Monday, March 8, 2010

Positivity Over Negativity

It makes no sense to me how people can take someone physically and just tear them down, and tear them apart. I am faced everyday with new challenges, and I know everyday that I have so many people out there waiting for me to fall. What gets me through the day is knowing that there are so many more that want me to smile, including myself.
It is a hard struggle though, having confidence. Maybe a little harder than expected. I have been known for my confidence for a long time. I love myself, I love my body, I love who I am and what I intend to be. But at the end of the day I will always be 17 years old, I will always be a human. As surprising as that may seem to some/most.

I lost my train of thought trying to redo this entire blog a little less depressing, because I am not the same girl I was when I first made this. And I am so happy for that, and thankful to the LORD that I have changed. When I made this blog I was very caught. I was very confused and I was very stuck in my life. I didn't know who I was suppose to be, who I wanted to end up being, who I was in general. And I was really stuck in that, and trying to get happiness from things that weren't within myself. And that was where I messed up. As I've said many many times before, I grew up in Tybee Island. I went and I was depressed, and in the middle of so much going on in my life, and I was hurting and I wanted out of Hollywood and I wanted to learn and experience new things and I did. I met people there on a normal level, like any other kid would meet their friends. I met so many people that are so close to my heart, and I bonded with some old friends that made us closer than ever. I grew up in Tybee Island, in many ways. And when I left I knew I would be happy.
I entered Georgia a very afraid, very confused, very stubborn, very lost, very broken, very hopeless and depressed girl. I left Georgia proud of myself, and loving myself, and full of happiness, and knowing who I was from that experience. I learned to not care who I was before then, and focus on right now. And that was something I truly needed to do.

At the end of the day, I know who I am. I have a new confidence and I have grown. I have always had to grow fast, but Tybee really changed me as a person, as a whole, and I love who I became. And the people around me see how happy I am now. I have never been so happy in my life. I am working so hard in everything that I include myself in. Everything that I participate in gets 110$%. I am so happy in my life right now. Although I am leaving some things behind, I know that more doors are opening. I know that my best friends have my back, I know that my boyfriend will hold my hand through everything, and I know that my family MOST importantly would never leave my side under any circumstances. I will be okay. The point of this entire blog was to really talk about these " haters", these people who sit around at their computers and do nothing but find flaws and tear me down, make fun of me, insult me, and try to intentionally crush me with their words. The LORD made my body the way he made my body. If anything, I would've even mind someone picking on my acting, or my singing, but not on the glorious temple that GOD gave me.

I am surrounded by the most beautiful and sweet people on the planet. Literally. From everything to this blog, to my everyday life and family. And yes, although hearing that someone considers me beautiful is so endearing and so sweet, and it warms my heart... I am still a human at the end of the day. I sometimes wonder if they wake up in the mornings ready and willing to just hurt people about their physical appearance. It hurts my heart that people intentionally want to hurt me and that throughout all of these years, and everything that I've done, I am still faced with the same bullies and demons that I faced when I was young and in school. It is disgusting. People think because they are behind a computer screen they can say whatever they'd like to, and not pay the consequences. And that is very true. And that is very sad. I wish there was more we could do, but unfortunately there isn't. Why cyber-bullying, gossip sites, etc are not something that is taken seriously. No matter what wrongs I have done, what mistakes I have made, I am still a 17 year old girl. I do not deserve to hear people screaming at me that I am a whore to impress their friends while I'm just walking down the street. And that is no uncommon example. I have that happen at least once a day. I don't remember a day that has gone by ( aside from being in Georgia. it is so peaceful there...) that it hasn't happened.

It hurts knowing that myself, and even other people my age have to go through this. Most of my memories are infront of cameras. I hate that I cannot spend a day with my boyfriend without cameras in our faces, and people trying to push us and shove us. A few days ago I was riding my bike to Jamba and when I came out and tried to ride my bike back home, one of the paparazzi tried their hardest to shove me off of my bike on multiple occasions. There should be some laws, something that gives them limits! It is not right at all how people are treated by these " photographers"! It's a disgusting job. There are other ways of keeping food on the table. These are 30-50 year old men! And they follow, yell, push and scream at you. Not all are violent, why they are like this with me is completely beyond me. I have seen paparazzi follow my other friends, for a few examples, Demi Lovato, Nick Jonas, and I have never seen anything violent happen. I sometimes wonder what I did to deserve the negatives of it all, but I do know that it is all worth it. I love what I do, I love acting and my passions, and I wouldn't give it up for the world. Making people smile is my goal in everything that I do. Making myself happy, and others smile is a beautiful accomplishment that I am so happy to be able to do everyday.

