Wednesday, September 9, 2009

So my brudder was away with some friends, I never knew I could miss my little brother. Ever. On tour I did, duh. But we're so close in age we fight all the time. After NY he went with a few friends and drove like 6 hours and he had a blast!!! I talked to him a total of 3 times since last Friday. No lie!!!

Well he came home today and surprised me at my dress rehearsal, he had to have spun me around at least 10 times!! He's been sharing stories with me about his "adventure" but one reaaallyy got to me!

He was at an old friend of both of ours house, and the first night he heard something kicking against the closet door. He went to sleep anyway. The last night he stayed there again and he slept in the living room, he turned over and said above their TV, he saw a face. He said there was no explination for what he'd seen. The weirder thing was he said he felt completely cold, he couldn't move and his body went numb. Which couldve meant he went into shock. But it's still kinda weird!

I love those stories. :) just thought I'd share! He also brought me back the most PRECIOUS gift!!

I can't believe I actually MISSED my baby brother!! He is so cute. I think we're goin to go see 9 tonight wiff some friends and him!! I'm excited to hang with my brother. How weird is that?!?


  1. We say no, but we just LOVE our little brothers...

  2. not weird at all!! he's your brother and even though u didnt feel so close to him before you just love him and thats natural.. and its so cool the feeling you get when you finally get to conect with him... i've felt that with my own... its like the relationship gets stronger

  3. its not weird, as you get older you bond better with people you dont see as much as you used to. your relationship gets stronger, you get fonder of eachother(if that makes sense) i think he was in shock too :) i love when people give me gifts taht i can keep forever as a memorie! thats the kind of gifts i like!

    lovee you miley!

  4. Hi Miley,
    Awww, that is so sweet you love your brother. I know what ya mean - I got 3 of em, and they've all got families of their own now, but still think of em as my baby bros! The spooky stories gave me a chill - it's almost October, so bring on the ghost stories!! We've got a haunted old part of town here and the spirits haunt a few old stores on our old Main St. There is one restaurant that the supposed resident spirit always comes out and "visits" the guests, etc. I haven't gotten the nerve to go in to eat there yet, but it's very charming and the food is supposed to be really good. Try to get some sleep, though, Miles - for real. You do worry me child. :o) -Your "mama on the net", Gina P.S. I hope you aren't too grounded from what happened last night. Eeeek! :o) <3<3

  5. sweet he came back and u realized u actually missed him :)
    and nah its not weird to wanna hung out with ur bro:D
    the story he told you is so great.but also a bit scary and weird.but cool. wish someone told me stories right that too...
    enjoy your time with ur bro:)=]

  6. aw :) enjoy your time together! did you end up seeing "9"? how was it?!

  7. not so weird; well, i have just a little sister and i really can't be unstressed when she is around; she is sooo anoying sometimes; but we love each other too even if we can't get along.

    hey, Miley, pliiiiiiiiz add me on your Hi5, because i really wanna see your hi5 page; i`ve sent you a friend request a few days ago; my name on hi5 is A'Aida. If you want, please add me; i would love to see your page.


    - Aida -

  8. dAG i wish i could relate with mine like that. but hes over a decade older then me... oh well. hope u had fun!


  9. i really need some advice miley...i recently went through something like a break-up, and i wrote all my emotions down but i can't create a melody for my words. How do you find the melody? Because your music is so inspiring and even when I'm sad it makes me smile :]



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