Thursday, January 28, 2010

I was shocked.... NOT!!!

I've said before how I find it so sad that people use names for publicity. Somehow, someway, people always seem to do it now-a-days. I try to overlook things but at the end of the day I am still a 17 year old girl. I still have insecurities, I still have a mirror. And I will always find imperfections, because I am imperfect. I am not perfect, and I don't aim to be perfect either. Sometime recently, Rihanna, who is absolutely amazing and so respected, and so brave and so strong, released a statement saying, "Miley Cyrus is a guilty pleasure. I have two songs I love. The Climb is automatic, and Party In The USA always makes you want to celebrate!" THANK YOU RIHANNA! That is such a compliment, and especially from such a respected and talented artist. It will always be a compliment when anyone says anything supportive, but it was still very sweet that she'd say that.

Not even a few days later, Chris Brown was on a radio show and randomly decided to tell everyone, "Miley Cyrus is not attractive! She's ugly." okay? Well, first of all, this man has beat up a woman, he's done so much - and honestly I can't stand his music. But that is just my thing, I don't like pop/rap. (I don't know if he's pop or rap, but I know he's one of them!) and so it was really very confusing to me while all of that is going on, he's gonna focus on a 17 year olds physical appearance? Real cool, Chris. Your deff. getting a LOT of respect this year, too!! Not only is there physical but emotional abuse, too. I can't say 'no offense' because it is WRONG what he did to her and I will always say that! But I am still a kid, just like Jamie Foxx going live and saying that I had big gums, and all that other stuff. I LOVE myself. Why do all of these rapper, old dudes wanna come wreck on my physical appearance? Why do they gain anything from that? Either way, I'm leaning on the support of my family, friends, and my fans of course. Because you guys get me through everything! I am not losing my confidence! They aren't worth it. I'm not being offended by a woman beater, or someone who can't find a song to sing other than, "a-a-a-a-a-a-alchohol".... They trash their own reps enough, I don't gotta help em!!! But thank you all who have written me. It is a little hard when someone says that stuff, because I am a kid, transitioning, growing, changing, and I am human. God made me this way, and they aren't happy with how I was created. and that's disgusting. I didn't ask for their opinion on my looks. So yes, it does hurt. But I will be fine, they aren't worth that! Thank you guys, and I love you all so much!!

Love always,


Wednesday, January 27, 2010

YIPEE! Today was successful! I had some press to do, and I went to a meeting about Simon Cowells Haiti Mercy Project! It is such an extraordinary cause! And yes, THE Simon Cowell was there. And YES, he really is that straightforward in person. But I'm also very direct and straightforward so we actually get along pretty good. I am so blessed and happy to be a part of this cause! We're doing a lot of work. As soon as I was home I took a walk with my dad and our puppies. Tex, Fluke and Mate! Photographers found us and that was lame but we still enjoyed it. I have been spending so much time with my papa recently, the last few days and it's been such a relief! Connecting and talking SO much! I have such an honest relationship with my family and I am so blessed for that. Doing some majjjaaa studio work for the new record too! It is sounding SO sick!! I can't wait to share it with everyone! I am so amazed to be working with such glorious people, this will be the best one yet! I am now @ dinner with some amazing people, and I am getting my food! FINALLY! I love you all, and remember to keep texting "Haiti" to 90999! They STILL need help! I also know you will all love the new charity single! We (myself and many other rad artists) will be covering "everybody hurts"! :) I can't wait! AHHHHH! I love you all, God bless you, and keep smiling!! Xoxoxo.

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Saturday, January 23, 2010

Hey boy... don't you wish you could've been a good boy?

You know, I have never been one to understand how people use people so easily and fling them aside like the piece of meat they were used for. Of course, the people I attract seem to understand that wonderfully. Or at least one person. This one person decided to go to a news station this week apparently, and speak about a relationship we had, and lied about so much stuff. Of course, some of it was true, but the part that really makes me pity them, is that they did it for attention.