Tonight I read an article of someone talking about my dress at The Oscars. Saying that it was age-inappropriate, unflattering, and unfitting. As far as I'm concerned it fit pretty dang well. I need everyone to understand this is the hardest transition time for me. I am breaking apart from Hannah, I am leaving my pop genre music, a very serious movie is coming out, and I have become more edgy. I will be 18 this year. I have to find a way to not only bring the young, fun and rocker side into things, but also the mature and classy to help everyone endure and accept my transition healthily. I honestly expected worse than what this article said but it said some very mean things about me in general, physically. Yes, I do slouch. I am very open about it, I've spoken about it many times. I can help it, yes, but I don't know one person my age, or even older that does not slouch. People have this high expectation on me to be perfect and that will never happen, it's impossible. The dress was originally a wedding gown, and a GORGEOUS one. I was very pelased with everything about the dress and the look. I loved the message it sent as well. It was very glamerous, but also very sexy and also classy - in my own opinion. That is what I was aiming for and I, personally, saw that in it and wasvery pleased. No one can take that from me, including this article or any other.

I just wanted to vent about it, and let everyone know that no matter how " confident" I may be, all of us have a breaking point. And I have reached it. It hurts that people can truly sit and just hate me, and make fun of me, for things that God gave me. I work so hard, and I try so hard to be happy and make others happy. I am enjoying my life and living it freely. Why would someone want to take that away from me? What posesses people to want to hurt, and want to watch me fall. It is beyond me! But I am done with all of this negativity. I am ready to grow from it and move on. I will admit that it did bring down my confidence a lot, not because they offended me but because they tried to say that I was created wrong. That God messed up with me. And that can hurt anyone.

Anyway, I am very happy with my life, and I am so blessed and aware that I am as blessed as I am. I try to take things for granted as least as possible, and I think I have learned how to truly appreciate things the way I should. I have the best of friends around me that support me through every decision, I am so in love with the most amazing man that anyone could ever hope to meet or even just catch a glimpse of. the LORD sent me an angel. In boy form... remind me to thank the big guy upstairs for that one ;) hehe. But he is truly my angel, and he saved me, and I am just so happy and he makes me so happy and I am just loving my life. I love everyone in it, and I hope that these next few months play out as I am praying that they will. I am excited to start travelling, and I am loving being on set, and also working on my last ( VERY) pop record. I am enjoying every moment of my life to the fullest that I can, and I am so thankful I have people there to catch me when they aren't as enjoyable.

Thank you all for listening to my rant, I can't wait to see what the future holds.

Love always,


  1. Miley- loved what you had to say. It is sad that people have nothing better to do with their time than TRY to bring someone down. If these people were really good reporters/journalists then they should be able to create GOOD stories and not just garbage. They DO forget you are only 17 years old- and I GUARANTEE these people did the same things if not worse than the things you do, or how you dress- the only difference? Every move you make is in the public eye. That is the only difference. Every single person makes mistakes- or choices that not everyone will love but thats life- thats growing and learning, for people to critque you on that is just hypocritical. If someone can honestly look in the mirror and not find one flaw in themselves then that person can go ahead and start throwing out some judgements- but that person does not exist and even if they did they would not JUDGE others. You are an amazing- talented- beautiful person, and people need to realize you can not be 12 year old Hannah Montana forever. They need to let you be and let you grow and learn. You are not doing anything wrong... these gossip sites seriously have nothing to report which is why they make things up. Your above that- you have expressed that. I wish the world for you. Side note from this rant- Nicholas Sparks is my favorite author- I was so excited for the new book, The Last Song. I read it in one night and my friends from work and I are going the opening weekend. I know you and Liam will do the roles justice. God bless you and all you do. Your better than those hateful words. You know that. Keep on keeping on, love <3

    Lisa S.

