Tuesday, January 5, 2010


I have some news but I have some venting to do too! I am so mad at some of these STUPID gossip sites. I haven't looked at gossip sites in days, since I've been on "vacation" I had like a week long vacation or whatever and it's been the BEST, I've LOVED it, it's been the best time of my entire life but people will not leave me alone! I was finally in a plaec that was so peaceful, so serene and so blissful. Who shows up?! Paparazzi! What is up with that?! I can't even live my life the way I want to because they're ALWAYS in my face.

For those saying, "she looks happier than ever!" THANK YOU. Because I am. But of course there have to be those ignorant little kids out there that freak out by what I'm wearing. "Why are there holes in her shirt? Why would anyone pay to have a ripped up shirt?!" if you haevn't noticed, I don't keep styles for long F.Y.I. I had the mini shorts and cowboy boots, literally every girl I saw after a couple weeks had that on. It's NICE being different, being your OWN person. Don't COPY ME? Maybe then I won't friggen change so much! I am 17 years old. READ IT. 17!! I am GONNA change. I've made it a life choice to reinvent myself when big things happen in my life. That's what I do. That's MY thing. The dark hair, whatever, I'm tired of people saying 'OH IT'S A BOY THING.' NO. It's a MILEY thing.

I have reinvented myself countless times over the last few years. Early 2007, medium brown hair, all black clothes, all black nails, I was always in black. Not cause I was depressed, cause I loved it. Mid-2007, a big thing happened in my life, I loved maternity shirts, shiny make-up, blonde streaks, and colored converse. I was a preppy happy little thing. Late 2007, red tight jeans, black over-boots, and black and white tops. It was edgy to me, and I loved it. Early 2008, black hair, heavy make-up, casual clothes. Mid 2008, bangs, natural make up, sun dresses and black and white converse. Late 2008, Messy hair, tank tops, ripped jeans, converse and big purses with no make-up. Early 2009, casual dressing, light brown hair, bright blonde streaks, bangs, smiley, ect. Mid 2009, dark hair, loose clothing, I started thinking more and observing more than talking. Late 2009, one shoulder tops, spandex pants, dark long hair, loose thin tops. And early 2010, dark reddish hair, RIPPED CLOTHES, and whatever the hell else I want because it's ME. I don't determine my style by OTHER people. Like some people apparently do. I love my style, I love making my own style, I love BEING my own style. People NEED to back off. I'm not saying this asking for a 'YOUR RIGHT MILEY' in the comments, I'm saying it to EVERYONE. I'm TIRED of it.

For those saying, "She's SO skinny now! she's scrawny, she looks weak!" I've been SICK. I don't react well to illness. I have a heart condition, and a diabetic condition, illness hits me and I'm DOWN. I don't look the same. I do lose a lot of weight, I DO get pale, I DO start feeling and looking weak. That's NO ONE'S business BUT my own. I LOVE my body. I love showing it off. And yes, my style lately HAS been more revealing, it's been more edgy, it's been more rocker and a little more torn and sexy. That's MY thing. I didn't ask for permission OR approval. I like it, I don't caer who does or not?

And F.Y.I. NO boyfriend tells me how to dress, how to act, what to do, or how to do it. For all those people "ASSUMING" that ANYONE tells me how to dress, or how to act - you are TRULY sad if you think you know me. My boyfriend is in NO way, shape, or form, "controlling", "power hungry", or a "fame whore". And anyone who thinks so really needs a hobby. I think I would know. I'm not STUPID, I'm 17, and I think clearer than I garuntee almost any other 17 year old. I'm not stupid, I don't need kids, adults, fans, haters, I don't need ANYONE trying to tell me HOW to live my life, or WHO to live it with. "Why would your parents let you go off for New Years Eve with your boyfriend?!" because I'm GROWING UP?! Becasue my parents are more understanding?! Because my parents WANT me to grow, and mature, and learn things on my OWN. Because I don't learn lessons from stories of peoples experiences I am hungry o know WHAT life is about, and THAT'S what I'm learning. I don't need ANYONE'S permission, and/or approval and/or opinion on it. I'm a changed girl. I am SORRY I'm not 13 anymore but I'm NOT. I am GONNA change, I am GONNA grow in my own way. I don't KNOW where I'll be this time next year! I might be a bleach blonde in red lipstick living in Mexico somewhere, I DON'T KNOW. I go by what my heart tells me. I don't have my life planned out, I wanna live, learn and experience on my own. My parents love me very much and that's MY family, not yours, don't worry about MINE. Because of how THEY taught me, I'm travelling to different countries, I've known love, I've known being IN LOVE, I am living my dream, performing all around the world, doing all kinds of things and YOUR bashing a 17 year old over a computer screen. Real freaking brave guys. Real courageous. Your SO cool for sitting around all day trying to tear down a kid. Whoo wee. I wish I could be that cool, but I'm a good person.

