Monday, January 18, 2010

Update: SO SICK!!! I went out today because I thought fresh air would do me good.. NO! Plus photographers! Ugh. Anyway, as I type this I am literally crying waiting on mom to bring me medicine cause I am so sick. I missed the Golden Globes because of it! Anyway, I haven't really moved much before today, everything hurts, I'm sick, puking, ect. I feel terrible. No I don't hve it the worst on the planet, I know, but I know I HATE this feeling. I am so so so sick... Please pray for me. Thank you.


  1. I tweeted, but I'll say it again here - I'm prayin for ya tonight. Get well Miley. Hang in there.

  2. Miley,
    I'm praying for you! I hope you get better by like... tomorrow! haha, also I just wanted to say something that might make you smile? your blog posts serisouly can make me feel better even if I'm in the wost mood! Even though I dont personally know you, or even know you at all, as weird as it sounds I feel like I'm your friend because of how open and honest and REAL you are to your fans, so thank you for that!

    Love, FEEL BETTER!

  3. Praying for you every night sweetie. Hope your feeling better really soon!

    Sending all my love,
    Hay138 xox

  4. You're in our prayers, we all hope you get better as quickly as possible!!
    Being sick is one of the worst feelings in the world =(, think happy thoughts and that you have your fans to talk to whenever you need to have a chat.
    we know a video that will make you feel better, please check it out:
    let us all know when you are feeling a tiny bit better.
    we LOVE YOU Miles!!!
    love from Chloe&Em

  5. Dear God, Please help this amazing girl in health & well being-ness. She deserves it, she deserves the world at her fingertip. She is my idol. Amen.

    :D Get better soon Miley. You're in our prayers & hearts.

  6. Love and Blessings my Angel. it breaks my heart to see you suffer..
    my thoughts, prayers are with you tonight.
    Stay Strong Darling

  7. Maybe you should go see a doctor already, you know, just to make sure that nothing's seriously wrong. I know it suck, but try not going out much because you might catch something else, you're at a very vulnerable state right now. I really do hope you get well soon! Praying for your complete recovery! God Bless and Take Care!

  8. I hope you're feeling better soon Miley! I'll pray for you so you make the speediest recovery ever! :)
    And a doctor might be a good idea I agree, perhaps you could get one to come out to your house to save you going out and facing the cameras?
    Anyway, I really hope you get well soon! xxx

  9. Feel better babe!! youre beautiful and this little sickness you have CANNOT bring you down! just remember all of your family, friends, loved ones and faithful & true fans who are here for you praying for you :) i love you



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