Sunday, January 17, 2010

I wanted to ask you all very seriously to PLEASE pray. I am laying in bed right now at 5am. I am extremely tired but cannot sleep because I am SO sick. I am beyond sick. I am crippled for a bit. My throat is absolutely HORRID! On a scale of 1-10 in pain, it's a 100! I have a HORRIBLE migrane. No, not a headache, a migrane. Where the light hurts, any sounds, even specific movements. I am so naucious to the point of tears. I haven't felt this sick in a while. I felt this way yesterday and made the mistake of going out anyway. Of course... Paparazzi. Today I will probably yet again, go out with a smile trying to make them leave me alone. I can't be too afraid to leave my house. I am for sure going to see a friend later this morning, so I'll be out. I hope they don't find me! Correction: I'll be out if I feel 100X better than THIS. My body literally hasn't felt this sick as long as I can remember. I am very tempted to make an ER visit. That is how bad this is. So I ask again, please pray for me, and my body, as I am for you and yours. Thank you. I love you all, you're all so beautiful xo.

Yours in SICKNESS and in (hopefully soon!) HEALTH,


  1. tweet me back for being the first one to comment. hahahah. JK.

    really hope you get well soon, Miles. I just recovered from a nasty flu (plus sore throat and fever). laying in bed is the worst part of everything. I went to school the other day, but I called my mom to pick me up cause I dont think I can survive another minute in school! but friends always cheer me up. sometimes when I'm having the baddest migraine, I tend to forget about it when I'm with my girlfriends.

    so screw APPLES. laugh with your girls a day, keeps the doctor away!

    eat antibiotics and get well, Miles.

    P/S : tweet me > :) bahahaha

  2. I am praying right now as I type this for you. Listen, I have bronchitis right now and I had this cough but let it go, thinking "oh it's just a cough, no biggie, it will go away." Then it got to the point where I couldn't catch my breath and I freaked myself and everyone out.

    GO TO THE DOCTOR!!!!!!!!!!!

    love you!

  3. Not feeling 100% myself either =[

    I am praying for you miles... At least you are not suffering as bad as those in Haiti !!

    Get well soon =] Stay strong; keep smiling- its what you do best.

    <3 helenaEVE

  4. you have ALL our prayers here in UK, get well miley!,its not right that a girl that gives SO much joy to the world should be forced to endure such sickness, if I could I would suffer it for you miley!!, as i'm sure liam would too, what does your mama think it is??
    brandi said she had lunch with your daddie so hopefully he & your mamma are with you!, stay strong miley think of ALL the LOVE out here for you & all the prayers, are you cancelling golden globes presenting tonight? and first day of filming hannah tommorow?? your health should come first they can always reschedule,
    what you cancell today, gives you chance to do more another day, so pull up the covers stay in your lovely soft cuddly bed, and get well!!
    freddie C

  5. i hope you feel better soon Darlin! you are in my thoughts and prayers always.. i love you

  6. Miley I am going to church today and I will pray for you at least 5 times! You need it! I hate being sick and especially when I am sick like that. I hope and pray you get better.

  7. hey Miles, i'll totally pray for you! and you know what? i'll totally get you... migraine is the worst thing EVER! i'm in pain right now because of this stupid mesntrual cramps... it's killing me!

    i really hope you get better soon, i really do!! so, don't worry, i'll be praying for you :)

    love you!! xoxoxo - Nia

  8. miley i will definitely pray for you. the power of prayer is incredible--i should know, yesterday i was incredibly sick, and i felt so miserable and i texted my mom asking her to pray for me--and ten minutes after she prayed for me, i felt incredibly better. i wasn't fully healed, of course, but the worst of my symptoms seemed to just vanish. i hope our prayers can do the same for you. love ya girl.

