Wednesday, September 23, 2009

I felt such a wonderful feeling tonight. Having my friends there, having all of my family and my "soon to be" family (all fingers crossed)! I saw a couple people even from youtube! Davedays, ect. There were so many fans and LA being my "home" it was amazing! Recently there have been a few misunderstandings. 1. I've always disliked paparatzi. I see in no way how someone can protect such sneaky underhanded, disguisting careers. There are better ways to feed your children.

I have been so distant from everyone lately, but I think it's time people meet the real me. The one who isn't perfect all the time, that says cuss words on occasion, that feels emotions and hates cameras (weird right?) I'm tired of feeling like I'm lying to people about who I am because I "parent" every child. I'm a kid myself. Anywho, gotta make this quick.

I love everyone in my life, the show went amazing, I wrote a song, went to dinner blah blah blah. I wanna go home. =)

Love you all, you are amazing. Maybe a paparatzi is reading this now, considering one asked me about this blog yesterday!! Weird huh?! If your reading - LEAVE ME ALONE!!!

PS a very happy late birthday to Nicky, since somehow me not saying it on TWITTER means I "forgot" which I didn't. At all. And he knows it. But for the sanity of fan girls, happy late birthday! And 2 months from TODAY, right now, I'll be 17 too! Whoo wee! Time sure does fly...


  1. Advance happy bday Miley!
    I know that it feels great to be with ur fam
    I hopethat no one will bother u ad hoppe that I can still had a normal life
    I totally know how it feels to he annoyed by people but when I remember what u go through every single day I say miley has to deal with this daily! Ad it showed me how much I truly admire u
    I am a kid and I do not look up to u like ur my mom but rather a kid who lives her dream and who I admire respect and fully support
    I love you
    ur the best
    have fun in ur tour
    u will do great and I believe u can do anything
    so relax have fun enjoy living ur dream
    ur truly a great person for a 13 year old girl like me to look up to
    ps pls come to the Philippines to has a concert
    don't stress out!

  2. that all really kl and i understand why u hate papparatzi im moving to america in 2011 with a bit of look i might see u as an 18 year old and i like the way u are very mature for your age

    BTW what do u mean family to be??? is someone getting married

    anyway on a different note i follow all your blogs and read them word for word and they are really good and honest and would you be able to do the same for me as you are mentiones in a few of them the link is:

  3. That is absolutely LAME!! They should respect privacy!! OMG but, anyway..

    I KNOW you've heard this a LOT! but you're a BEAUTIFUL person, i know it! and BELIEVE ME please, cause i don't inttend to say it as a fan or someone who's only seeing the nice side of you, but as somenone who knows how it feels to be loved inspite of her failures and weaknessess, God know's the REAL me and He still loves me in such a way that.. ='] so no matter what you say (or show) you are, you're a beautiful person and God knows YOU and LOVEEESS YOU, and the only people who really deserves your atention are those capable of seeing it.

    This whole internet world is so open and public that no matter how you try you won't b able to control who's gonna b ther watching.
    It's really hard to say this Miles, but, this is not the only way you can b yourself, i can assure you this: the ONLY place where you can TRULY b yourself is in God's Presence, once you're there He'll give you the strenght to face the world beeing YOU, and the wisdom to handle it. In the meantime, do whatever you think is right and best for you, even if that (in a way) might leave us "out" of your life. When you love someone, you want the best for them, no matter what that means, and I (personally) just want you to live a happy life.

    There's a point in life where you feel like everybody think they know what's best for you and they all wanna tell you what you should do, and you just feel like you want to make your own desitions and just dont listen to them or any1 (i've been there) but, im not trying here to tell you what to do, i just want to leave you something that when you read it might give you the encouragement you need to stand up and fight for your life.

    You know God is fighting with you and He will give you the victory, so i wanna give you something for you to remember you are chosen and know that He cares for those he choses.

    "Before I formed you in the womb I knew [and] approved of you [as My chosen instrument], and before you were born I separated and set you apart, consecrating you; [and] I appointed you as a prophet to the nations." Jer. 1,5 a.B

    I love you Miles, and will keep you in my prayers.


    Ps. Let God give you freedom!

  4. Miley, I sooo agree that you need to be allowed to be yourself. So much of the (adult) public, paparatzi, etc, forget all too often that you and Demi, JBs, etc. are all still basically *kids*!! But, you are marketable kids, unfortunately. They see $$$ or the fame that it all brings. I wish for you that you can be yourself one day and they will finally leave you alone. I have seen celebs who do manage to do it - but they don't do it in Hollyweird. Ya gotta get outta there Miles - of course someday when your mom/dad allow it - when you are of age. You've already said you want to poss go back to Nashville - or anyplace else where the paps don't infiltrate every nook and corner. Isn't it true that Taylor doesn't get too much crap from them when home in Nashville? Nicole Kidman/Keith Urban live there and have managed public life w/o too much hassle. Anyway, all this is simply saying that this will one day (hopefully) be in the past and you will be free from it. And, I truly believe that you don't have to sacrifice your career to be free from it. Once out of H-wood, things will surely improve for you and the unfortunate relationship you share with those creepy paps!! Until then, keep real w/ those who love you most and know the real you. Keep 'em close. Finally, you are really stirring up my curiosity with your comment about that "soon to be" family (all fingers crossed). I always believe it's Nick and his family, but I won't go there because I know you get a rash from all the "Niley" folks. Anyway, relax and sit back for your ride Miles. Try to enjoy, and def live those moments up on stage when your fans truly have that one single moment to commune with you through your art. You are truly blessed Miley, and we all thank you for sharing it with all the rest of us!!

