Thursday, September 17, 2009

Had an absolutely amazing show tonight. Tacoma was wonderful. Lindsay Lohan came out to the show, that was an honor. I think I got my groove back, I'm ready to rock! Of course now I started my period. Yipee. But nothin' a tampon can't fix! (sorry boys!)
It was an awesome show, and now I'm so excited for the California shows. My friend Cody Linley is deff coming, Liam, Carter, Mandy, ect to see the show and I think that'll be awesome. I'm absolutely stoked. I'm ready to be away from California though. Actually be on the ROAD. Anywho I have a 13 hour drive ahead of me, so I'm going to attempt this thing called sleep.

Love always, spidermonkey (aka ME) <3



  1. whoaa. Lindsay Lohan came to your show? definitely an honor. did you get to meet her? hahahah. i hope youre not having mood swings for this period :)

    btw, good luck on your next concert.

  2. Miley, Glad you're shows are killin em. Sorry bout the monthly visit though. That's def gotta be puttin a "dampener" on things, right! I just gotta share something w/ you. My dtr. just started her period this year, and I came across this website w/ the funniest/coolest fem products and great info for girls just starting. It's legit - so fun. Here's the link (Click on stuff on the side)

    Good luck on tour! Have fun and keep rockin!
    Gina :o)

  3. Period sucks but I'm sure you'll find a tampon that fix.

  4. Miley, in my drama class we each had to choose 'phenomenal women' and I chose you, because you inspire so many people, including me. I get it. Singing isn't for the money or's a passion, a lifestyle. I just had a singing lesson, and totally got loads of stuff of my chest without having to say it. Singing is breath-taking...literally! You deserve a break. Sing, Dance, Rejoice...Be Happy...Your Dad said that. Thanks miley. xxx

  5. Hola como estás?
    it´s great the news about Lindsay Lohan!
    about your period...I can´t say anything...I´m not a girl =)
    I´m following u, follow me

    may the force be with you ha!

  6. girl! u did it again! u made me laugh :D
    you little, spidermonkey!:D haha
    well, im glad to hear that u are having fun. whoa. Lindsay came to ur show?! that's REALLLY awesome:D
    and its cool that cody and mandy and others are going to see u!=] wish i could come too!
    but im rly happy u are uploading some pix of ur concert to your myspace profile.i love watching them. your concert looks sooo amazing!!!
    hope u have nice time on the road:)
    cant wait to hear from u, chick!=]
    love always<3

  7. It's soooo good to know ur doing great!! =]
    Remember God's going with you all the way ;]
    By the way.. twitter's not the same w/o YOU!!

    Te quiero mucho Miles... Keep you in my prayers ;]

  8. Sounds like you're having a suuuper time :D Oh the joy of periods! Mood swings, cramps, all that fun stuff. Thank you GOD for tampons! Not only are they super handy but they're also pretty fun to colour in red with a texta, dip in water, freeze, then throw at people. (Siblings, friends, etc.) Anyways, love your blogs. It's nice to see the personal side of you, hear your opinions on things and get to know YOU better [;

  9. lol i have nothing to say about periods as i dont recieve them thank god but it is good that you are enjoying your shows and where did you get the name spidermonkey lol


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  11. it´s me again...I think u r going to post something into the next hour =) I´m just expecting for your words...your confidential new friend, Carlos ha!

  12. Its nice to hear all your stories! my gf and I love your music and tweets

    I would love to give ya a professional blog design

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