Tuesday, January 5, 2010

To my beautiful fans, I completely forgot to thank you all so much for getting me even nominated in the Peoples Choice Awards! My fans are the greatest, your so close to my heart and it's such an overwhelming feeling of support knowing yall have gotten me as far as I am. I fly off the handle sometimes, it's hard dealing with the rumors. But you all are always here for me, and you are the reason I am still here today! It's ALL FOR YOU! Thank you so much for the nomination not only of THIS award, but of previous awards won or lost. You all are the greatest and I am so thankful and thank God for you all every single day. You are so awesome! I can't wait for the PCA! :) thank you all so so much, I am so excited for what's coming up this year, and cannot wait to share it with you all. My truest fans. You're in my prayers! God bless you all, thank you for the nominations and so much more! I love you all so much!!

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  2. you deserve it, Miley. and we love you and support you anytime. good luck at PCA, i really wait to see it, and i really wish you win.


    -Aida. -


  3. i like this post :) haha thanks!!! YOU help us in ways you don't know and WE OWE YOU FOT THAT !! thankYOU

    Goodluck Miley x


  4. Fly off the handle more often, it's entertaining. jk. But hey, idiots deserve a little verbal lashing when they're being... idiot-ish.



  5. well girl, hope to hear about your holidays, have a good time and enjoy in and out of time, kisses, you know that God have given you the present as a present.


  6. AH yay good for you mileeyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)
    do u even read your comments? coz ya dont reply to them :|

  7. we wouldnt support you if u werent YOU! so you dont have to thank us..it wasnt thanks for us. YOU did it all. You deserve the support! You're the best!Love you<3



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