Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Hey guys!
Today is such a big day. It's the last day before the photos of my new video are released then Friday the video is premiering! So much has been going on but I took some time at work today to really think. This Friday my "Disney" image will be gone. It's such a scary thought! It's something I've wanted to for so long, I am excited but it's such a big and life changing experience too. I've been reminding myself that I'm almost 18, I need to grow and let my fans see who I truly am. I am so happy to share all of these trials and challenges with you all. And to show you who I am, and what I want to do. I think you'll all be shocked, you've never seen this side of me before that will be expressed in the video. But more than that, I'll think you'll be closer to me. You'll see who I am. Thank you for coming on this journey with me through the "Cant Be Tamed" video and I hope you all enjoy it.
Remember to check out my official myspace/mileycyrus for it's new lay out to support the video and especially for the premiering Friday.
I love you all, hope all is well! Xo

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Hey guys! So my internet should be a lot better now meaning I'm back to blogging and everything. Yipee! =]
I just wanted to let you all know that it's 99.9% confirmed my first performance of "I can't be tamed" will be on Dancing With The Stars, May 18th! I'm so stoked.
I love you guys and sorry I've been working so much but it's been insane. Working on everything, CONSTANTLY! But I'm thinking I'll be more on formalring to answer yalls questions and that might help. It's so convenient. So check out my and send in all your questions as much as possible.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

My new home. =]

These are a few pictures of my new house!!! =] I am so excited. No I am NOT moved in quite yet, I don't know if I'll wait until I'm 18 either though. I can't promise anything. But I swear that if I do move out before I'm 18 it will be LEGAL & completely approved by my parents! Some people want to start such stupid lies. And it makes me so sad because this is such a huge occasion for me I'm excited, I'm so excited to start mylife on my own and start to create new memories and figure out what lifestyle I'll choose in my home for the rest of my life when I AM an adult and settling down and everything. I'm so excited for the future and to get all of this behind me, but yes I will miss living with my family very much I'm sure. But this is only two blocks from my parents house which I'm sure is where I'll be half the time anyway because my mommy is my co-manager, HELLO! It's not like I'm never gonna see my parents again. And FYI my big brother AND sister have been moved out for YEARS! And Braison is wanting to move out at 17 too when he gets 17. I may be and Brandi did! So it's not a huge deal that people are making it out to be. I've finally paid it and BOUGHT my new house! I am so excited, it's the best feeling in the world right now. I am just so surreal and excited. For the "fun fact " going aruond YES it was Freddie Prince Jr.'s old place, got a lot of historic moments there duh! I'm just super happy and excited. It is 4 bedroom, 4 bath, etc etc. It has a lot of awesome little add on things and I'm loving it. I'm decorating it right now, finding the PERFECT furniture and designs. I'm basically choosing or creating EVERYTHING! I want this to be MY thing. I am just happy. I want everything zen, and on the floor, and calm and peaceful and loving. No it's not gonna be wild & crazy. I'm taking this super seriously. Anywho, I'm excited, hope ya'll enjoyed hte first pictures & I'll have some up of the inside soon too!!! Xo

Love ya,



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