People take so much crap for granted. I can't even hold my boyfriends hand without a million cameras going off, andpeople freaking out all over the world and me getting in trouble for it. I get in trouble for being HAPPY because people WON'T leave me alone! It's not all happy rainbows kids. I get in trouble from agents, and from publicists and everything else for what I do. But I do it anyway because it's MY life, and when I look back 10 years from now, I'd regret not holding those moments close. Everyone takes something as simple as holding hands like 'oh whatever, it's cute.' no. It's PARADISE for me. because I don't GET to do that often! So why are you sitting around bashing me? Go live your LIFE.

Anyway, I'm done trynig to explain it. I'm happier than I have ever been, no matter who "my boyfriend" may be, no matter what's going on between us, no matter what anyone says, and no matter what hollywood tries to do to us. I am HAPPY. And I'm staying that way. I'm not letting people take advantage of that. The internet is SUCH a dangerous place. I also wanted to add in this 'rage blog' --- I AM NOT YOUR KIDS PARENT. I UNDERSTAND that a rolemodel is suppose to teach your kid or whatever, and I LOVE being a role model, but for REAL kids. The ones who WILL make mistakes, the ones who look at me and say "I've been through that." "I'm going through that." not the ones that are expected to grow up happy, never upset, never changed. It's GONNA HAPPEN FOLKS. Kids GROW UP. And I'm GROWING UP. You can't keep me from that so I can babysit your kids and try and raise them to be stick figures. That's done. I am MYSELF, I LOVE my fans, no matter how young, no matter how old. And I understand no matter what I do it's gonna affect some portion but I love them ALL with ALL of my heart. I wouldn't do ANY of this without those kids, and those adults and EVERYONE. I wouldn't be doing half of this. I can't keep going on - basically I am beyond thankful for everyone, each and every indivudual person that supports me, but that doesn't make me a parent or perfect. I'm growing up. And I'm loving it.

I'm sorry to thsoe who don't like the changes I've made, but I will continue changing. It's not becuase of a boy, or because I'm rebelling from my parents, it's because I am changing. And I want people to see me, and know who I am. I want to be my own person, live my own experiences, and love whoever I want to love, and believe whatever I want to believe. I am a human.

I love you all so much and God bless you.


R.I.P. my "vacation"... I've enjoyed every second of you, "mate". Living, loving, laughing. Being myself, and being treated like a normal person by some of the sweetest people in one of the sweetest places on earth. I cannot wait to visit again, and I cannot wait to show off my new self to hollywood, and show that no matter how corrupted a city and the people in it may be, I can shine, and I can be my true self, and I can be truly happy. And I can be different. I am excited for 2010. The Year Of No Fear. No kidding. I can't wait. =]


  1. A year of no fear! Well done girl!
    I know you didn't write this to except comments "YOUR RIGHT MILEY", but i just wanted to say that im on ur side. I'm 19 and although im not famous, i still know a bit what your going through. Shanging ur style is cool i think;) Keep living your life just the way YOU want it.
    Sure, it sucks how hollywood and publicity writes and says wt u must do and wt u cant do. But it's YOUR life!SO, live it your own way!
    I'll always support every decision you make. For me you're a real rolemodel..and seriously, i haven't seen any "bad" thing u have done.. maybe for 12 y.o your ripped shirt seems some how "bad" but for me its expressing ur style and who u are!it's cool;)
    And im glad u had vacation that u really enjoyed(except the paparazzies:S).
    You deserve that happiness. Have a wonderful 2010! I mean it:)

  2. For some reason this post made me laugh, i know it probably wasn't ment too ,but it felt like you were in the room with me ranting to me. your a good writer.

  3. Ok Miley, I will be your brave first commenter! Lol! I won't say "you're right", but only because you said *not to*!! But I will say, Amen. You could walk out with two fig leaves and a cornchip and I'd still love you to death! So there!!! Be who you are, because that's who people *really* love deep down inside - even though they might not admit to it - mistakes and all - people appreciate *honesty*, and that's what you deliver Miley.

