Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Had my first show in Portland last night. Absolutely amazing, killer fans and it all went well. I forgot my shoes once but it's cool. Costume changes = A+. Now I'm in Seattle and trying to get my head in it it. I just can't.

I just can't get my heart or my mind into the music tonight and I'm fighting for it. I'm gonna put so much effort though. I honestly am trying, and I hope they still enjoy it.

The bungee, motorcycle, cars, ships, it's so much fun. The stunts are awesome and this is by far the best tour so far! :) love ya!!


  1. baby girl, no matter how you're feeling, you could still pull off a GREAT show b/c whether if feels like your heart isn't in it at the moment, the passion is still in your heart and that right there, no matter how hidden it is, will ALWAYS reveal itself! SO believe the show will be amazing! =]



  2. Passion. like the girl before said is something that you obviously have..
    You have a passion for what you do... its clear.
    you are amazing.. and all of your fans know it.. :)
    ily & hope yuou feel better.

  3. I wanted to see a show your ._.
    That's my dream! Come to brazil and show me!PLEASE!
    i love you so much! You're amazing! AHEUIHEUHU xD

  4. Miley,
    You are so amazing I am sure once you get on stage you will do a wonderful job, cause you are doing what you love and it is in your heart. You will shine through all your doubts. Hope, but know all will be great for you.

  5. OMG, you have big stunts like thaaat?! I am sooo jealous with your fans in US. they can go to your concerts and watch you perform on stage. do come to Malaysia, it would complete my life.

  6. I'm so glad to hear everything is going great!
    its rly cool your first show was AWESOME!
    im sure u rocked out there=]

    enjoy all ur concerts!

    and dont worry. sometimes u just give 100% and and just cant get ur heart into music. it happens to all of us with the work we do.we have better and worse days.. its normal!

    i wish u all the best <333

  7. Wow! Maybe you can upload some pics or something of how the arena looks like? That would be really awesome to see! Even though I have never seen you in concert, I bet you are getting better and better! :) x

  8. i saw you on youtube; you were amazing; i love that concert; and i`m so sorry i can't see it for real..

    awesome Miley;x ly. you rock <3

    - Aida -


  9. this is amazing http://www.real-wishes.com

    um. miley on @mileycyrus said she would NOT go to high school cause she wouldnt be able or handle it.. or something that i dont remember.
    and YOU said you're going back to high school..?

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