Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Ok, so I was just informed that throughout my "vacation" paparazzi were following almost the entire time! We knew a few times, but it's sad to know they apparently hid and took pictures too. That is such a disugsting job. I just switched flights somewhere and am now on my last, quick flight to LA!!! :) pray for my flight, and I can't wait to get back to hollyweird, and see my friends. Can't wait! I love you all! You're so beautiful, God bless!! :) :)

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  1. I am sorry you have to go through that.. Not that I could ever imagine what it is like, but here is a story for you. I have a cousin who is a little person, a dwarf, and in my family it is never even given a second thought. I don't see him often, so usually when I do it is at a relative's house.
    I met him at the mall one day with his girlfriend, also a little person, and I could FEEL the stares, the looks, the judgement. It was honestly such an uncomfortable feeling, and I only had to deal with it for ten minutes. I can't imagine going through your whole life like that being constantly scrutinized.
    I really have no other words other than do your best to hang in there.

    Have a safe flight!

  2. safe travels milerz!! i'm glad you had a good vacation! you deserve it after your LONG AND AMAZING tour!! see u on tv tomorrow night! HA!!

  3. Hey there Miley, i hope you aren't dissing Australia there. I just saw you on the news. I hope you had a good time here! You just escaped before the Heat Wave, ugh what am I going to do now Im stuck here lol!
    i wish i lived in Melbourne, I couldve seen ya!

  4. have a safe flight miley!! while you are up there you are closer to God!! just watched E-news showed pic of you & liam on the beach, so much for secret vacation!! I geuss the only place the papps dont touch you is in tennessee,
    it seems part of being a celeb is papparazzi and its a catch 22, celebs need the press to advertise theyre new films, promo a book or record, you get the idea, so I suppose in a way it comes with the job, but as you said there are times like you & noah it gets frightning, the only way to curb the papps is by hitting the mags that buy the photos, if they didnt pay such high prices for pics there would be not as many, anywho could you see yourself doing a tour or a static concert in australia mate? once again hope you arrive safely, laters



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