Sunday, September 20, 2009

Good day today. =] I want to go clubbin' but one of my friends are being uptight. Hehe. I wish I went to the Kings of Leon show tonight. I wish I was where they played tonight. With the people that were there.

Listening to Amy Whinehouse. I love her music.

PS I love my friends but it's not "fun" to show me what cruel people have to say. That and/or people I dislike. Ugh.

GOD bless, Miley


  1. clubbin'! mmm:D havnt done that for a longg time :P

    oh, Kings of Leon. why didnt u go there..too far? the show i mean..
    sooner or later(hopefully sooner) u'll get to see ur friends and hung out with them:)i'll pray for that!

    God bless you, sweetie!=]

  2. why didn´t you go to the concert? nothing else to say... it´s a short´s weird...

    God bless, Carlos

  3. jonas brothers were there...


  4. "rejoice in the LORD your God,
    for he has given you the
    AUTUMN rains in righteousness"

    Joel 2.23

    hope to hear from u

  5. Miley, you really opened up my view of your world through this blog. Honestly. I don't know why, but God has put you on my heart to pray for you so much lately--and for all kinds of things: peace of mind, no confusion, grace in your relationships with people, and that you wouldn't feel alone in the midst of the "bubble-life" (that you probably have to live in cause of the crazies out there)...and all the while I've been praying, I had no idea if any of it actually related to your life--if these were just things I came up with to pray for, or if those were areas you really needed God's help in.

    You know, I saw you in Tacoma a few days ago and during that concert it was so cool to watch you from my seat and see in front of me just who God's been telling me to pray for these last several months.

    There's been so many nights where when I'm getting ready for bed and God just brings you to mind and tells me to pray and keep praying. I really hope I don't sound like a weird person...cause I'm not. Most people consider me on the shy side and rather reserved. But girl, you must have beautiful and refreshing days ahead cause why else would God so impassion people, who never know if they'll meet you, to pray for you this much.

    I almost want to burst into tears when I see your picture--and not because I've been struck by some weird form of "fan-adoration" --but because I look at you and think, wow, God must love you a LOT. (and not that He loves you more than me...but rather, He loves you in such a uniquely exquisite way that is absolutely breathtaking).

    Now your fame, of course, is incredible...I'm not gonna lie. I was waiting in line for the bathrooms in the Tacoma Dome and was nearly in tears at the sight of all the glittery girls dressed to the hilt, so smitten to see their beloved Miley. (I of course wore some bling for the occasion, but these little girls far out-did me! Hahaha)

    Anyways, there's no denying God has opened some pretty astounding doors for you in the public side of life....but at the same time I believe He wants to bring an abundance of joy and deep rest of the heart to the real Miley, the Miley that leaves all the cameras and closes the door to her room and asks God the hard questions from her heart.

    In closing of this novel,(so sorry!), I wanted to give you a verse God's been speaking to me from the last couple days:

    ~Isaiah 54:17 "But no weapon that is formed against you shall prosper, and every tongue that shall rise against you in judgement, you shall show to be in the wrong, This [peace, righteousness, security, triumph over opposition] is the heritage of the servants of the Lord."

    I hope your evening is full of laughter and smiles, and that whatever city you're sleeping in tonight has comfy pillows :)

    Sweet dreams & we'll chat more later

  6. Wow, Lainey (above) posted a great message. Cool Lainey! :o) Miles, just wanna say that it's so neat to come to your blog here and be able to talk to you and think "Hey, she might actually see my comments this time" - vs. like on your official twitter or something where a gal might get lost in the crowd, etc. (lol!) But, hope you continue to enjoy your tour and hope your catching up on some sleep (maybe?), and keeping the bad guys out and the good guys in!! I'm one of your (many) adult fans, but was just thinking of something. You know, your 16-yr. old troubles really aren't that far off from my own. Oh, we adults like to think we are *above* some of the drama - but most would be lying. If being completely honest, the "drama" (aka - life) never stops. Men are just big boys and women grown-up girls at heart. It really never changes. Same for the elderly - they really think young inside. Your grammy can probably attest to this. Ask her sometimes if she "thinks young". Well, guess all I'm trying to say is I enjoy relating to you no matter what our age, and I find you truly refreshingly honest. Now, how's that for a sincere compliment! Sincerely meant!! Have a great night Miles. We all love ya on here!! :o) (Gina, ginachick, lovemuch2) Whatever ya wanna call me!

  7. Today, 9-21 I write it again:

    "rejoice in the LORD your God,
    for he has given you the
    AUTUMN rains in righteousness"

    Joel 2.23

  8. WOW...Miles.. reading the previous comments got me speachless =|

    I know that SO MANY people (almost every1) would say that you've acomplished everything that someone could ever want and desire, but i must say, God must have a HUGE plan and purpose with you since He've been trying to reach to you this much and its something that's way beyond fame!! i guess your parents didnt make a mistake when they gave you your original name =]... you must be destinated for a really special thing, something that you could have not acomplished yet.

    Look, I'm a christian 25 year old girl and i barely knew you about a few months ago 'cause i thought it was a kid's thing (no offense) but i thought everything you did was kids-oriented only, but one day i saw you and i saw something in you that helped me come out of some difficult situation i was going through, idk, it was some kind of a joy and transparency that made me feel connected (just like i've tell you b4,idk if you've read it)..from that time i stared following you and some of your work and it's just sooo weird (honestly!!) I started feeling this HUGE need in my heart to pray for you, to worry about you and cry out for God to take care of you, to bless you and your family, and to stablish His will in your life, and i was kind of freaking out because i felt so awkward cause i'm not so much into hollywood and celebrities, but it felt different about you.

    I don't know if you get to read this, i know i'd probably never get to meet you or talk to you, but even when that would be very gratifying, that's not my true concern, it is that you one day find out what that purpose was about and you get to acomplish it and enjoy it, im sure that'll make you feel fulfilled, and i really hope and pray that i'll get to see it, cause then i'll know my prayers where worth it and it was not a crazy thing i made up ..and MOST OF ALL, you'd be TRULY happy and God'd be TRULY happy with you =] (i'm gonna b soo happy for you then)

    Every thing that you've gone through in your life has been just preparing you for what God has planned for you, so don't worry, everything is working for good in you, even the pain and all the hard things, and Jesus is there and will b there with you all the way, He'll heal you everytime you need it, He's gonna b there when every1 else leave, filling your heart with his love.
    I Love you Miles and you'll always be in my heart, I truly want for you the best!!

    Con cariño, Stephanie

  9. I am just left speechless by Steph's and Alaina's comments... I really think you should read them! God loves you a lot, and He's always thinking of you 24/7 and longs for you to speak up to Him about EVERY detail about your life. Big and small. He wants you to talk to Him just like He's your friend and open up to Him.

    You're probably stressed out and all about tour, but when you put your cares in God's hands, He puts peace in your heart. :)

    And when your world is falling apart, trust Jesus to hold it together!

    So I'm always praying for you, at the beginning I didnt even know why, but I guess God wanted me to pray for you, just like a couple of the girls in here. I just want to tell you that God hears you out, and He wants you to put your FULL trust in Him and in Him only. So I hope you have a good day (or night perhaps, cause I dont exactly know where you are xD) and always keep in mind that God cares for you and loves you a LOT.

    GOD bless. Always praying for you :)

    "Do not be anxious about anything . . . present your requests to God." Philippians 4:6



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