    It's dangerous, because when anyone truly is their "real" self, there will be peaks and valleys - because as we know, there truly is only one perfect being, so no one can truly please everyone all of the time. I've come to adopt the saying in my adult life (finally) that "you don't have to like me, but you damn well better respect me!" If someone you want to like you doesn't, and doesn't welcome you with open arms, for whatever reason, then do as Jesus did and dust the dirt of them off you and move on to someone who will like you for you. Miley, you have always been not only a truly honest person, but a giving person. You give so much to your fans simply by taking the time to tell us what you want us to hear. Communication is a gift simply in and of itself - most people do not get that - they are so quick to dismiss communicating for convenience sake. You are honest, that's why I love you, and I wouldn't want *anyone* (not just you) to be anything else. It is the lack of honesty in this world, that creates hatred. Why is it that most children don't even know how to really hate? If they do experience it, it is usally over and done with in a matter of moments, all forgotten and forgiven. Children are that honest. Adulthood is sometimes overrated Miley. Of course, all children race to it like flies to a flame, we all do, it is in our nature and in the most basic cells of our being to grow up. We were created to grow and to be strong in every way. But many times when humans reach that "adult" stage, so much of what's *inside* gets sacrificed. That childlike quality like you still possess, the Miley who honestly says "please let me be me" is often lost on many adults. The kids will get it faster, if they want to admit to it.

    Now that I've gone on awhile, I say live and let live Miley, and to hell with all the rest, really! As long as *you* know what you are doing, the rest will either have to trust you (those who really do love you *for* you, not selfishly as a role model to their kids, or a "meal-ticket" for the paps, etc.) or they will have to move along (all the rest).

    I love "the year of no fear" - you guys have made that my personal new year motto - and honestly coming from a grown adult - that is saying something and something for which you should personally be proud!!! All of you Miley, you all know who you are, are so awesome. I pray this year be the year you shed the effect these idiots can have on you from your life, the hold they sometimes have over you and Demi and Nick and some of the other buds you have. The year of no fear can mean something different to many - it can mean the absence of fear over what anyone thinks who chooses to stand in your way Miley. That's going to be hard because you care about others, it's still a lesson I must reinforce in my (much older) adult self every single day. It's an energy drainer, a life stealer, a time waster. No good is in or of it - giving these losers any single second of your time or consideration. Forget em, and I will try to do the same. You are awesome and a shining example, in my humble opinion, as to what a 17 year old truly should be, and *then some*. You need to *really* hear that Miley. Really listen to that, and believe it. I hope that you can give yourself the gift of being *you* without any reservation this year, without fear of what anyone else thinks. That is exactly my own resolution this year too, even as a grown adult. -Gina

  4. miley miley, I do feel for you,it seems every blog you write now you have to varify the way you live & all aspects of your life, it doesnt seem fair and I doubt your anger is helping your heart! I as a long time fan would never tell you how to live your life,I make suggestions on maybe how to cope better with sitiations,but you are now a teenager nearly a woman, and the really young peeps still think of you as hannah and dont want her to change, I think personally if this IS the last hannah show you should somehow let the young fans know in a possitive way that hannah & miley stewart are all growed up, and that as in the episode with the carrots, when you gave your explanation "dont do what I do live your own lives" there will be tears but they will move on & in a year they will come back to you, an older wiser miley, it will be brill if you do another live chat but can I suggest that you get your peeps to find out how to block straight away while the chat is on, those peeps that spoil it for all us genuine fans, it happens every time espess when nick & demi were on, I love that you said you love ALL your fans young & OLD, thank you!! what is your daddies view on these idiots that are upsetting you? hes been in the business a while, has he got an answer to help you?? have you met back up with emily yet? shes on twitter & has not mentioned you!! have you seen alyson yet stalking your house in toluca lake?? LOL anywho miley whatever your decision you will have backing of serious fans, try not to let them get to you, its awards season & they will all be asking about liam all wanting the goss!, so after the quietness of london to crazy papparazzi of LA can see why you get so mad!! Dammflabbitt!! when you are maturing into a teenager you experiment with lots of looks & clothes so peeps should give you a break,i'm waffling now so I'll close, stay true to yourself, god sends us challenges in our lifetime to see how we react, god bless

  5. Ha. I was laughing at a lot of what you wrote, mainly the stuff directed to the rather rude and bashing people. You'd make a comment directed to people like that and I was like, "Ya think?"

    You? Red head? I think you'd look pretty good. Bleach blonde, don't know. But it's you and you've rocked and owned every look you've had so far (at least owned it till everyone else started copying it... maybe you should patent your looks... jk)

    Sorry about you vacation, but glad you enjoyed yourself. Yay for happiness! Good things are all well with your boyfriend and nice to know he's a good guy. So long as he's a good one, I could care less who the fella is.

    Happy Tuesday.
    Wear a smile.
    Happiness looks good on you.


