Wednesday, March 31, 2010

What happened?

So The Last Song released tonight in theaters. I've been anticipating it for months and months even before we filmed and it's been the most exciting thing I've done. I don't really know how to react now because I've truly brought myself down about it. I made the mistake of reading stupid gossip sites that had negative reviews before I read my fans support on it from mileyworld and those places that matter. Well originally my boyfriend text me and was like, "Hey, don't pay attention to this site because it's all untrue." and I was like "Well what site is it?!" and I found it unfortunately and read it and I bummed myself out about it. I don't get why so many good reviews get ignored but the horrible ones are the most popular. Why be so negative? Seriously how would you have to be raised to enjoy watching people trash someone else? I understand a lot of bad reviews was because I'm disliked by a lot of people I'm " Hannah Montana" and no one expects me to do well so they just go ahead and pick it apart. Or they compare the movie to my previous outlets & the story itself to others. This was different for me and scared me today because this is not MY movie. This isn't Hannah Montana, this isn't a Miley Cyrus concert film this is a NICHOLAS SPARKS movie, and I was just there to paint a picture for him and to be this character. It's not a Miley Cyrus movie starring Miley Cyrus, it's a Nicholas Sparks movie featuring Miley Cyrus. It's very different on a huge scale. I was trying to do the story justice. It's such a huge thing for me and of course I've never been in a serious film either wher I wasn't "Miley". Miley Stewart is very different from myself but it's still Miley, there's that sense of security because it's so easy now. This was Ronnie Miller. I was trying to give her justice. It's all very complicated. I hate reviews because when Nick was writing this he wasn't saying, "Okay. This is the next Notebook I have to do the same things." or anything like that, yet people take the Notebook and A Walk To Remember and try and compare and they see it negatively because maybe to them it ISN'T as great of a movie. But the story is its OWN story. It should be judged that way. Dear John... I don't get why that is such a big thing either. Everyone even on that set has been competitive about this whole thing ebcause it's two of Nick's films coming out. I think we should be more united, it is not MY movie, it's not CHANNING's movie, it's not AMANDA's movie. It's NICHOLAS SPARKS'. We shouldn't be doing anything to say " My movie was better!!!" they're both amazing story lines on different levels with two seperate stories. It's not the same story, we shouldn't be competing or talking negatively about eachother. I've done nothing but wish the best of luck to Dear John and it looks beautiful to me. I never went on about Amanda's voice or anything like that it isn't ABOUT that and it's so sad that people take advantage of NICHOLAS' story like that just to pick on me especially when they are an influence on others. Otherpeople will see Channing and Amanda saying things abuot me, THEIR FANS will see that and say, "They're competing! I'm their fan I won't see THe Last Song cause it has Miley!" the movie had nothing to do with 'Miley Cyrus' it's about family, and Nicholas, and romance, not about me and it's so sad that people use it that way. And miss out on a beautiful story because they're judging.

I've just truly bummed myself out because this movie was suppose to be my dream come true. And it is. But because for a split second I was bored and decided to read a review I am bummed out. Everyone will say "It doesn't matter what they say Miley, it was amazing!!" and try to make me smile and that's awesome but the point isn't that. I'm just not as excited as I'd thought I'd be so I learned my lesson. I'm kinda in a bad mood anyway so hopefully it'll slip away and I'll feel better later and be as excited as I should be because I have the best fans in the world and they deserve to feel appreciation for supporting this movie & trust me I AM so thankful and SO surereal and insanely happy for the positive feedback on it, I just don't get why people are so rude.

Jealousy is an illness, get well soon.

Thank you everyone who checked out or will check out Last Song, remember that "Opening" is very important, the first few days for the box office and stuff so check it out ASAP if your going to but seeing it at all is absolutely amazing. Thank you so much for making my dream come true if it wasn't for ya'll I wouldn't have been able to do any of this I am so so happy and thank you and love you with all of my heart.

God bless,


  1. Miley, this was your dream coming true, even if some bitch-ass people wanna be rude and disrespectful. Yeah, I wanna say "dont listen to them. It was amazing" (because it TRULY WAS. youre acting was incredible in it) but I know you're still feeling sad and that makes me sad too. You worked so hard on this film, and you learned so much about acting and YOURSELF too, which is amazing. So, yeah umm...i'm just SO SO SO SO happy you know how much support you have with all of us and you can talk to us about anything. we're your family babe. So come one, put on a smile when u can cuz no matter what any stupid fuckin haters say, YOU KNOW what this movie was made about and what it means to you, and no one can take that from you. theres a reason this movie had so much hype---its cuz they WANTED to see it. and theyll love it.
    I love you so much girlfrennnn,
    Paige (@paigey215)

    The movie critics who are so-called "professionals" rate so many movies poorly when they are in fact box office hits and loved by so many people, so they really mean nothing in my book :)


    pss: tell liam he was such a great actor in it as well

  2. Its so sad seeing people review a movie and compare it to other movie's or in your case what you've done in the past. I wish they would put aside there opinions about who they think you are and just watch the movie for what it is a MOVIE. Your right I want to tell you it doesn't matter what they think, and my thoughts about the movie will not be changed because of what some "critic" says. Just stick to what you feel about the movie and what it meant to you. How much you learned and grew from this experience. Its not something you can change, so make the best of the situation. "When life hands you lemons, make lemonade."

