Tuesday, September 29, 2009

I am on my way to another destination for a show! Got a couple interviews tomorrow BLAH! I am tired already! I am more out of shape now then when I started tour. Blah blah.
Honestly though I am SO tired! I won't sleep anytime soon but I truly need to!

Ok, my main reason for this "blog" (more like mlog.. Mini blog..) is cause I am going to start doing songs on my blogs. :) in my previous blog I wrote "comfortable" which relates to me in SO many ways, but now I am going to put a song with a percentage beside it. The percentage shows how much the song RELATES to me! I may be tweeting this way too. Such as "comfortable - John Mayer - 89%" means it only relates to my LIFE 89%. I don't want to put "goodbye earl" on here and yall think it's my lifes story!

Anywho. Still sick with strep! UGH! It is NOT fun. I can't wait to get well!!

Good night, sweet dreams, say your prayers and stay happy,
Love, Miley

Catch Me - Demi Lovato - 100%

Short blog! Laying in bed wiff my mommy in Salt Lake City, sick OF COURSE. Ugh. But I can't wait to rock out tonight after two days off :) did a few interviews, did a couple today, and it's been great! Sorry for not blogging regularly can't wait to get back in the swing of things!

Love always, MC <3

Comfortable - John Mayer

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

I felt such a wonderful feeling tonight. Having my friends there, having all of my family and my "soon to be" family (all fingers crossed)! I saw a couple people even from youtube! Davedays, ect. There were so many fans and LA being my "home" it was amazing! Recently there have been a few misunderstandings. 1. I've always disliked paparatzi. I see in no way how someone can protect such sneaky underhanded, disguisting careers. There are better ways to feed your children.

I have been so distant from everyone lately, but I think it's time people meet the real me. The one who isn't perfect all the time, that says cuss words on occasion, that feels emotions and hates cameras (weird right?) I'm tired of feeling like I'm lying to people about who I am because I "parent" every child. I'm a kid myself. Anywho, gotta make this quick.

I love everyone in my life, the show went amazing, I wrote a song, went to dinner blah blah blah. I wanna go home. =)

Love you all, you are amazing. Maybe a paparatzi is reading this now, considering one asked me about this blog yesterday!! Weird huh?! If your reading - LEAVE ME ALONE!!!

PS a very happy late birthday to Nicky, since somehow me not saying it on TWITTER means I "forgot" which I didn't. At all. And he knows it. But for the sanity of fan girls, happy late birthday! And 2 months from TODAY, right now, I'll be 17 too! Whoo wee! Time sure does fly...

I felt such a wonderful feeling tonight. Having my friends there, having all of my family and my "soon to be" family (all fingers crossed)! I saw a couple people even from youtube! Davedays, ect. There were so many fans and LA being my "home" it was amazing! Recently there have been a few misunderstandings. 1. I've always disliked paparatzi. I see in no way how someone can protect such sneaky underhanded, disguisting careers. There are better ways to feed your children.

I have been so distant from everyone lately, but I think it's time people meet the real me. The one who isn't perfect all the time, that says cuss words on occasion, that feels emotions and hates cameras (weird right?) I'm tired of feeling like I'm lying to people about who I am because I "parent" every child. I'm a kid myself. Anywho, gotta make this quick.

I love everyone in my life, the show went amazing, I wrote a song, went to dinner blah blah blah. I wanna go home. =)

Love you all, you are amazing. Maybe a paparatzi is reading this now, considering one asked me about this blog yesterday!! Weird huh?! If your reading - LEAVE ME ALONE!!!

Love yall, Miley xoxo

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Good day today. =] I want to go clubbin' but one of my friends are being uptight. Hehe. I wish I went to the Kings of Leon show tonight. I wish I was where they played tonight. With the people that were there.

Listening to Amy Whinehouse. I love her music.

PS I love my friends but it's not "fun" to show me what cruel people have to say. That and/or people I dislike. Ugh.

GOD bless, Miley

Saturday, September 19, 2009

I have to make this really short. Oakland rocked! Going to San Jose now. I can't wait.

Tonight my "aunt" Edi's grandma is passing away. She has been like a grandmother to me for so many years, so please keep her in your prayers. We are all having a very hard struggle about this situation. It's killing us emotionally. Noah walked up to me today asking if she would be with my Pappy. And I know she will be. They're gonna keep it warm up there for us. I am so blessed to have my mammie with me always, and on the road with me now. Healthy. I am so thankful.

I have to stop now, but I heard a really bad rumor about myself today. I won't even say it. I just got done (just before we found out about the tragic news) crying with my mom because I felt so helpless. So many people believe these vicious lies that people create to hurt me. It's sad and I truly hope we overcome this sick twisted "fad" of rumors soon.

I am going to go pray now, and get me some sleep hopefully. Goodnight.