It really makes me sad, that a year later, after this "relationship" he decided to come and speak out and play "heart broken". I wanted to make it clear that before this, before any of anything, I've made many attempts to sit down with this person and talk through things. Not to get back together, because I'm very happy with my relationship status as it is, and the people involved in it. But just to go through things, and heal any old wounds that may have been caused. There is no break up without someone hurting. Even if you completely care NOTHING about the person, you will always have some level of hurt from it. So I tried so many times to get with him and sit down and talk things out because I've been happy enough that I have respect for myself enough to do that. Apparently, his maturity is shorter than his hair.

We sat down, and he was happy with someone else, and I was completely happy with someone else as well. I've been happy for like 3/4ths of a year now. No matter, who I was with, single or not, I was just happy. Of course then, he had nothing against me whatsoever. Then again, there wasn't a news crew there while we talked. When I go into a relationship, I am 110% commited. and of course, that might not be the best thing, I probably get hurt for that reason, but I am. I do that, and I don't believe in just going in half way. That's stupid to me. Well, everyone was right. This person went into it, knowing he'd get a song, and attention from it. And that's also very sad. No I am not saying this just from being angry about what he said, but I know first hand that this is what happened. That's why a lot of what happened, happened. And he successfully acheived it. And now, he is acheiving a bunch of press, and news, and attention because of what he said about me earlier this week and is now published about me. The ONLY THING YOU SHOULD BELIEVE, OF WHAT THIS BOY HAS RELEASED, is that in his video, he walked past a barber shop, shook his head, and kept walking. I begged him to cut his hair several, no, more than several times. It was gross. I have long hair, but I WASH MINE. When he ran his fingers through mine, he didn't pull out a family of 7's grease from a breakfast of ONLY BACON. It was nasty.

Anywho, it is very sad to me that he released this, long after he was "over it", long after it HAPPENED, right when his single came out... This entire thing is for a few extra itunes sales. My fans rock. My fans are the absolute best supporters in the world. And it's going to be a big shock to him when all he gets from his publicity pertaining to ME, is a bunch of unsupportive fans of mine on his back for trying to use me from the BEGINNING to the END. I am NOT a sales advertisement for his lame songs. And I refuse to be looked at as one. It's so sad that while I'm living my life, having a great time, living, learning, he's doing everything he can for attention. I would hate to think that I made it where I am by using people, or stepping on people, or breaking peoples hearts. That is sad. I have been heart broken before, and I would never want to make someone else feel that. And trust me when I say, he DIDN'T FEEL THAT.

I don't know what else to say honestly, it's pathetic in all sense of the word, that he has come to these lengths to try and sell a few songs, or get a few followers on twitter. It's disguisting to know that I have had such a close bond in the past with a liar, someone who used me the entire time, and someone who will use everyting against me. It is also sad to know that some people will fall into this game and support him through his horrible words, and lies. But I know that my supports, MY fans, and the people I continue to make music for, that support me no matter what, will give him the same finger I'm giving him for all of these stupid mistakes he's making.

Yes, Justin. When you said "in time, you look back and laugh." you were right. Me and my new boyfriend, the one that doesn't use me, or try and scrape some publicity and tabloid-attention from me, the one who can make me smile and comfort me WHENEVER, not just when it's a good time for him, the one that has been there and has never let me down, the one htat when I look at him I KNOW he isn't the same, the one that sat me down and told me what a loser you were for ever ATTEMPTING to believe you DESERVED me, yeah. Me and him? WE'RE laughing too. TRUST me, sweetie. We are LAAUUUGGGHHIIINNNGGGG. The only reason that I'm not "HA HA HA HA HA"ing all over this blog is because I don't want ANY of MY supporters misunderstanding and thinking that I'd be that cold of a person to do what YOU did to ME. So you can take your nasty hair, your stupid lies, your lame songs, your pathetic attempt at publicity, your tight jeans, your painted finger nails, your cold, dead, emotionless heart, and walk out of my life, and stop using my name in your STUPID tabloid whore-ing articles. And FYI, I'm doing GREAT. I hope you're doing AMAZING too! God bless you.

And God bless you all who have read this blog, and those who agree/disagree with me. I love you guys, you're the best support system in the world. I LOVEEE YOU!!!

Sincerely HIS, STILL laughing, WAY happier, FINALLY with a good guy,

xoxo. =]

"Hey boy, don't you wish you could've been a good boy? Try to find another girl like me, boy. Feel me when I tell ya, I'm fine, and it's time for me to draw the line."