  2. beautiful beautiful beautiful. Miley, you are seriously the most genuine person i know. It seems kinda strange since I've never spoken to you in person--just in THOM (woot woot!!)--but you are amazing and I hope you truly truly know that. All of those effing haters need a life...we know it. you know it. and they know it deep down. they gain nothing from tearing you down. the things they say about you are ridiculous, and any true fan/friend can see they are completely false. most are about the way you look or the way they think you act, but none of it EVER is about your HEART. and if they could see it they would take back all the terrible things they said.
    I know youre super happy right now and that makes me ecstatic cuz u deserve to be so so so much. u deserve it all miley. youre the best girl i know and thats the truth. out of all my friends, even though i feel kinda bad saying it, you are the most truthful, true, sincere, and unstoppable. all of those things you should be very proud of. you're a ROCKSTAR on stage and off.
    i love youuuuu,

    ps: lastsonglastsonglastsonglastsonglastsonglastsonglastsong!!! ahhhhh yeeee! cant waitttt :)

  3. miley, nobody in their right mind would say something nasty about you. therefore, they are crazy. we gotta remember to pray for these people, because they are obviously so disgusted with themselves that they want to project that onto an innocent young girl. and that's not gonna earn them any brownie points with god, if you catch my drift. so we gotta pray for them, & hope they find themselves & start loving themselves so they can love others too.

  4. i hav no idea hw ppl can say mean things abt sum1 they dnt evn knw!?!they just dnt get it! u r beautiful nd u looked absolutely stunning @ the oscars! dnt listen 2 wat ppl say coz its the fans that truly matter and we all love you!

  5. Be yourself because those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind.

    P.S. God never fails. You are beautiful no matter what these jealous idiots say, they make up some stupid random crap just to make others feel horrible. They sit there in front of their computers and say awful stuff to someone they don't even know, haven't even talked to, criticize their voice/eyes/lips/body heck just about everything, just to "raise" their very very low self esteem. It's sad, and stupid at the same time. My heart goes out to these people. You are very very beautiful, I hope you know that.

    All of God's creations are beautiful - and we are one of them. We shouldn't try to please everyone, since not everyoen is going to like us. It's better to just focus on what God thinks of us. ANd He, the LORD of lords, the Kings of kings, think that we are VERY beautiful despite our mistakes and sins and everything and loves us. So much. :)

    Remember, God made you.

    And God never makes mistakes.


  6. The love of God will NEVER fail you.

    The Lord is your Refuge, your Strength, and He will shower His love and grace unto You.
    God loves you so much, and you are fearfully and wonderfully made. :)

  7. you were BEAUTIFUL on the red carpet, Miles. and you did a great job on presenting. its like the best thing could ever happen to a 17 year old girl. like BAMMM, dream come true :) you are what you are, and nobody SHOULD EVER EVER EVER change that. at least we dont do those surgeries to make us LOOK BETTER. God creates us in the best way we should be and everyone should be THANKFUL for that and stop talking bad stuffs about other people.

    I cant wait for your album. I'm sure its gonna be the best one from youuuuuu :P and for the movie, eventho I have to wait 3 months just to get to watch it in my country, I WILL WAIT FOR IT. cause I know the waiting will be worth it.

    all smiles <3
    love ya. love ya.

  8. Why people continue to try to bring you down is beyond me. You are an amazing, talented, gifted, beautiful young women who wore one of the most gorgeous gowns at the Oscars. God will always see you through everything, and I will thank Him to for bringing you that angel that keeps that smile on your face and love in your heart. Pay no attention to hatred, what does not come from God, is never the truth...
    God Bless you always, love you :)

  9. it was really touching what you wrote here. really... i can understand what you feel, even if i don`t know how it is; but i can imagine. and i feel sorry for the way they treat you, you just don`t deserve it. i guess it hurts so bad.. and i can`t understand why they have to treat you like that. :| i just hope they`ll stop. at least, someday. soon. :)

    about the Oscars... your dress was just GORGEOUS. i totally loved it. you looked so, so great, i loved your outfit.

    be strong, Miley. be strong always, and keep your head held high; because even if you have ppl who hate you, with no reason, you also have ppl who really, really love you. your family, your friends, and you fans too. don`t forget that we support you and we love you.