Why do I just lie awake and think of you... I need some sleep... Tomorrow I have things to do. <3

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Had an absolutely amazing show tonight. Tacoma was wonderful. Lindsay Lohan came out to the show, that was an honor. I think I got my groove back, I'm ready to rock! Of course now I started my period. Yipee. But nothin' a tampon can't fix! (sorry boys!)
It was an awesome show, and now I'm so excited for the California shows. My friend Cody Linley is deff coming, Liam, Carter, Mandy, ect to see the show and I think that'll be awesome. I'm absolutely stoked. I'm ready to be away from California though. Actually be on the ROAD. Anywho I have a 13 hour drive ahead of me, so I'm going to attempt this thing called sleep.

Love always, spidermonkey (aka ME) <3


Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Had my first show in Portland last night. Absolutely amazing, killer fans and it all went well. I forgot my shoes once but it's cool. Costume changes = A+. Now I'm in Seattle and trying to get my head in it it. I just can't.

I just can't get my heart or my mind into the music tonight and I'm fighting for it. I'm gonna put so much effort though. I honestly am trying, and I hope they still enjoy it.

The bungee, motorcycle, cars, ships, it's so much fun. The stunts are awesome and this is by far the best tour so far! :) love ya!!

Monday, September 14, 2009

Opening Night in Portland

BEST first line to start this with?
I'm a girl with a period. K? I know mood swings, and I know cramps and the stress and all that stuff.
NO PERIOD has EVER made me more mood swingy than THIS tour has. I have gone to STOKED, to DEPRESSED and "I can't do this, there's no way I can go out there and do this again." to excited, to happy, to surreal, to GOD knows what. It's been absolutely awful on my mom lately because of my moods.

No, of course it's not just tour doing it lately my attitude has been really weird. Not my attitude but my tolerance. For a few days I was absolutely crazy. Snapping at anyone who talked to me, yelling all the time, crying if anyone said something that sounded even slightly bad. And you haven't been to LA with me! Okay, I can't walk NEXT DOOR without at least 5 people tearing me down. So my Mom made me go to the rehearsal and sit there. I wasn't allowed near my phone, I wasn't allowed to go on my computer, nothing. And that still didn't help, but I do believe I needed a small break from all of the criticizm.

Tour. I'm sitting on my stage right now, yawning, whoo hoo! Anywho, There are SO many chairs. And so many instruments ( I'm all alone up here ha) and just everything. I can't believe that tonight I will be going to sleep after my first Wonder World Tour concert! OMG!

And of course last night, being ME I couldn't just sleep. Psh,of course not, that'd be boring. =]
So I stayed awake ALL NIGHT with Cory and Ash ( Ashley runs the Heart of Miley too =] F.Y.I)
So because Cory, is getting MARRIED IN MAY!! YAYYYY! We were having fun talking about wedding dresses and stuff like that, I am SO happy for her you have absolutely NO idea.

She got purposed to and engaged on the swing in Tybee that me and Carly were absolutely addicted to! WE sat and talked there allt he time and it's the PERFECT place for a purposal I SWEAR. I love her! ANYWHO!

We did that and somehow me and Ashley got completely side tracked and got on stardolls and started dressing Avril Lavigne and Britney Spears and Demi and everyone, hahahahahaha! Then Cory fell asleep on us.

I went to sleep about 5 a.m. I had to be up a couple hours after that, slept again for about 30 minutes and I am good! I know it sounds really insensitive of me to stay awake before people go toa show but it helps me. I'm not so nervous, I'm more calm, I can handle things better and not worry. I can go and dance and not care what it looks like and haev a good time. To me, a good show is not only making sure the fans have a good time but making sure the dancers, the band, and your having a good time too. I'd never perform if I wasn't enjoying it and I hope that any other artist wouldn't either because that's a job, not a dream.

I can't believe that opening night has actually come. I feel like yesterday I was on the BOBW tour and saying bye to my tour, and crying and swooning over my black hair! Hahaha! But it's absolutely insane, I honestly can't believe everything that's happened over two years. Things that have happened should've taken me 10 years!I've actually just done SO much, and it's absolutely insane. I've made the greatest friendships that anyone could possibly ever have, and I've made enemies. I'm fighting my own battles as I go and it's making me stronger and that's what I'm focusing on.

I'm super excited for the show, I can't believe that I'm actually doing this again, and getting out there. I truly think ya'll will enjoy the outfits and the fun stuff. We have SO MUCH fake on me. Like people call me "fake" now? hollywood? You don't even KNOW! Haha. After this tour I'll be the most real lookin' thing on earth. I've got fake lashes, I've got fake hair, I've got fake heels and fake everything, it's gonna look really cool though.

We've just definetley got something that's gonna ROCK a lot harder than the first tour, but the first tour was defientley more of a FUN POPPY kinda thing. We had ALL different colors, and ranibows an smiles and whites and pinks and all kinds of happy songs and this tour is that way too, of course I'm happy but it's a bit more mature I'm not gonna lie.

I do wear shorts, and I do wear heels, and I do dance and things like that. I'm 16 and I plan on rocking out like any 16 year old would. People compare the tours a lot, including me but you also ahve to remember. "Still Miley" "Hannah" whatever your using I was 14, and newly 15. Now I'm about to be 17 years old and even though that's only a year older, it's still a HUGE jump in maturity, and in taste and in outlooks and things like that. I'm growing with my fans, and thsoe young fans that come and enjoy it, I truly truly appreciate that. I'm just transitioning too, I can't stay Hannah Montana forever, I'm already gonna pushin' her as a 17 year old whichi s awkward enough to me. But I DO love her, she's a part of me. But me physically? Hannah doesn't exist. I wish she did, but she doesn't. I'm Miley, I'm the girl under the wig and I'm the girl that does have my own thoughts and my own hopes and dreams and aspirations and that's what's important to me.