  5. aww. today a year ago i got my driving license:) i was thinking so hard yesterday why 23th sounds something special.. and today it popped to my mind. my driving license! and now comes out ur bday will be today in 2 months:)
    happppyyy upcoming bday, hun =]

    im SOO glad all ur fam&friends were on ur show! too bad i couldnt be there coz i would LOVE to show u my support. but hope u always know that i love ur music and i love who you are!
    my younger sis is going to have a speech about you. and i told her to show her classmates your book Miles to Go. =] then they will see real you! :) It is my very fav book. to be honest i never imagined it could be soooo great!!but you wrote a deep honest story there and i love it <3
    you're my hero =]

  6. Miley, I tottaly agree. (I am Gina chicks daughter Esther) you are having to do an adult like job, why shouldn't you be alowed to take a break and just be a kid once in a while? And what you said in your blog is how every other girl around your age would act. And I'm sure that if the paparatzi were to for some reason start following around a gruop of just regular girls, they would find that they are just being their age and being goofy and have fun like kids should. :0) I love you Miley!!! Can't wait to see your concert in St.Louis! <3 <3 <3 ~Esther :0)

  7. i love reading your blogs, there so normal, you know? you just sound like a regular teenage girl like the rest of us, except when you talk about your concerts and the paparazzi. :)
    anywho, i'm going to your concert tonight and im SO excited!!! i know you'll do amazing! so be sure forget about all the stupid paparazzi, and just have fun and rock out!

  8. hahaha,´s incredible, did the paparazzi find this blog? amazing...well, I did it too...but well people, help to keep this blog in secret or we will lose the chance of talking to Miley, and we will be lost in the crowd...and continue to write about the Scriptures.

    good luck for everyone and blessings

    PS stop lapping at her feet...I think she need listen any question and doubt from us, not all the moment recognitions and recognitios!!!

  9. Good afternoon! I hope your nite at the Staples Center was wonderful. I've never been there, but it looks HUGE. Must be breathtaking to stand on that platform and captivate that unending sea of people...or sea of glow-sticks...(hahaha) that's kind of all you could see in the TacomaDome.

    So about the upcoming, "potential" marriage...the last thing I think any of us on this blog would want to do is treat you like the "in-your-business" press, hounding you for details...and I hope my next comment doesn't infer that I'm begging for any info from you, cause the only thing I have is a comment :)

    ... if it has to do with a female relative of yours and her boyfriend, all I gotta say is I've read some of his stuff on his twitter and he seems like a really incredible person--a true catch. Your great family just keeps getting better & better. Congrats in advance for whatever may come.

    Aside from that, I hope there's lots of things that make you laugh know, that really hard laugh that hurts & tears come out....that makes life SO much more exciting.

    And if, by chance, you reach the level of laughting so hard that you're heaving for air & hitting the floor...(all the while holding your sides cause they ache)...then you know you've had a really good day.

    Hope today's one of those kind. :)

  10. Paparazzi are SO lame. They don't really care about other people's feelings or privacy and they just go out there and push their annoying butts into other people's lives. Plus, stalking a nearly 17-year-old girl? Lame.

    "There are better ways to feed your children." - Tell em girl! :D

    Just give all of you have up to God and believe me He can do wonders. Just give it all up to Him. He will put peace and joy in your heart :)

    God bless you xx

    1 Peter 5:7
    Cast all your anxiety on him because he cares for you.

  11. hahahah. i think its sweet that Davedays finally got to meet you! :)

    a papz is reading this blog? how annoying is that! yeah, they are better jobs than this to feed their kids. and im not sure if their kids are proud of their sneaky dads.

    cant wait for your 17th birthday. everyone is growing sooo fast. i'll be 17 in 10 months. still have a long way to go tho.



  12. < />this is amazing

  13. hey miley.. im happy for you that your smile had just got back, though many people causing you to hide it, hope they will not succeed, just be strong and always pray hard.. smile and the world smiles too..
    you know what, im not into this blog sites but after reading your blog and im kinda relate to it, im become addicted.. i love your blog, i love how you live like a normal person same like us.. eventhough your just 16 yo, i think you're matured enough to make your own decision, you're growing fast miley.. and whatever problems that you'd encounter in this stage of your life, count me in, im with you, whatever path you have chosen, im just here, supporting you silently..
    anyway, im 24 yo so its not true that's your follower are all children..
    God Bless.. miley...
    from: concon



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