Monday, October 25, 2010


Hey guys, it's been brutally brought to my attention how confused y'all are. And it confuses me because I make it very clear where I am on the internet! I just wanted to stress that, although I know twitter was an awesome way to keep up with me & for me to talk to y'all first and be very blunt about rumors I AM NOT ON TWITTER ANYMORE. There is no hope for twitter, I'm completely over it. @MileyCyrus is closed, and I am not coming back. I have NO other twitter accounts and will never have another twitter account ever!
I am not on myspace OR facebook! There are is only ONE official Miley Cyrus page on each site. And I do not access EITHER of them! Sometimes I've gotten on my facebook but that is all I have!
Those are MYSPACE.COM/MILEYCYRUS and FACEBOOK.COM/MILEYCYRUS!!! That is ALL that I have for my promotional things!

The ONLY ACCOUNTS that I have PERSONALLY online are YOUTUBE.COM/MCFORREALZZZ (my ONLY youtube ) and Ask.FM/RealMiley which I made because Ryan Seacrest introduced me to it and I've been checking it out. But those are the ONLY THINGS!!!

I HAVE NO FACEBOOK, TWITTER, MYSPACE, OR ANY OTHER SITE!!! I am very against the internet, it's a dangerous place. I use those two outlets to talk to y'all personally and in a SAFE ENVIROMENT FOR MY FANS!

And of course the 1# place to EVER find me is on MILEYCYRUS.COM and MILEYWORLD.COM!!!!!!!!! You can ALWAYS be sure there and ALWAYS get the FIRST look and news on everything!!!

I just wanted to make sure everyone was aware! I AM NOT ON THE INTERNET!!!



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