    LY. - Aida -

  10. Miley vem pro brasil!! nos te amamos... e eu tbm amo muito mesmo voce nao sabendo!!! juizo

  11. Miley, it amazes me how genuine and humble you are. You are a beautiful person inside and out, and I feel so privileged that you would share something like this with all of us. Honestly, I am 20 years old, and I consider you to be someone that I look up to, because of how well you handle yourself, and how confident and strong you are.
    You are so right. NO ONE should ever have to go through the things you've been put through. All that scrutiny about your appearance is absolutely ridiculous. You are young, having fun, and experimenting with your style so that it fits who you are. And that is the same thing that any other 17 year old in the world is doing. It's just a shame that people focus so much on your outward appearance, instead of focusing on your amazing talents and your kind heart. For the record, I thought you looked absolutely stunning at the Oscars!
    I am so glad that you have such a great support system around you. It makes me happy to know that you have found a man who loves you for who you are, and will support you through anything, and that you have family and friends who will always stick by you. Your fans will always stick with you too! <3

  12. To a most exceptional and exquisite woman,
    This life seems to change so often— with perhaps the most drastic changes exploding deep on the inside. Our emotions want to go crazy towards everything we can’t control and we face answering the many-times-a-day questions of where do we really fit and where will we be most fulfilled (you know, that place of real & genuine happy inside?). Yes, growing up and processing life can sure get hilarious. Sometimes this whole life thing feels like a non-stop season of PMS-ing…where the only coping method is through chocolate, tea, and lots of a mama’s love….but then, there comes those moments you least expect, where some sort of sunshine comes in and simplifies everything—all the while drenching life in peace and authentic joy. Of course it’s our wonderful Jesus—right on time—with that big smiling face and bear hug of love & grace. He seems to get in through the details, you know….He provides that espresso milkshake we so desperately craved--through our totally generous mama…or He opens up an afternoon where no brothers are home—just so we can read a fantastic book on the couch in our cozy pj’s…or, out of the blue, He’ll drop a beautiful dream in our heart for the future—then inspire our pastor to preach a message that confirms it was a God-given dream……and on and on. In the details of our lives, (which so often feel like emotional whirlwinds), He sneaks in and brings a precious & real happy to our hearts.

    On a totally different note…I find myself praying about what it must like to be in your world, Miley. You’ve painted such a vivid picture over the past several months of what that intricate world is like---a real world of very real & feeling individuals, where the drastic & dramatic are everywhere, and where the possession of trustworthy and discreet friends is an absolute necessity. Through your blog I have grown so much respect for people in influential roles, and I’ve begun to look at all of your lives—along with the legitimate struggles you face—with greater respect. I definitely do not believe in pushing yourself into someone’s world, let alone begging to be in it, but I have to tell you from the honesty of my heart that should God ever open a random door to know you—at any point in this journey of the beautifully unexpected—I would be truly honored. I am currently getting a Multimedia & Communications degree from the University of Washington (with the intent of being a personal assistant)…and I am truly praying that someday I’ll get the opportunity to work for people that overflow with as much depth, honesty, and raw fun as you.
    I hope you have a fabulous night, Miley! And PS: pretty please feel free to enjoy yourself while making HM4…I’ve been astounded at how many of my college-age friends have told me recently that one of their secret “sanity-survival” methods for studying is taking ‘Hannah Montana on YouTube’ breaks. :-) I don’t care what the media says…cause the truth is you’re making people of ALL ages forget their stresses in life for a while and get caught up in refreshing laughter.

    Bye babe! Sweet dreams.
    -Alaina Douglass

  13. PS--no need to answer our comments personally--but I'm just a wee bit curious if you do read our comments. (and I'm sure you totally do)...but is there a way in one of your posts that you could let us know if you do read them? I'd love that. Thanks!