Friday, January 22, 2010


Before the actual reason for this blog, I wanted to kinda give you guys a prayer request. So please pray. this morning, I woke up, and everyone was sleeping. I got up early ( go me, go me) and apparently, last night Braison let my cat OUTSIDE. Why he did that is beyond me but he did. And she hasn't come home yet, and it was storming I think and it was cold, and so I don't know where she is. It's kinda sunny today but it was cold early this morning and I went out in a tank, and shorts and stood outside calling my cat for like 20 minutes. So I'll probably be sick AGAIN, but she hasn't come home yet. So please pray for my kitty, because I miss her and I want her home and all that good stuff. I told myself that she'd be back by work time but she wasn't, I have my brother staying home and stuff to make sure if she comes back to let her inside. So please pray for my cat Circles to make it home safetly and soon. Hopefully in my next blog I'll be talking about how she came home!


TWLOHA ( AKA To Write Love On Her Arms) is a non-profit movement, dedicated to presenting HOPE and FINDING HELP for those struggling with depression, addiction, self-injury & suicide. These problems are so evident and growing these days, and this movement is to help, and inspire those who are victim to it. All you have to do is make a vote, click a button & this movement will win ONE MILLION DOLLARS which will go toward a live online crisis network. It is such a wonderful cause, and we can all help those victim and those who are falling into this tradgety. We've all felt those emotions, and maybe some of the readers of this blog ARE victim. But you CAN HAVE HELP, there IS hope, and this movement is dedicated to finding that and bringing it out in YOU and in OTHERS THAT NEED IT. I've asked my viewers on youtube, and the viewers of to please vote for them & make them WIN. It's a beautiful cause and we need to help. We can help fight suicide, addictions, depression, and much more. Having a live online crisis network will give the victims a place to go, anytime, to talk and get it out and not pay the consequences of bottling it up. It's VERY simple, all you have to do IS....

- go to TWLOHA.COM
- there is a BIG header at the top of the page that says "click here to vote"
- go and tell your parents, children, siblings, friends, teachers, peers, workers, co-workers, ect about this amazing foundation and how easy it is to vote.

Thank you very much, please keep spreading the word.





And follow them on twitter!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Ok yaaayyyyyy, I am back on the set of Hannah Montana! I am so excited to be back. So happy to be with my friends and family here. It's so wonderful. Currently, I am in my dressing room, cuddled up with my mama and my puppy. I am still so sick it isn't funny. I cried this morning begging mom to give me anything to stop it. I have nonstop puked since last night (total TMI I know) either way I am SO sick.. My fever is like 103.3? Which isn't good. I have a doctors appt later today. Hopefully I can figure out what is wrong! This is so old! Blah. I am just severely sick. Suckish way to start a new season! But I know it'll rock anyway! I love you guys, thank you for your prayers xo

Monday, January 18, 2010

Update: SO SICK!!! I went out today because I thought fresh air would do me good.. NO! Plus photographers! Ugh. Anyway, as I type this I am literally crying waiting on mom to bring me medicine cause I am so sick. I missed the Golden Globes because of it! Anyway, I haven't really moved much before today, everything hurts, I'm sick, puking, ect. I feel terrible. No I don't hve it the worst on the planet, I know, but I know I HATE this feeling. I am so so so sick... Please pray for me. Thank you.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

I wanted to ask you all very seriously to PLEASE pray. I am laying in bed right now at 5am. I am extremely tired but cannot sleep because I am SO sick. I am beyond sick. I am crippled for a bit. My throat is absolutely HORRID! On a scale of 1-10 in pain, it's a 100! I have a HORRIBLE migrane. No, not a headache, a migrane. Where the light hurts, any sounds, even specific movements. I am so naucious to the point of tears. I haven't felt this sick in a while. I felt this way yesterday and made the mistake of going out anyway. Of course... Paparazzi. Today I will probably yet again, go out with a smile trying to make them leave me alone. I can't be too afraid to leave my house. I am for sure going to see a friend later this morning, so I'll be out. I hope they don't find me! Correction: I'll be out if I feel 100X better than THIS. My body literally hasn't felt this sick as long as I can remember. I am very tempted to make an ER visit. That is how bad this is. So I ask again, please pray for me, and my body, as I am for you and yours. Thank you. I love you all, you're all so beautiful xo.