  6. Miley,
    I love how honest and true you are. Please never change that. Keep being true to your self. Your true fans will continue to support you in every change you go through. That is just all part of growing up. Best Wishes for your 2010 "No Fear" I love it. Good for you girl.

  7. you left a trail of smoke and skid marks with this one!! HAHA.

  8. I won't say that you're right, because I don't think that you are.

    You are living the life that I wish I could have. You're a rockstar. You travel. You play music for MONEY. You have the money to "change your style". For every person that hates you, there are like, 10 more that love you. You HAVE the hands to hold. You have memories that you WANT to cherish. You whine about paparazzi, but I don't hear you complaining about the millions of dollars that you make that scored you the paps in the first place....?

    Stop whining Miley. Life isn't easy from any which direction. You're in the spotlight-its what you chose, its what you do. I love music more than anything, but I can't make enough money off of it to pay for gas, much less eat and live. Oh what I would do to have someone notice me long enough to criticize me!

    Do you see where I'm coming from? Paparazzi/critics/whatever are part of the package that comes with being a "star". I have different problems (for example, I wake up and go to school to study something that will make me money, not make me happy). It makes me sick to hear you guys complain so much, because I'd like to imagine that you really aren't THAT selfish to think that you're the only ones with struggles.

    Anyway, I'm rooting for you. I don't want to see you fail or fall, because I often imagine that I am you. Just wanted you to know how I feel... and hopefully you'll consider my thoughts.

  9. It is your blog, hun. Say what you want. As a reader, I'll say what I want. And I did.

    Read my last paragraph again.

    Read it, really.

    Now go check your bank account and see if that won't cheer you up.

  10. Miley you are so awesome and unique and your fans are behind you 100%!
    Just remember God is with you forever, and the paparazzi can't stay around you 'forever' <3
    I would totally wear cowboy boots and short shorts, I just don't have the legs. Even when I get sick. You were really sick and it is so stupid that people just make up lies, but your fans are always there for you. it is also freaking stupid because people think because you are rich you can do whatever you want and they can SAY whatever they want. They have no life Miley, you keep living yours :)

    That doesn't sound right. You set the trends, and you rock. Don't forget that!

  12. Oh my gosh I just found out people thought you were smoking too. Do they have anything better to do with their time than edit pictures of you all day? I mean you don't smoke. People think you are a bad role model because of the way you dress and you swear sometimes. I only swear when I am really mad but I know you aren't like a crazy person that cant go five secodns without swearing. And you obviously dont smoke. You are an awesome role model but first and foremost you are a CHRISTIAN. You dont drink you dont smoke you dont do drugs and you wait till marriage. When will people figure that out?


  13. love love love love love you!! and yeah, its your blog AND YOUR LIFE so you can say and do whatever the hell you want!!! If only alll of the "haters" could really understand who you are like all of us TRUE fans do!! We LOVE how you take the time out of your crazyyyy life to open up your mind and heart to us! I dont know of any other "celebrity" who does that. I kinda hate that word and I'm sure you do too because it sortof places you in a separate category (of people) even though you are just like all of the rest of us! I'm sure some people think "celebrity" means tons of other things other than a real person, but it doesnt.

    Keep living your dream, reaching for your goals, and loving your life because it is what makes you happy!! Don't live for anything else! And when you do get upset about things and need to lay it all out, WE WILL BE HERE FOR YOU!!! Just reading your posts/blogs about how much you appreciate and love us for supporting you is so good to hear. When you communicate with us, we get to know you more and more and that is so special! There's a reason why we're all here supporting you.....I wish more people could see it too...

    xoxox, Paige

  14. HEY Miley! I hope you enjoyed Australia!
    Come back soon lovieee
    and I totally agree with everybody- no one has the right to judge you and stufff :)
    Woah Mileyy u do write alot but thats good ey

  15. YEAR OF NO FEAR. I'm with you on that one! \m/ Go girl! Who cares what they say? You're you. And that's it. :| I feel the same way. My mom..and a whole lot heck of other people think I should act more maturely, hell, I don't know how to do it coz I'm only freakin 13 years old!

  16. ahhh. Australia. I loved that country. sunny and windy. I bet you had a great vacation there, with your loved ones. seriously, Miles, I'm not trying to copy what the girl said to you, but you do look HAPPY! (thanks to papz for photos LOL).

    17 is the point of growing up for every girl in the whole wide world. we cant stay as the same person and wear the same clothes we wore when we where 12. pshhh, so lame. hahahaha. I'm 110% with you, Miles. you can always count on your fans. dont worry about some stupid rumors, cause we know whats true or not.

    love ya. love ya.
    good luck in PCA :)



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