    Ok, goodnight babe! -Alaina

  14. Miley!!!! Thanks for sharing. That is something that we all go through at one point of our lives or another. You are strong and you will find out who you are ment to be. Remember ( catipiller in the tree how you wonder what you'll be. You can't go far but you can always dream.) WE LOVE YOU MILEY!!!!!!!!

    P.S. You are beautiful:)

  15. Hi ...

    I dont usualy post stuff on people's blogs, but in this case, I thought I'd make a exception.

    You say you have a guy in your life, friends and family that will always stand by your side.
    Isnt that more important than the negative? Many people dont even have that.

    My opinion (not like you asked it, but I'm gonna give it anyway) is focus on that. Concentrate on the positive around you, and ignore the negative. At the end of the day, it is not important what everyone think about you, it is important what the people that matters think. Because they will be the People that will be there during the tough times.

    Just a tought, but the world could end tomorrow, and I dont know about you, but if this was my last day, I'd rather spend it concentrating on the people I love, and keep them happy .. than try to keep all the negative people in this world happy. (because lets face it .. they will ALWAYS find something negative to say)

    Just my 5 cents

    Tissuemonster :)

  16. I have to agree with the people over me. You truly are a beautiful and amazing girl. Just being who you are makes so many people smile and dream. Just wanted to say thank you for being you, having this blog, make people dream. You truly are an inspiring person and a lovely human being.

    PS: I know it's hard, but just remember every one you have made smile when there are those sadly persons that tries to break you down. THEY'RE WRONG!

  17. i LOVE the new background of your blog,it's SO PRETTY,and the new title =)

    Well it's good to see you are moving forward with happier thoughts,no matter what 'tries' to bring you down.We all have abit of confidence in us,but it's up to us prove to ourselves that we are able to be strong when we really need to be,however hard it is.

    It's good to see you are happy and content with life,that's how it should be.Your 17yrs old,with still along road/journey ahead of you.There of course will be more made up rumours in the future,more haters (well hopefully not-lol),more paparrazis and etc...but you've got a strong personality,friends who will ALWAYS be there for you,family who support you,and fans who love you and support you NO MATTER WHAT =) (of which i'm sure you already know all that)
    OH!and of course it's ALWAYS good to have God in your life...because,he's there even though we can't see him,and he sees things we don't see,and knows things we don't know,he will ALWAYS love and protect those who love him you!!(basically-he's got your back!!)

    Ps-you looked really pretty at the Oscars,but you already know that,no matter what the 'critics' say,the most important thing is YOU know.The other magaz.said you were BEST dress,so what does E! Fashion Police know- haha LOL

    as long as you know there are people who believe in you,you will be alright miley


  18. Hey Miley, ill make this short because yeah well the page is really long!

    i love reading your blog. I can feel what your feeling. I know I am not famous, and I don't have paparazzi's following me 24/7, but the stress a teenager has, I know.
    You should always be happy, look what you have that others don't. You have a great career, you are extremely talented, you live in a wealthy state and everything like that, so don't take things for granted.

    Hey don't worry about the Oscars dress, you looked ABSOLUTELY amazing! You looked like a very sophisticated woman hahah! No worries about the slouching, I do it to. I am thinking that its because you're tall? I don't know but I'm tall too so I seem to do it when I am around people not as tall as me.

    Be happy and I don't think i achieved my 'short' message :D

    OH BTW i just wanna know if you actually read the comments, if u did, you would mention that you do read the comments in your next post. Kayy? Ill be reading.. x

  19. i just want you to know that you are amazing, miley. You have the life any teenager would dream off. You sing, you dance and you act. You are just.. perfect. I wish i were you, you have a family that loves you, a life secure carrier and people who loves you. You have so many fans, you don't even know it. The thing i love the most about you, is that you are real. You do what you want, whenever you want. You have the dreamlife. I bet you couldn't imagine being a loser at school, live in a tiny town, fight with ur parents all the time, no boyfriend, nobody who can be there for you all the time. Hmm.. I wish you the best of luck miley, you truly are amazing.
    Don't you ever give up on your dreams, you are going to make them real.

    xo T.



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