So yes, the tour will be defientley more Miley. And you also have to keep in mind that Metro Station will be with me, one of THE most mature bands out there right now and they're REALLY fun and know how to get a crowd jumping and that's important. We WILL be doing things like The Hoedown Throwdown, so there IS THINGS FOR KIDS. We will be doing that and more kid songs that are completely child-friendly. ALL OF MY SONGS ARE CHILD FRIENDLY, but I knowt hat some parents are kinda against the fact that they make shorts above the knee and stuff like that... I comlpetely understand I have a little sister.

But we're gonna do all that fun stuff, and hopefully I can put on a REALLY fun show for all ages. I'm gonna be breaking from the Hannah label next year, and that's scary for ME. Like fans are always like "NO I WANT HANNAH!" but the fact is that I'm growing, and I'm really scared because when Hannah's gone, I don't know what fanbase is gonna be there other than my TRUE fans. And I LOVE my true fans more than ANYONE, but transitioning from Disney, I'd rather get an older audience NOW since I'M growing. Get it?

Honestly, after Hannah I have another film and after that I really wanna go back to Tennessee for a year or so, without paparatzi and without rumors, and sites. No work, no nothing. I wanna spend my senior year in my highschool ( even though I'll be graduated by then, I wanna go back) and actually graduate from a school with actual kids, and I want to justnot work. And actually be a normal family that can all be together allt he time, and actually get time with eachother and actually have a boyfriend that isn't on the front of every magazine. And actually be able to be myself and find myself before cameras do.

So I love my fans, and I never want to pop up and be like "I'M LEAVING" and them stop supporting me. I just wanna warn everyone that reads this that soon I WILL be leaving Hollywood, and starting a normal life that I can actually go back to. I DO want to come back, and make my own material, my own rock album and do more tours as an adult, but I'm gonna go home soon... and actually stay home and be a kid for a while, while I can. Bceause these years are SO important.. and I haven't been able to cherish my age, becuase I've had to act older for years. And I wanna go home and be a kid for once.. and not have to care about what the whole world thinks..

ANYWAY, I'm WAAAAY off subject. TOUR TONIGHT! I'm really excited, I truly truly am, and I'm SO thankful for every single fan and especially my TRUE fans that are there throguh every transition and every fault and fall that I have. I love you guys with all my heart and I truly wanted to thank you all becasue your amaizng. I've gone NON STOP for about two years now... and I just can't wait until all of this finally hits the ground and you see everything out there that I'ev worked for you guys to finally get.

As soon as my 2007 tour ended, I ( STARTED THE M&M SHOW YAYY!) recorded Breakout, went to Nashville and filmed a movie, as soon as I was back I was filming Hannah again, I did Bolt, I went and filmed The Last Song, I released the clothing line, did an album, I'm now on tour, then HM4 will be filmed, another movie will be filmed, and I'm just non-stop and the next time I'll actually be able to slow down is about this time NEXT year. That's the next time I'll be able to actually spend a MONTH at home. And that's really sad to have to say. ANd honestly I don't know if I have anything I'll do after that, right now I kinda have a wall up right after that for when I get to that point I can decide what I'm doing.

I have vented way off the pointSO MUCH! I know ya'lls eyes must be SO tired.

TOUR. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!! I CANNOT wait for tonight just a few more hours and Miley Cyrus will be ON THE ROAD AGAIN!!! YAYYYY!! I am so thankful for ya'll thank you for bringing everytrhing the success it HAS, thank you all so so much, and I love you guys and your my entire heart, you are my world THANK YOU I love you guys SO much and I truly don't believe you understand or comprehend HOW MUCH you mean to me. I love you.


Friday, September 11, 2009

I need to get a grip. My phone tripped a few minutes ago and I freaked. Literally FREAKED! I ran 4 blocks to get to my charger figuring that would help, ect. It restarted, I lost all my numbers and stuff. Thankfully I restored it all to normal. But it made me realize how dramatic I am and it's only been lately. I literally cried and was snapping and yelling at people just because I thought my phone died. It's fine now but I'm realizing how irritable and stressed I've been. I'm freaking over the smallest things.

Maybe it's being nervous, maybe anxious, maybe just plain ol' nervousness. But I'm wiggin' out. I need to slow down and breathe. GOD please grant me that. The strength, patience and understanding to do what I can and not over-react to silly things.

I feel insane. I don't know if I need a doctor or what! Ugh. I need a break from gossip sites too.

I can't wait for tour, I NEED it. 3 days!!! :)

Love always, MC <3

Today is a day that will forever be remembered.