Yours in SICKNESS and in (hopefully soon!) HEALTH,

Friday, January 15, 2010

I want to make this short and sweet. Go to your parents, or if you are a parent, talk to your kids about the earthquake in Haiti. Please make sure you are all completely aware of how severe and devastating of a situation this is. Just by TEXTING! A simple text, you can donate 10$ to help so many people. They are without water, food, clothing, shelter. Just a few cents could give water to 13 people. How much would 10 dollars be?! This is an incredible opportunity to help thousands of people in need. They NEED you. They all need YOU and ME, I'm spreading the word and donating. I hope that you all are as well. Keep praying, keep spreading the word. Talk at school, work, wherever you go. Keep talking and make sure to keep telling people how one simple text message and the help of only 10$ WILL save lives. Thank you. Keep praying! We can beat this!

Praying for Haiti,
Miley xo

PS text "Haiti" to 90999. To save a life by donating 10$. Talk to your parents. Talk to your peers, children, ect. WE can make a difference!!! TEXT IT!!!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Reading my bible this morning before the day starts! I won't lie, it's been too long since I've even prayed. Remember guys, the LORD is patient for you. He deff has been for me, lately... A lot more than he should have been. We all have doubts. We all are tested. We don't pass every test! God bless you all xo
Had a wonderful night tonight with my friends Liam and his brother Chris and Scott! We all spent a lot of time together and it was great. We went to see Sherlock Holmes - UH-MAZING!!! Seriously go see that movie. It's such a thriller. That movie is so amazing. Anyway, went back to Liams apt w him and Scott, and we just chilled and had a really spectacular time. :) xoxoxo

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

So I am DEFF back in hollyweird. As we speak, I'm out in warm SUMMER air... In January! In a way I'm happy to be back. My friends haven't seen the changes I've made since Georgia. I can't wait to spend time with Manderz, and Demi and everyone. It'll be great. It's crazy seeing my house after what seems like so long! I haven't felt like this was home since June. So it's like a brand new house. I'm looking at clothes saying, "did I really wear that?" records saying, "did I really listen to that?" I feel like it's been years! Anyway, I'm really hungry so I'm gonna try and convince someone to go to sushi, in-n-out, Mickey D's or something with me! I have redecorating to do another day and that'll be fun! Love you all! Blessings!

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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Ok, so I was just informed that throughout my "vacation" paparazzi were following almost the entire time! We knew a few times, but it's sad to know they apparently hid and took pictures too. That is such a disugsting job. I just switched flights somewhere and am now on my last, quick flight to LA!!! :) pray for my flight, and I can't wait to get back to hollyweird, and see my friends. Can't wait! I love you all! You're so beautiful, God bless!! :) :)

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To my beautiful fans, I completely forgot to thank you all so much for getting me even nominated in the Peoples Choice Awards! My fans are the greatest, your so close to my heart and it's such an overwhelming feeling of support knowing yall have gotten me as far as I am. I fly off the handle sometimes, it's hard dealing with the rumors. But you all are always here for me, and you are the reason I am still here today! It's ALL FOR YOU! Thank you so much for the nomination not only of THIS award, but of previous awards won or lost. You all are the greatest and I am so thankful and thank God for you all every single day. You are so awesome! I can't wait for the PCA! :) thank you all so so much, I am so excited for what's coming up this year, and cannot wait to share it with you all. My truest fans. You're in my prayers! God bless you all, thank you for the nominations and so much more! I love you all so much!!

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I have some news but I have some venting to do too! I am so mad at some of these STUPID gossip sites. I haven't looked at gossip sites in days, since I've been on "vacation" I had like a week long vacation or whatever and it's been the BEST, I've LOVED it, it's been the best time of my entire life but people will not leave me alone! I was finally in a plaec that was so peaceful, so serene and so blissful. Who shows up?! Paparazzi! What is up with that?! I can't even live my life the way I want to because they're ALWAYS in my face.

