Friday, September 11, 2009

I need to get a grip. My phone tripped a few minutes ago and I freaked. Literally FREAKED! I ran 4 blocks to get to my charger figuring that would help, ect. It restarted, I lost all my numbers and stuff. Thankfully I restored it all to normal. But it made me realize how dramatic I am and it's only been lately. I literally cried and was snapping and yelling at people just because I thought my phone died. It's fine now but I'm realizing how irritable and stressed I've been. I'm freaking over the smallest things.

Maybe it's being nervous, maybe anxious, maybe just plain ol' nervousness. But I'm wiggin' out. I need to slow down and breathe. GOD please grant me that. The strength, patience and understanding to do what I can and not over-react to silly things.

I feel insane. I don't know if I need a doctor or what! Ugh. I need a break from gossip sites too.

I can't wait for tour, I NEED it. 3 days!!! :)

Love always, MC <3


  1. Sweetie it'll be OK ! i promise you ! i know it's stressful wiff rehearsal and tour right around the corner, and i woulda flipped if something happened to my phone too, but its good you're asking God for guidance =] hey's the only one who can truly calm it all down =]

    remember that i LOVE you, more than ya know! I'm always here, that's what friends are for =]
    Good luck!

  2. It sounds like you are going through a loy right now. Gettin ready for your tour and all. I'm sure it has a lot to do with nerves. Every thing will be ok soon. I'm sure once you get that first show done with you'll feel much better. You'll be in our prayers.
    dustysmommy & Dustin

  3. i totally understand you...that`s me sometimes; i guess is the age..i am doing the same things and i`m asking myself if i`m insane. my family do the same thing; i wish i could be more unruffled, because if i can't calm down, soon i will need a doctor; and i don't want this, lol.

    so don't worry, you`re not the only one ^_^

    goodl luck [againnnnn.] on your tour. LY.

    - Aida -

  4. all i can say is that it happens to everyone..
    so, dont worry! you are not loosing it.
    just sometimes when we are a bit more stressed and if many things are going on, we cant deal with all of this. and so we get things into ourselves until we explore..and we're a bit too drastic and freaking out abt every little thing. But i promise, it'll pass :);)

    I hope God will hear your prayers. I'll pray for you too!



  5. You poor gal. I feel for ya and I have *no* idea what it means to get prepared for a major tour! But, maybe spending some quiet time on the road inbetween cities, etc. will be just what the doctor ordered Miles. Have you ever tried yoga? This sounds like something that might really benefit you - it's an exercise for the mind and spirit as well as the body. I bet it would so help your nerves and just to be at one with your body and self. Maybe tonight sometime you can go into your room, turn down the lights, and no tv/music/phone *nothing* - just breath deeply and meditate for no less than 5-10 minutes. It will help you so much Miley, honestly. I want to see you succeed in your tour and in your own personal well-being. I'm a mom, so forgive the mom advice - can't help it. Love ya like my own girl. Take care and try the meditation and yoga!! Ok?

  6. Btw - for some reason my name comes up as "awesomeEsther" (my daughter's account) and other times "ginachick" (my account). Just saying - so you know who I am if it matters. :o)

  7. sounds like something i would do lol dont worry thngs will fall into place with time and prayer : )


  8. whenever my phone slipped off from my grip, I will always yell out loud like someone just passed out, but its just my phone, that somehow still can be use.

  9. lol, that totally shows what kind of world we live in now with technology. We can't even image life without it!



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