Wednesday, April 7, 2010

My new home. =]

These are a few pictures of my new house!!! =] I am so excited. No I am NOT moved in quite yet, I don't know if I'll wait until I'm 18 either though. I can't promise anything. But I swear that if I do move out before I'm 18 it will be LEGAL & completely approved by my parents! Some people want to start such stupid lies. And it makes me so sad because this is such a huge occasion for me I'm excited, I'm so excited to start mylife on my own and start to create new memories and figure out what lifestyle I'll choose in my home for the rest of my life when I AM an adult and settling down and everything. I'm so excited for the future and to get all of this behind me, but yes I will miss living with my family very much I'm sure. But this is only two blocks from my parents house which I'm sure is where I'll be half the time anyway because my mommy is my co-manager, HELLO! It's not like I'm never gonna see my parents again. And FYI my big brother AND sister have been moved out for YEARS! And Braison is wanting to move out at 17 too when he gets 17. I may be and Brandi did! So it's not a huge deal that people are making it out to be. I've finally paid it and BOUGHT my new house! I am so excited, it's the best feeling in the world right now. I am just so surreal and excited. For the "fun fact " going aruond YES it was Freddie Prince Jr.'s old place, got a lot of historic moments there duh! I'm just super happy and excited. It is 4 bedroom, 4 bath, etc etc. It has a lot of awesome little add on things and I'm loving it. I'm decorating it right now, finding the PERFECT furniture and designs. I'm basically choosing or creating EVERYTHING! I want this to be MY thing. I am just happy. I want everything zen, and on the floor, and calm and peaceful and loving. No it's not gonna be wild & crazy. I'm taking this super seriously. Anywho, I'm excited, hope ya'll enjoyed hte first pictures & I'll have some up of the inside soon too!!! Xo

Love ya,



  1. wow, you`re so brave. i mean, i wouldn`t have this courage to leave my home, and to move into a new house, just me. i`m 18 in exactly 11 months, but i guess i`m not ready to do this big step... but i`m proud that you can and i wish that everything will be great for you and you`ll enjoy it. i`m sure you will.

    the house looks amazing, i would die to live in that kind of`s just beautiful...

    Take care till you`ll move in it. LY.

    - Aida-

  2. wow it looks so good and exciting !!!!! your house will most likely look beautiful! WOW that house is amazing we dont have ones like that in england well we have the Buckingham palace. haha

    i know a few people who have moved out at your age they just want some new gossip, to stir things up..... boring. when i move out i am living on the same street as my parents. haa

    have fun, take care, the house is going to be brilliant,
    Jess x

  3. pretty cool. you should have a 'she's all that' style party to break it in. in honor of FPJ. haha it looks awesome, hope you didn't spend too much on it.

  4. WHOA!!!! And again....WHOA!!!!! Sweet house! Looks like a tiki villa.

    P.S. More of my friends saw your movie & loved it.


  5. whooa congrats your on your first home!
    And I LOVED The Last Song!
    You were really amazing! like honestly. please do not read what all those losers have to say about nicholas' movie.

  6. Cool. Looks alot like your parents place. Congrats friend. Have a wonderful day Miley.

  7. Saw your tweet about last scenes on the HM set. I bet that was surreal. Lots of memories and adventures with people who've all seemed to blossom into incredible young adults these past 4 years.

    Have a lovely afternoon... (and the sun is shining here in Washington State, so I'll bet its definately beautiful in Cali today!)

    Talk to you later!
    Alaina Douglass

  8. I remember way back when i bought my first house, it is a big step & so exciting to know all that hard work you have put in finally lets you fullfill your dream,its so exciting to know its Your first house,You own it and can decorate it & live in it how You want to, zac vannessa ashley T all have theyre own places and will be willing to give help & advice,it takes getting used to the first night, but after a while you settle in & look around and change things from what they were the first day you moved in, its an ongoing process but one that is fun every day,
    Enjoy it miley its the first major step to being an adult, and you will be able to have Bff's to stay, has it got a studio? I know you said you were given a present of a recording studio in last house, Dont put too many pics up, think about security on the property, remember not all peeps who look at this site are honest, hope you have a Huuugggeee wardrobe seeing all the clothes U have on M&M site (its a tank top) U will need a BIG one!! good luck anywho have the house blessed before U move in,and just enjoy it!! love ya freddie C x x 10am uk time

  9. It's beautiful Miley.
    I can't wait to move out!

  10. Good for you Miley. You have worked so hard for so long. I'm happy you are making a home for yourself. I can only imagine how you will decorate it. You have a style that is all your own. I'll be looking forward to what you will share with us. Very Happy all your hard work has paid off, and all your dreams are coming true for you. Are you planing to have one bedroom set aside for when Little Noah comes to visit? I bet she going to be missing you like crazy. must be kinda hard being the youngest and seeing all the older siblings moving out, and doing their own thing.Although on the other hand she may already setting her sights on your room at your parents house.
    Wishing you the best of luck with your new home. May you make many many wonderful memories in your new home.
    Always remember Home is where your Heart is.
    P.S. Where can we send you a little house warming gift?

  11. That's the house your currently living in. Duh!

  12. The house looks beautiful! And I agree, you are very brave to move at at this age. I'm 19, and the only reason why I'll be moving out next fall is to go to a university in the US. It must be so cool to get your own place like that, though! Good luck with the move-in.

  13. aww Miley i so love your new house! HOME! It looks rly cozy and i can see why you are so excited!you paid for it with the money you earned.It's a great feeling to own something that u get thanks for your hard work! You deserve it! Can't wait to see pix on the inside:)



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