For those saying, "she looks happier than ever!" THANK YOU. Because I am. But of course there have to be those ignorant little kids out there that freak out by what I'm wearing. "Why are there holes in her shirt? Why would anyone pay to have a ripped up shirt?!" if you haevn't noticed, I don't keep styles for long F.Y.I. I had the mini shorts and cowboy boots, literally every girl I saw after a couple weeks had that on. It's NICE being different, being your OWN person. Don't COPY ME? Maybe then I won't friggen change so much! I am 17 years old. READ IT. 17!! I am GONNA change. I've made it a life choice to reinvent myself when big things happen in my life. That's what I do. That's MY thing. The dark hair, whatever, I'm tired of people saying 'OH IT'S A BOY THING.' NO. It's a MILEY thing.

I have reinvented myself countless times over the last few years. Early 2007, medium brown hair, all black clothes, all black nails, I was always in black. Not cause I was depressed, cause I loved it. Mid-2007, a big thing happened in my life, I loved maternity shirts, shiny make-up, blonde streaks, and colored converse. I was a preppy happy little thing. Late 2007, red tight jeans, black over-boots, and black and white tops. It was edgy to me, and I loved it. Early 2008, black hair, heavy make-up, casual clothes. Mid 2008, bangs, natural make up, sun dresses and black and white converse. Late 2008, Messy hair, tank tops, ripped jeans, converse and big purses with no make-up. Early 2009, casual dressing, light brown hair, bright blonde streaks, bangs, smiley, ect. Mid 2009, dark hair, loose clothing, I started thinking more and observing more than talking. Late 2009, one shoulder tops, spandex pants, dark long hair, loose thin tops. And early 2010, dark reddish hair, RIPPED CLOTHES, and whatever the hell else I want because it's ME. I don't determine my style by OTHER people. Like some people apparently do. I love my style, I love making my own style, I love BEING my own style. People NEED to back off. I'm not saying this asking for a 'YOUR RIGHT MILEY' in the comments, I'm saying it to EVERYONE. I'm TIRED of it.

For those saying, "She's SO skinny now! she's scrawny, she looks weak!" I've been SICK. I don't react well to illness. I have a heart condition, and a diabetic condition, illness hits me and I'm DOWN. I don't look the same. I do lose a lot of weight, I DO get pale, I DO start feeling and looking weak. That's NO ONE'S business BUT my own. I LOVE my body. I love showing it off. And yes, my style lately HAS been more revealing, it's been more edgy, it's been more rocker and a little more torn and sexy. That's MY thing. I didn't ask for permission OR approval. I like it, I don't caer who does or not?

And F.Y.I. NO boyfriend tells me how to dress, how to act, what to do, or how to do it. For all those people "ASSUMING" that ANYONE tells me how to dress, or how to act - you are TRULY sad if you think you know me. My boyfriend is in NO way, shape, or form, "controlling", "power hungry", or a "fame whore". And anyone who thinks so really needs a hobby. I think I would know. I'm not STUPID, I'm 17, and I think clearer than I garuntee almost any other 17 year old. I'm not stupid, I don't need kids, adults, fans, haters, I don't need ANYONE trying to tell me HOW to live my life, or WHO to live it with. "Why would your parents let you go off for New Years Eve with your boyfriend?!" because I'm GROWING UP?! Becasue my parents are more understanding?! Because my parents WANT me to grow, and mature, and learn things on my OWN. Because I don't learn lessons from stories of peoples experiences I am hungry o know WHAT life is about, and THAT'S what I'm learning. I don't need ANYONE'S permission, and/or approval and/or opinion on it. I'm a changed girl. I am SORRY I'm not 13 anymore but I'm NOT. I am GONNA change, I am GONNA grow in my own way. I don't KNOW where I'll be this time next year! I might be a bleach blonde in red lipstick living in Mexico somewhere, I DON'T KNOW. I go by what my heart tells me. I don't have my life planned out, I wanna live, learn and experience on my own. My parents love me very much and that's MY family, not yours, don't worry about MINE. Because of how THEY taught me, I'm travelling to different countries, I've known love, I've known being IN LOVE, I am living my dream, performing all around the world, doing all kinds of things and YOUR bashing a 17 year old over a computer screen. Real freaking brave guys. Real courageous. Your SO cool for sitting around all day trying to tear down a kid. Whoo wee. I wish I could be that cool, but I'm a good person.