We will always take our hats off, put our hands on our chest and truly be thankful for where we live. So many people have it so much worse...So many people lost families, lives, friends, heroes that day...We dedicated our rehearsal to them today. We sang almost all American songs so far. ( Of course since we have to do rehearsal for Tour it's been Wake Up America... but still.)I love my country. I love my constitution. I love my rights, my laws, my FREEDOM. I have friends in Iraq right now, I have friends in the army, getting ready to give their LIVES for me. For my family, for my friends and for the amazing people living here.

HEROES, truly GIVING THEIR LIVES to protect YOU! You don't think abuot it much, but next time you throw a fit about getting up for school, going to work, doing chores... there are people DYING for you to do that. Right now! Being tortured, being beaten and thrown around...For US. For our COUNTRY. For something that we never take enuogh pride in. There are some bad places... yes. But look how far we've come. Even just women voting. Women being in charge. How hard did we have to fight for that right? A hell of a lot more than we give credit for, I'll tell you that much.

But down to wars, down to explosions, down to people DYING. People losing family, their sons, daughters, sisters, brothers, mothers, fathers... for THIS country. For you sittig reading this blog RIGHT NOW.

9/11 will ALWAYS be remembered. Not for the buildings falling... not for who drove the plane... not even for whatever "images" came out of the smoke that has left us all in awe...But for those people that died. That were there making a living to support their family, those people that had no idea what was gonig on and went down in those two buildings. The people that burned alive, that were crushed by the mass of those buildings. The people that were crushed...And those family's that cried... those friends, and American citizens that CRIED... watching people jump from that building.. watching and hearing them scream.

Everyone's heart fell that day.And there are people fighting for us for that to not happen right now. Go to your family's today, hug them and tell them that you LOVE them. Your friends, your neighbors, your aqquantences.Because it could've been them there that day. And you never know what tomorrow brings. What if they were the people out getting killed for us right now?
They ARE to someoen.

It's someone's FAMILY. Someone's CHILD. Out there protecting OUR COUNTRY...

GOD bless your family's, GOD BLESS THOSE SOLDIERS... And GOD bless America.

Listen to this song... and LOVE everyone today


God bless YOU.

Where do you see Freedom? Where do you see love and heroic figures? Where do you see something you'd fight for?

I see my freedom and my love every single day. In my Daddy's voice, in my Mama's unconditional love and open arms no matter what I do. My older brother's dreams, my older sisters faith and loyalty. In my little brothers strength and support.. in my little sisters smile and innocence. In my friends LOVE. In my GOD's miracles. In strangers walking down the street lookingup with smiles on their faces, in my fans screams, in those crowds that support me..
In my church, looking around and seeing my Mommy with her hands in the air praying, and people all around me screaming Hallelujah's, and Thank You's.

I'd fight for them anyday. I'd give my everything for my little sister holding my hand cause she's scared of cameras. Or her smile up at me and asking how I did things. Or seeing her tell someone I'm HER hero. Not my Mom, not my Dad, not "Hannah Montana". Me. I'd fight anyday for that.
And I hope you have something you'd fight for too.
I know I do.

GOD bless you all.
I was laying in bed watching family guy last night (after watching my future husband Dane Cook) about midnight. Well my sister Brandi came busting in "me and Matt wanna go see Madea? You in?" DUH!!

So we got up really fast, I just threw clothes on, didn't do much. We SPED over there and got there in the second preview, that movie was so good! 4 stars. I think they need a JUST madea movie! No sad drama stuff around it.. Anyway! We had a lot of fun. I laugh REALLY loud so I got a bunch of "shhh"'s... But it's cool. I forgive em.

Moral of the story: Madea completes my life!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

So my brudder was away with some friends, I never knew I could miss my little brother. Ever. On tour I did, duh. But we're so close in age we fight all the time. After NY he went with a few friends and drove like 6 hours and he had a blast!!! I talked to him a total of 3 times since last Friday. No lie!!!

Well he came home today and surprised me at my dress rehearsal, he had to have spun me around at least 10 times!! He's been sharing stories with me about his "adventure" but one reaaallyy got to me!

He was at an old friend of both of ours house, and the first night he heard something kicking against the closet door. He went to sleep anyway. The last night he stayed there again and he slept in the living room, he turned over and said above their TV, he saw a face. He said there was no explination for what he'd seen. The weirder thing was he said he felt completely cold, he couldn't move and his body went numb. Which couldve meant he went into shock. But it's still kinda weird!

I love those stories. :) just thought I'd share! He also brought me back the most PRECIOUS gift!!

I can't believe I actually MISSED my baby brother!! He is so cute. I think we're goin to go see 9 tonight wiff some friends and him!! I'm excited to hang with my brother. How weird is that?!?

So I'm at dress rehearsal waiting on my mama! She went with my aunt edi to starbucks! So, duh, she's bringing me back some! :)

I'm going to be rocking some awesome looks on tour! WOW. It is Wednesday and my 1st show is SUNDAY! I can't believe this is my first tour since '07!!! Anyway... The lady just asked me to try on green spandex pants... Uh, no thank u. :)

I'm also listening to paramore!! I haven't in what seems like years! My friend Karina was listening to them today and I was like "ohmygoodness!!" ha.