  9. Miley, Of course I'll keep you in my prayers to heal. But, God expects you to do what is necessary for that to happen as well. You *must* get to the ER today. If you haven't begun antibiotics (I assume you have) you are playing with fire. You are waaaaayyyy too important to far too many ppl to take the chance of making your body worse. You should treasure that body just as your soul and take excellent care of it. (Sorry - I totally do not mean to sound like the bitchy mom here - but I can't help that - I *am* a bitchy mom!! Lol!) Anyway, please go to the doc today, ok?????????

    I honestly believe that among the musicians that perform/tour, etc that this touring *really* hits the girls much harder than the boys. Girls' bodies have so much more stress on them anyway with menstruation, adding the additional stress of the kind of insane fast-paced lifestyle, constant moving around from place to place, being introduced to a new germpool w/ every different place you go - it's all the perfect recipe for a toxic soup of *sick*. I don't know how you gals do it. My kids get sick *every single time* we travel - it's the nature of the beast. Our doctor confirmed this.

    So, I will definitely pray for you Miley. But instead of doing all the visiting you are getting ready to go out and do and (I hate to be the bitch again to mention this)going near those friends and others and possibly infecting them as well, I would keep it at home today after you see the doctor. Your friends will *completely* understand. Tell the paps you've eloped or something - they deserve the lie anyway - give them something to gossip about for the day.

    Sorry to be the heavy here Miles, I care about you girl, and so do so many others. Be well.


  10. I prayed for you Miley, with all my soul, and I truly meant it. You give SO much of yourself, and you just get crap from the media. You DON'T deserve this. You deserve better.
    Gina x

  11. I know how you feel a few days ago I was feeling the same way but being sick didnt stop me from doing what I wanted to do, I regreted it later, so some advice unless you can endure incredible pain I wouldnt go out. Miley get well soon the world needs you and I need you, ehem ^^"

  12. Hi Miley...!!!
    how 're u?
    Oh....need not you tell me,
    I realized,Sorry....!!
    I hope you get better soon...
    I will pray for you Miley...!!!
    Follow me...!!!!
    I gotta go
    Kisses & Hugs ^-^
    Get Well Soon,
    • RoCiO •

  13. You're in our prayers, we all hope you get better as quickly as possible!!
    we know a video that will make you feel better, please check it out:
    we LOVE YOU Miles!!!
    love from Chloe&Em

  14. Praying and hope you are well again soon. Please see a Dr.
    Also you work way to hard, you need some rest girl.
    God Bless you.

  15. Hope today is a better day for you

  16. I will pray to God that He helps you get better a.s.a.p. I've been getting sick like that lately too (what is going on with us =/) and it is just horrid. I hate being sick. I blame it one the sress in my life..that is probs what it is for you too. Illness always relates back to stress, I swear! Well anyways you are in my prayers and get well soon. =] God Bless.

  17. I pray for you and your family every night friend. I will pray a special prayer for you tonight. We love you Miley, God Bless in all that you do beautiful.

  18. Hi Miley: praying that God will give you supernatural strength to overcome this sickness that you have contacted. Also praying that the paparazzi will relax with you. you need to have basic freedom and it doesnt seem that even that is happening now! God is BIGGER than anything we are facing. He always has the last word. Keep blessing others as God blesses you! God Bless you! Get well soon! Shari

  19. Girl I think you jinxed me cuz now I am sick. Haha jk but seriously this sucks, we are sick. Lets pray for eachother and all the other sick people in the world, may everyone achieve health and for those who do not, let them boast in the glory of God in heaven. God Bless.

  20. Miley, I hope youre feeling better and have visited the doctor so you can feel 100% again very soon!! you are such a hard worker and so dedicated to what you do that it backfires sometimes, which sucks and it totally isn't fair. You deserve to feel healthy so that you can bring lots of LOVE and SUNSHINE to this world. you do it so well! :) I'm praying for you. God will answer all of our prayers because we truly want you to be happy and in no misery anymore. HE does wondrous things!
    hugs and kisses! <3
    love you!



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