People take so much crap for granted. I can't even hold my boyfriends hand without a million cameras going off, andpeople freaking out all over the world and me getting in trouble for it. I get in trouble for being HAPPY because people WON'T leave me alone! It's not all happy rainbows kids. I get in trouble from agents, and from publicists and everything else for what I do. But I do it anyway because it's MY life, and when I look back 10 years from now, I'd regret not holding those moments close. Everyone takes something as simple as holding hands like 'oh whatever, it's cute.' no. It's PARADISE for me. because I don't GET to do that often! So why are you sitting around bashing me? Go live your LIFE.

Anyway, I'm done trynig to explain it. I'm happier than I have ever been, no matter who "my boyfriend" may be, no matter what's going on between us, no matter what anyone says, and no matter what hollywood tries to do to us. I am HAPPY. And I'm staying that way. I'm not letting people take advantage of that. The internet is SUCH a dangerous place. I also wanted to add in this 'rage blog' --- I AM NOT YOUR KIDS PARENT. I UNDERSTAND that a rolemodel is suppose to teach your kid or whatever, and I LOVE being a role model, but for REAL kids. The ones who WILL make mistakes, the ones who look at me and say "I've been through that." "I'm going through that." not the ones that are expected to grow up happy, never upset, never changed. It's GONNA HAPPEN FOLKS. Kids GROW UP. And I'm GROWING UP. You can't keep me from that so I can babysit your kids and try and raise them to be stick figures. That's done. I am MYSELF, I LOVE my fans, no matter how young, no matter how old. And I understand no matter what I do it's gonna affect some portion but I love them ALL with ALL of my heart. I wouldn't do ANY of this without those kids, and those adults and EVERYONE. I wouldn't be doing half of this. I can't keep going on - basically I am beyond thankful for everyone, each and every indivudual person that supports me, but that doesn't make me a parent or perfect. I'm growing up. And I'm loving it.

I'm sorry to thsoe who don't like the changes I've made, but I will continue changing. It's not becuase of a boy, or because I'm rebelling from my parents, it's because I am changing. And I want people to see me, and know who I am. I want to be my own person, live my own experiences, and love whoever I want to love, and believe whatever I want to believe. I am a human.

I love you all so much and God bless you.


R.I.P. my "vacation"... I've enjoyed every second of you, "mate". Living, loving, laughing. Being myself, and being treated like a normal person by some of the sweetest people in one of the sweetest places on earth. I cannot wait to visit again, and I cannot wait to show off my new self to hollywood, and show that no matter how corrupted a city and the people in it may be, I can shine, and I can be my true self, and I can be truly happy. And I can be different. I am excited for 2010. The Year Of No Fear. No kidding. I can't wait. =]

Saturday, January 2, 2010

My best friend Demi said, 'Oh she's just being Miley.'

So, we're really excited ( we, being me and Demi) because of quite a few things. One, we're both in the south right this second, this will change probably tomorrow or sometime following very soon after. Both of our bestie Nick J had his FIRST show of his Nick Jonas & The Administration tour today YAAYYYY!!! We're so proud of him and love him with our whole haerts, we're supporting and I know he's super stoked, and we are too. We can't wait. His album also DROPPEd today, so everyone should go check it out! I got mine already, I'm in love with Who I Am, the video was honestly absolutely amazing and it's just so awesome and I cried it was amazing.
ANYWAY, we're both so excited for what the future holds and what 2010 will bring us. More Send it On work, more work and fun with eachother. we just can't wait.
To kick off this awesome year together we've both opened a twitter account. Like I've said in previous blogs (I'm sure) I had an account @wearebesties for me and Scott Cunha, we ran that and stuff while on tour. But he is a hair dresser and continues to work with others and we won't be able to see eachother anytime soon, and when we can we don't want to spend our time tweeting! So I texted Demi, and we decided we'd take it over TOGETHER. Which is awesome for the fans because ya'll can see both of us tweeting, without it being official and the media being all up in it, but also relate to us, two people you ALL know and hopefully understand better as the tweeting progresses. So follow REMEMBER, THE ONLY ACTUAL SITES I AM ON - =] And Demi is!!! =]



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