Well I'm at dress rehearsal, thankfully I don't have to dance right now!! I am SO beyond tired!
Mom hasn't been able to talk to me about how in trouble I am yet but I know it'll happen SOON!

He made it home safe, we laid in bed for about an hour talking. Then I sent him to the couch (he couldve gone to a guest bedroom) and we crashed!! I fell asleep at rehearsal so I'm ok. Just not OVERLY enthusiastic... Haha.

Hope all is well, I love text blogging! Which means WAY more blogs :) hehe. Especialllyyyy on tour!! Love ya! Xx

Tired, stressed, venty...

So to start off, I have tour in a FEW DAYS. I am SO stressed and pinched for a time I can literally taste my own BLOOD boiling in my throat. Yes, I'm anxious. I'm excited. But I'm really stressed out! We have planned a tour that should've been planned in 3 months, in 3 weeks. There is NO WAY that my dancers can pull that, especially Mandy being with HER band. UGH!

Well tonight, one of my friends called me bawling their eyes out. NEEDED me to be there for them. This is someone I've been SO close to for about 2 years. We're super close, but we've had our rough edges. This is one of my only friends I could literally FIGHT him and speak my mind COMPLETELY without worrying about how he'll "take" anything.

As you can ( hopefully) tell, he's of the "gay" persuasion. We were literally standing in the middle of a store earlier and he had to undo the tie of my jogging pants by getting on his knees and doing it with his teeth. Yeah. That's how much we TRULY trust eachother. He's been someone I've gone to for nearly EVERYTHING! Such a WONDERFUL true hearted person.

He's had his share of "drabble" in drugs, he's had some things in his life I could NEVER do! Thankfully he is VERY clean now. I am SO proud of the obstacles he has come over. I think that is the reason we're so close. I met him at his "rock bottom". And we accepted eachother for who we were, and we've come through so much TOGETHER. Temptation is for EVERYONE. He's talked me out of SO MUCH stupid stuff. I am SO thankful for this boy.

Anywho. Tonight he came over cause he needed me and we had SUCH a wonderful night. I haven't felt so close to him in a long time. He taught me ( more of "reminded me") how to play speed, he rubbed my stomach since I've been having THE. WORST. CRAMPS. OF. ALL. HISTORY. We totally bonded SO much.

Well the REASON he "needed" me was to NOT do something. ( no it's not "drugs" or anything BAD). Well once he came over, he made plans to go hang out with the person he was coming to my house to AVOID seeing. I, OF COURSE, tried to talk him out of it but the bottom line is that I don't CONTROL him! Eventually we'd worked out what was going to happen.

He was going to go with this person, come back to my house in ONE HOUR. He just left about... 30 minutes ago. I'm sure it'll be closer to two hours. Anyway, I hadn't realized HOW MUCH I messed up after he left! I have to be OUT of the house BY 5:30. Tomorrow is a HUUUUGE day!!

Well he'll be back at about 3:30 a.m. probably which normally would NOT be a problem but tomorrow is HUGE!
So I had to tell my Mom he was leaving and WOW. My Mom is NOT one to get "super mad"... at all. I've NEVER seen her SO mad at me. She sat me down and lectured, and lectured, and yelled, and yelled. I honestly think I'm gonna be grounded. Grounded to my TOUR BUS??? Better than being grounded at HOME. But until tour... I'm pretty sure I'm stuck at home! My Mom isnt' REALLY strict but she's the strictER parent! She knows if I'm wrong, I NEED to learn WHY. SO she sent me to my room ( yes I'm 16 and get sent to my room to "think about what I did"), then she's gonna tell me my "punishment" when he gets back in an hour. Or two hours. Whatevs.

OK, so I'm SO stressed. He is literally MY social life right now! My social associatino until tour is in HIS HANDS! I think she'll be over it by that time but WHO KNOWS!

My Mom, I can COMPLETELY understand.
1. She's worried about him.
2. She is worried I WON'T be up tomorrow.
3. She'll be awake until HE gets back, putting HER in a horrible position to be up at 4 a.m.
4. I have to be awake probably about... 15, 30 minutes AFTER he gets BACK. So I have THAT much sleep time, and tonight of ALL nights I NEEDED sleep!!!

So I ( tried) lied to my Mom. ( went and told her the truth shortly after. Put me in a WORSE situation.)
I set him up to COMPLETELY break my Mama's rules.
I let him doing it, knowing COMPLETELY how much STRESS and TIME it would put me under.

I guess it's just my teenage yaers thinkign "Live while you can" but there are also responsibility's and those were the LAST thing on my mind when I helped him to completely figure this thing out.

So I KNOW I am in DEEP trouble!!! And I'm praying he arrives and returns SAFETLY. I am PRAYING I can go on minimul, to NO sleep tomorrow. And I am prayign that this stress TRULY dies down some within me, because I cannot handle it much longer. I'm at the brink of stress, ha.

I am SO tired, PRAYING my Mom doesn't come in and see me on my macbook. That'd honsetly put me in hell, right now. I need to lay down and at least be able to FAKE asleep if she walks in... but what is there to do? I CAN'T fall asleep until he is home safetly. UGH!!

