless your family's, GOD BLESS THOSE SOLDIERS... And GOD bless America.

Listen to this song... and LOVE everyone today

God bless YOU.

Where do you see Freedom? Where do you see love and heroic figures? Where do you see something you'd fight for?

I see my freedom and my love every single day. In my Daddy's voice, in my Mama's unconditional love and open arms no matter what I do. My older brother's dreams, my older sisters faith and loyalty. In my little brothers strength and support.. in my little sisters smile and innocence. In my friends LOVE. In my GOD's miracles. In strangers walking down the street lookingup with smiles on their faces, in my fans screams, in those crowds that support me..
In my church, looking around and seeing my Mommy with her hands in the air praying, and people all around me screaming Hallelujah's, and Thank You's.

I'd fight for them anyday. I'd give my everything for my little sister holding my hand cause she's scared of cameras. Or her smile up at me and asking how I did things. Or seeing her tell someone I'm HER hero. Not my Mom, not my Dad, not "Hannah Montana". Me. I'd fight anyday for that.
And I hope you have something you'd fight for too.
I know I do.

GOD bless you all.


  1. i will never forget sitting in my 5th grade classroom when i was told what had happened. my uncle and cousin both worked in the area and my mom was doing some work down there as well. luckily they were all ok. but so many of my friends and fellow new yorkers did suffer losing someone that day, and i felt their pain. even today 8 years later it still hurts me to remember when my family members finally got home from being trapped downtown and i could see the fear in their eyes, the ashes on their face and the smell of fire on their clothes. there was nothing but sadness that day, a feeling of gloom upon us all. its a day that will never be forgotten, and one of the darkest days in history, as well as my childhood. Today many see the rain in new york as simply bad weather.. me? i see it as tears being shed in rememberance of the thousands taken from us unfairly.

    Thank you for sharing your feelings miles.


    "I will always do my duty, no matter what the price, i've counted up the cost, i know the sacrifice... i'll always remember 9/11"

  2. God, your words made me cry, Miley.. is so emotional; and you are totally right. what happened that day will be always remembered. i feel so sorry for all of those people who lost then someone who they loved; i think i would got insane if someone i love would die; i feel so close to everybody i know..i would die if they would die. because i love them all; my family, all my friends; and i would anytime fight for them too.

    even if i`m not an US member [ i would love to], i totally approve what you said..

    in hope that in the future will be better, we will continue to live, in this world, where is full of evil people, but here we have the persons which we love the most.

    [i`m sorry again for my english; hope you understand.]

    Wake up, America, for a better day! LY, Miley.

    - Aida -

  3. I don't believe in wars. Even Though I think it is nice the fact that you care about all of it, and most important, you share that.

  4. that is all true and i agree with every bit of it

  5. Miley, Be careful - your love is showing! :o) I truly LOVED your comments. You come from a family of love and that is beautiful. I wish that for all humans today and everyday. Thank you so much for your personal and sweet reminder Miley. You rock love girl!

  6. P.S. Just read your second post Miley. For each and every word you beautifully stated, we will *never* forget.

  7. Miley, your beautiful blog made me tear up. I was reading it& listening to this song u linked us.

    You're right. We'll never forget that day. We'll never forget those ppl who died. They had no choice. We have choice. We can be with our families, we can make the world better place.
    We HAVE to look up to people who fight for us!They are our heroes.
    And you are right, pretty often we take it all so naturally and we dont think of how lucky we really are. All of us. We live. That's the first thing to be happy for!

    I also have something to fight for. I'd fight for my mom's big heart&forever support, my dad's loyalty&jokes, my older sister's view of a worlds beauty, my younger sister's smile&kindness!!and for my pets..they have given me their LOVE&they are best friends to listen to me when im sad.
    And i'd fight for my friends for giving me their LOVE&memories. I'd fight for you, Miley, for giving me sooo much.Your strength, your music passion. You have taught me a lot without even knowing that. You music means very much to me!You as who you are makes my day complete coz i know you're always here..

    And there's so much for i'd fight for.
    I'll never forget the day when i heard abt 9/11. My dad was in usa and i was scared to death. I had no idea that LA and NY arent even in the same state. But even later when i was aware of that it didnt stop my fear.Knowing so many innocent ppl died left its mark..
    It's sad. And these ppl are always remembered!!!Forever<3

  8. im from malaysia. i can still remember that date. it was my dads birthday. we were celebrating his birthday in our hotel room. eating the cakes. singing birthday song out loud, but the TV was on. the TV was switched to the news. and the room was silent after the TV man read the news about 9/11. i wont forget that. nowadays, when we celebrate my dads birthday, my dad will always remind us about the people who are no longer here now.

  9. Nice. Very inspirational, Miley. One question tho.
    What was the exact moment when you first heard about the towers?? Like most people can tell you what they were doing/saying when they first heard. I think it would be cool to hear your side. =] <3



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