    P.S. I loved the movie and everyone did an awesome job. Jonah was a good actor for his age, his crying scenes were very good. I haven't seen one person yet say after seeing the movie that they didn't like it, so im sure it will do great. Im sure Nicholas is very proud of your performance in the film.
    My Inspiration love you girl,
    Kaitlyn (@Nighthawk_Cyrus)

  3. okay i'm dropping everything right now and writing you a proper review. one that (i hope) will sound unbiased. but will do the movie...and you, justice. in my opinion there shouldn't be a single negative review out there for it.


  5. Miley, you know a lot of ppl are JERKS. this is the cruel truth... i`ve read a lot of bad reviews, but i know that all are unfair. they have a bad opinion maybe because of Hannah Montana, maybe they don`t like the tv show because is for kids, and they have the stupid opinion that this movie might be as childish as Hannah Montana [i don`t think so, obviously.] just because you are in it.

    they judge everytime. they feel jealous i guess, i just can`t understand why are ppl so bad with a person which didn`t ever hurt them. they`re pathetic. everyday i fight with ppl on sites because when they see and article about you, they`re writting a lot of stupid things and i just think it`s not fair. but they finish hurting me too, and i quit. coz it`s a lost cause.

    anyway, i really wait to see The Last Song. in my country, will be in 7 may, so i don`t wanna wait till then. i think i`ll search it on internet. i`m so excited! i bet it`s a great movie, especially because it`s based on a Nicholas Sparks novel [ A walk to remember it`s my favorite movie ever.]. It will be just great.

    Hope you`ll feel better, because you did great anyway.

    Take care. LY.

    - Aida -

  6. miley as it is your first venture into serious movie making, there Will be people that say horrible things, they cant see beyond you being hannah, its the same as demi when her Grays episode airs, she will have people saying bad things, they must realise that you are both growing up and have to move on with careers to try different jobs, not always be disney kids, they seem to think that theyre job in life is to put people doing a good job down, and cant see the hard work it takes to be an actress, you will Always have the love of family & friends + fans to believe in you, a guarantee that if you read 1 bad review you will have a thousand good ones, you are human you will get upset but, in showbiz you will always be judged, there will always be these critics that get off on giving bad reviews, so take it on the chin miley, they will always be there as bad papparazzi will always be there, I have always said there are 2 sides to an argument, if 1 person says something nasty and gets NO reaction, then they will stop, but if the other person reacts they will continue!!, and try and get a bigger reaction, you know when it gets you down you can be uplifted by your fans, so just click on if you get upset & we will cheer you up. here is a joke to cheer you up,
    Why did the hotdog refuse to appear in Macbeth?
    He wasnt offered a big enough ROLE!! ha-ha-ha.
    love ya,

  7. I am going to see it this weekend. Nevermind the critics. We love you and support you for who you are not what you do. WE LOVE YOU MILEY!!!! Have a wonderful day beautiful.

  8. When I drive to school in the mornings I like to sing or pray out loud in the's my favorite me & Jesus time, I suppose. Anyways, I was praying for my family and my day,and all of the sudden you came to my mind. (I hadn't even been on your blog to see this post to know that it was a hard day for you)....and I prayed for you until I got to the college...I was praying that God's love and goodness would just surround you today--and that it would have nothing to do with you working for it or you earning it--but that He would just show up in your day today with an over-abundance of everything you need...just to show you how incredibly much He loves you.

    I'm glad it was a timely prayer, and I definately will keep praying.

    PS: my mama & I are going to see The Last Song this weekend!

    -Alaina Douglass

  9. My mom and I just got home from the theater and Miley, Wow. My mom and I couldn't stop talking about how that movie really moved several people in the theater---including us. And we were in awe at the guys' responses! Whether it was the tween guy on a "date" with his girl, or the middle-aged dad who had brought his daughters...there were tears & full-faced smiles everywhere.

    When I got back in the car and we were driving home, I felt so touched---honored, really---that through this blog I've been able to get a beautiful glimpse into the heart and soul of the phenominal woman on that big screen. The TV interviews and articles you may contribute things to are great, but I can't tell you how much of a treasure it is to be invited into even a hint of your world here. Thank you, Miley.

    PS: We went to the movies to celebrate my mom's birthday. Thank you for being part of something that made her genuinely smile and laugh during a time when I know she desperately needed a mini-escape from the stresses of life.

    Have an exceptionally relaxing Friday night, and be sure to tell Liam that you guys accomplished the best thing possible--(and I don't mean just amazing ratings) were part of something that with every showing is bringing authentic joy to countless people. That is something to truly be proud of.

    Goodnight, darlin!
    -Alaina Douglass

  10. Oh my gosh, people are so stupid. You did AMAZING in 'The Last Song'. So did Liam and the rest of the cast.

    'The Last Song' is my favorite book of all time, so it had to be good in order for me to love the movie so much, to do the book justice.

    That book changed my life, the movie was amazing and I loved it. You're amazing, stop listening to everyone else and listen to what your heart tells you....

    You're amazing, don't change for anyone. People are just jealous and bitter, it makes them ugly.

  11. I'm so sorry that I am so late in commenting on this blog. I just wanted to say that you are an inspiration to us, our fans, who could not care less about ignorant, jealous, closed minded, and mean spirited people who cannot see you for what you truly are: a multifaceted, versatile, amazing, beautiful young artist. Just keep your head held high and your beautiful smile always intact, after all, you are achieving and surpassing you're expectations, you are doing exactly what you are meant to because it is your destiny, and doing it beautifully if I do say so myself. I love you and support you always, God Bless hope you had a Wonderful easter!

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