Well there's my VENT!!


Love always, MC <3

P.S. Dear cramps, it's Miley... you know, the girl your making her life MISERABLE right now. And honestly NOT adding to the "PERFECT" day... Go away. Your not welcome here. And I hate you. Love, Miley.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Senseless venting.

Well yesterday I couldn't blog. I'm gonna try and set my phone up for it but they said if I put my number in to TEXT my blog, it'd give me a whole different account! So I'm going to get ahold of one of my friends that's done this and see what to do.

Anyway, I've kinda noticed that on comments I get really nice comments on my blog! Thank ya'll for everything. But please take note that this blog is not about like "celebrity" life ( unless I'm having a bad day, then I will vent all OVER that!). So YES, I do LOVE your comments but HERE I'd love to read "Oh I relate to that!" and hear YOUR story or something, ya know? Not so much "I'm your biggest fan!" even if that DOES make my day completely, I just really want to be related to here. Cause there WILL be a lot of negative!

On to my day.
Yesterday, I was at rehearsal, and I was hanging out with the same friend that went through my phone. It was smart, that he didn't bring it up. I didn't either. We let it slide, and I'm almost positive it's over now. I don't "hold" grudges. I let it go pretty fast unless it's something that absolutely kills me. So we're all good now! I was so tired. I didn't sleep at ALL the night before, being up with friends and stuff. So I was so tired, I was laying in the MIDDLE of my rehearsal stage, band playing, singing. Laying flat on my back, singing in rehearsal, while ( secretly) trying to fall asleep. Which I did. And as soon as I did, Ashlee Nino ( one of my bestest friends/dancers) YANKED me off of the hitch and let me fall. So I woke up in a HORRIBLE mood. Not because OF her, but because I fell asleep in the first place. I wanted to stay awake so I could sleep early last night. Didn't happen.

Well yesterday, my stress level was SO high! I didn't even notice that it was stress. I thought it was just because I woke up a little late at rehearsal ( which I don't need to be sleeping at! I have tour SO SOON!) but at first, when I woke up I was at SUCH a high stress level.

I was literally crying if someone made something the least bit difficult. Mom asked me to do something? "UGH!"
I almost got grounded twice because I had SUCH a bad attitude. I didn't want anyone talking to me, anywhere near me and ESPECIALLY messing things up. I was trying not to cry, and making excuses of WHY I was crying considering I didn't know.
I was yelling and snapping at people, it was horrible.

I am so blessed, because I have the best people in my life. The ones that can SEE the big "MILEY'S STRESSING, RUN AWAY" tattoo'd across my forehead at those times. So they did. Today I'm MUCH better. After about an hour last night I was okay. And I calmed down.

But stress has been taking over my life lately! I need to really focus on the GOOD things Not the stressful things. That will get me NO WHERE and I know that. So I'm trying!

My mama is one of those MOm's that never stops talking. Now my Mom is my best friend, but it's ALWAYS. "So guess what happened," "So yesterday," "So Miley guess what," and she talks about everything. Of course me, being a TALKER, appreciates it! But we get into these bickering things and we start argueing and it's HORRIBLE. I almost got in SO MUCH trouble last night because we were fighting SO bad, and it was over something so stupid.

She called my Dad, he told me I better stop ( which doesn't do ANYTHING. He's the push over parent! Ha.) and eventually I just gave in cause I was so annoyed and she almost locked me in a closet. And I don't want to sit in a closet for hours. And no, not MY closet. The hall closet. Which is about as small as I am. Ha.

Braison ( brudder) recently went through a HUGE break up with his ex Zoey. I love that girl to death, but now they're avoiding eachother and I never see her anymore ( "anymore" being the 4 days they've been over.) and I know he's stressed, and he's an emo ( HA!) so that doesn't help. I wuvv him though, and he is actually going to try and spend some time with me tonight after rehearsal! For a couple days he's been with friends and stuff, and staying with my sister Brandi in her new place. So we've been apart. We're not the "strongest" siblings. If I'm closer to any, it'd be Brandi or Noah. Probably Brandi because she relates to me SO much! But we all get along SUPER well.

I have Trace, who is SUPER protective and "hates" every boy that hurts me. Unless the boy makes it up, it usually stays in the "hate" factor. ( Trace doesn't "hate" anyone, he just likes to believe he's the cool guy who can... but he can't. he has a big heart!)
I have Brandi, who is older than me but she's BEEN through most of what ( teenage wise) I'm going through. And her and Sam ( boyfriend) are totally what I want to be at her age with someone! They are SO in love! And they make it through everything. And I can't wait to find a guy that TRULY does that for me. I thought I had a few months ago, but I was wrong. =]
I have Braison, who is probably the most distant sibling, but we're closest in age. Which means we fight WAY more. And we're deff going through the same things in the "teenage years" so we stress together and relate to eachother more, BUT we don't talk enough to know it. He came to New York with me recently and that was SO good for us! We actually sat down and had a conversation. I don't think I EVER noticed how much he's GROWN. I consider myself "pretty" mature. Maybe not completely, but I can have a conversation. And he can too! I didn't know how strong his moral value was. He's such a good person, at heart.
And then little Noah, who is the only person I know that can never TRULY stay angry with me. She's there for me through everything and ALWAYS has a smile. She's such an angel.

