Friday, September 11, 2009

I was laying in bed watching family guy last night (after watching my future husband Dane Cook) about midnight. Well my sister Brandi came busting in "me and Matt wanna go see Madea? You in?" DUH!!

So we got up really fast, I just threw clothes on, didn't do much. We SPED over there and got there in the second preview, that movie was so good! 4 stars. I think they need a JUST madea movie! No sad drama stuff around it.. Anyway! We had a lot of fun. I laugh REALLY loud so I got a bunch of "shhh"'s... But it's cool. I forgive em.

Moral of the story: Madea completes my life!


  1. haha it made me laugh when u said u got a bunch of "shhh"s. :D:D do ppl rly say shhh in the movies. i thought that happens just in the movies.
    btw, wt kind of movie this Madea is? I have never heard of it...but as u say its so good(4 stars) and that u laughed REALLY heard, then im rly interested..i gotta check this out ;)
    &maybe it will complete my life one and another way too:P

  2. Miley I love your new music video "When I look At You" and some how someone got a hold of it and uploaded it on youtube wasn't it suppose to come out in October? I'm getting The last Song book for my birthday since my birthday is next month and my friend and I might go see Madea and I can't wait for The Last Song to come out.

    Love Always
    Kayla :)

  3. lmaoo ya know.. ive never really gotten into the madea movies idk why, everyone always tells me how hilarious they are but ive never taken out the time to sit there and watch one. i guess i am really missing out lol

    (shh) - i didnt even think people did that anymore, in new york we just yell to STFU and thats the end of that lol


  4. i couldnt coment on the other thing about the 9/11 but i agree with it totally and what is madea lol ive never heard of it and who is dane cook apart from your "future husband"

  5. haha, i love to watch movies with my family, but with my friends too;

    when i`m with my father and i watch a movie, i laugh everytime; when i`m with my sister, i yell everytime at her, because she`s asking me nonsense questions; when i`m with my mother, i end looking by myself at movie, because she falls asleep everytime.

    btw, i never saw Madea; i never heard about it; i think i will watch this soon;

    Good night, Miley. [well i guess there is 17.28, is not night; but here is 12.28. so i`m going to sleep; or maybe reading The Twilight Saga - I love it;]

    - Aida -

  6. Its reaaaaally good to see you're doing soo much better =] you're finally getting some fun in the midst of all your work =] That's great!! enjoy and stay relaxed!! ;)
    Remember GOD takes care of u!! That's the best part of all =] Bye Miles.. have a GREAT rest of day!



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