I have the best family, I just need to really work on bonding with them more. I've been spending a lot more time with Noah, but I think she only does that cause she's still in the "I wanna be JUST like Miles when I get older!" thing. That'll pass. Hopefully. Ha!

It's so hard to wake up, and notice that, EVEN if it's been like it for almost 2 years... there are only 3 kids left in the house. Me, Braison, and Noah. Trace and Brandi have grown so quickly and that scares me....

ANYWAY, I'm at rehearsal so I need to make my time worth it!

Yesterday, I felt REALLY bad. I was tired and everything. And for the first time, since last January I comlpetely drowned it in eyeliner before I left rehearsal! Ha. I put SO MUCH make-up on, and it made me feel a LOT better. =) we'll see how long THAT lasts.

Anyway, working super hard... this is senseless. I am making no sense of this blog. No point. So I think I'm gonna end it now before I make a fool of myself! Ha.

P.S. Last night before going home I stopped and I was outside on this little ledge thing in LA and people play music there. Well, I had my friend lend me their guitar and sat and sang "Drops of Jupiter". That is SUCH an obsession ofa song for me right now!! I LOVE it. I am SO nervous infront of little crowds..

Big crowds, ROCK my world. But little crowds I feel so judged and each individual person thinks something different and OMG. Ha. I was really nervous but it went well and I still LOVE that song.

Anyway, I love ya'll. Thanks for reading, again. Even though this had NO point! I'm getting yelled at by Mama, I gotta go rehearse some more =P

Love always, MC <3

Monday, September 7, 2009


So my last blog was kinda introducing everyone to the blog. Now I'm actually gonna VENT!! About my day. What else is there? =] hehe.

So I woke up at like... 3 p.m. eventually. I got up a couple times, went back to sleep. Well eventually got up & today was the day I got to spend with my bestie! We lounged like ALL day. We went and had sushi, then on the way home she got me some taco's! Which were YUMMY F.Y.I. But we made a youtube video on our channel www.youtube.com/mileymandy and then we were just hangin'.

Right now I am squirming around on my bed because I am about to start my period, and I can feel it! Within the next like... couple of days. And I'm totally not ready for it! Not with tour and everything. I'm SUPER irregular. And that isn't a good thing at all. I'm actually on BC to help regulate it... uhh... DOESN'T HELP. So I'm completelyyy stressing!

Tomorrow I have rehearsal at 10 a.m. SHARP! I don't want to over sleep but I CANNOT sleep! I honestly tried. And it didn't happen! I am an insomniac, which means that I can't sleep. It's a "disease" meaning that you can't sleep, you're up for almost days at a time. I don't have it THAT severe, but I'm always up till at least 4 a.m. and with all that is going on, that's NOT good!!

Then to top it all off I have had the WORST case of writers block! I get this AMAZING idea in my head for a song, get half way through, then lose all inspiration! I CANNOT finish a song! It's been like a week. And it doesn't help that when I'm writing I am SUPER personal. I try and keep it to myself until it's finished! Well my friend was playing on my phone the other day and COMPLETELY went through all of the "notes" i had stored of lyrics that had come to mind.


"There's a lot of "loves" in there Miles." UGH! I was SO ticked off. I wanted to rip his head off! I just grabbed my phone and said "I didn't write that. My friend had my phone and must've written it." I felt SO bad. I LIED! But I was SO humiliated, because he laughed at my work after I've been trying REALLY hard to actually be able to write. Writing music is my HEART. And he completely exploited that! I was SO embaressed because that was VERY personal what he was reading. He was on my phone, ORIGINALLY, to check his emails. because he had very important e-mails coming in.

So I was like "Okay, check em." I am VERY clingy to my phone. I can share EVERYTHING, and ANYTHING, with ANYONE. But NOT my phone! That's normally for my hands only! It's got everything in there. My notes, my lyrics, my vents to myself, "remind me"'s. It has personal text messages, voice mails that I save from people. It just has EVERYTHING! Tons of VERY personal things. And he went OFF of his email, into my NOTES, and read my songs! I was SO mad.

So I've been REALLY stressed for a few days, pinched for time, and I have tour in a WEEK!!! I want this to be the BEST tour ever so I'm completely working DAY and NIGHT! Ugh.

On a lighter note,is ANYONE else excited for the new Madea movie?! I'm SO stoked I can't wait to see it!! =] "HELLER!" I cannot WAIT. I'm having SO many Madea sesh's lately! She's SO funny and can make EVERYTHING better! But I have to fast forward to JUSt the Madae parts! I think they should make a STRICT Madea movie! Not tied in with all of the depression =[ I go to Madea to lead AWAY from depression! And there's always that story line that makes my heart hurt! MADEA NEEDS HER OWN MOVIE!!! Maybe "I can do bad all by myself" will be more Madea, LESS tears! =]

UGH! Well I'm feelin' my eyes getting kinda heavy... I'll take advantage of this while I can and TRY to sleep. Although I'm getting a morning call in... about 5 minutes! so after that I will deff try sleeping. My "morning calls" are from someone that isn't in my time zone momentarily! They're super busy with an AMAZING project that I cannot WAIT to see A.S.A.P! =]]]

Anywho, maybe I can vent better tomorrow!!!

Love always, MC <3


So as you all know I am a HUGE mileyworld blogger. I vent there for almost all of my problems. Well of course I'm 16 years old and I'm going to need getting songs out, heartbreak venting, ect. I need a place to be myself where stupid blog sites won't find me. A place for myself, where the news won't read my words to the world. You might find it nice to see everything I do all over tv but quite frankly it isn't that great of a gig.

I find myself beautiful, as everyone should. But earlier I was sitting infront of a mirror with my little sister Noah Lindsey, and I was just thinking to myself, "Dang Miles. You gotta get it together." within the last few months I've been working SUPER hard. Filming a Nicholas Sparks movie, "The Last Song", creating AND publishing an album "The Time of Our Lives", and also planning a tour. Now most tours take up to 7 months to plan. We had about 3 weeks to plan for this, and we've been working mainly the past week.

I am now dancing, singing, doing all of my rehearsing from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m.
It stresses me, not gonna lie. I have so much I have to do, and I'm also a girl. I want to have time with my friends before I leave around the country, and eventually FINALLY touring into other countries as well. I'm so excited for tour, but I think it's finally hitting me that I'll be under a belt for the next few months.

My band is SO hard core, and the people working with me are absolute genius'. But I need some time for me too. Which is where these late nights come in. I honestly get NO "me" time. Whatever THAT is suppose to mean. I hear it mentioned SO much recently. "I need ME time." "I need some ME time." and I can't help but think it sounds selfish. Maybe not so much selfish as in foolish. I've been the same, but I think about it... why take "ME" time? These moments could be the last we have. Why not have "US" time. Family, friends, even romances. Experiences are what make AND break us. That's something SO important.

I had a really rough break up in June. I was very serious about it, and took it very deeply. But now we are friends, and that's important. I am happy right now. I am happy where I am, I am happy being myself and fidning myself in my music. Music is definetley a NUMBER ONE priority for me, and I hope that is realized. I, of course, put GOD and my family first. But my music is something that MAKES me. I am not in this for the "money", money holds to much power. Control over some people's minds, and lives. It's disgusting how much greed for profit is in our generation. The newest pair of shoes, or the newest game isn't worth food. Or someone else' suffering. Of course spending is natural, but some people take it so SUCH an extreme that it controls their lives, and that, I truly pity.

But music is my outlet, my inspiration, my dream, my passion, my drive, my LIFE. It holds what and who I am. How to express that. And explains in detail, ME.

I can't help but address how sad it is to hear some of today's music. Knowing that people are listening to that, and the artist is HAPPY about releasnig such trash. By trash I do NOT mean "dirty" or anything. But just something that isn't respectful, something that doesn't REFLECT who you are. Something that has no heart or passion in it. It's taking away from the TRUE artists that can't make it. That spend EVERYDAY fighting for their music to be heard that comes from their HEART. DEEP music is rarely appreciated these days. And taht's sad. And I hope to someday be able to completely change that. To change the WORLD's outlook on music completely. To appreciate it geniunely.

Okay, I'm getting WAY off base now. This is for me to write and vent so taht the WORLD won't see it. Won't pick and put a microscope on EVERY word, every detail and try and make things of it. Address some SERIOUS issues and speak my mind.
It means the world to me that my voice is listened to. That I actually have a VOICE that is suggestive. But I don't ever want to make ME say smoething that changes your true moral value. Never change yourself!

It's kinda sad actually... I saw today that someone who used to be in my life is actually becoming very obsessive. And that's so pitiful to me. I feel so sorry for them. We don't speak, and we actually dislike eachother VERY much. Our outlooks are VERY different now days, and the fact someone can be completely engulfed in themselves, that they can truly believe in things so... egotistically. I'm not getting into that. Either way, they're literally trying to talk to me as someone that "isn't" them. And that is very sad to me. I do NOT hope they read this, I was just venting. But if they do, oh well! =]

I'm 16. I have friends, I have those people I dislike. I have rumors, EVERYWHERE. And it's tragic that our generation is so obsessive about social ranking. Hopefully we can soon change that too. Maybe I'll vent a bit more next time. =]

And maybe a little more personal. This was just to welcome you into my humble little self-corner that I can truly express myself. I hope ya'll enjoyed this and didn't just tune out half way. I truly love the readers, and everything. The supporters on my "privacy" places, are my absolute BEST fans. The ones that have so much trust in me! I LOVE ya'll, so so much.

Here, I am not SPEAKING as "Miley Cyrus, POPSTAR". I am writing as Miley. The girl from Tennessee ONLY. I am speaking abuot my work, yes. And it's clear that you can talk about if your excited for the things coming up. But this will hopefully put out there that there is more to me than Hollyweird.

I love you guys so much, I hope you know how much I TRULY appreciate you!

Blog #1: COMPLETE! =]

Love always, MC <3



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