Monday, September 7, 2009


So my last blog was kinda introducing everyone to the blog. Now I'm actually gonna VENT!! About my day. What else is there? =] hehe.

So I woke up at like... 3 p.m. eventually. I got up a couple times, went back to sleep. Well eventually got up & today was the day I got to spend with my bestie! We lounged like ALL day. We went and had sushi, then on the way home she got me some taco's! Which were YUMMY F.Y.I. But we made a youtube video on our channel and then we were just hangin'.

Right now I am squirming around on my bed because I am about to start my period, and I can feel it! Within the next like... couple of days. And I'm totally not ready for it! Not with tour and everything. I'm SUPER irregular. And that isn't a good thing at all. I'm actually on BC to help regulate it... uhh... DOESN'T HELP. So I'm completelyyy stressing!

Tomorrow I have rehearsal at 10 a.m. SHARP! I don't want to over sleep but I CANNOT sleep! I honestly tried. And it didn't happen! I am an insomniac, which means that I can't sleep. It's a "disease" meaning that you can't sleep, you're up for almost days at a time. I don't have it THAT severe, but I'm always up till at least 4 a.m. and with all that is going on, that's NOT good!!

Then to top it all off I have had the WORST case of writers block! I get this AMAZING idea in my head for a song, get half way through, then lose all inspiration! I CANNOT finish a song! It's been like a week. And it doesn't help that when I'm writing I am SUPER personal. I try and keep it to myself until it's finished! Well my friend was playing on my phone the other day and COMPLETELY went through all of the "notes" i had stored of lyrics that had come to mind.


"There's a lot of "loves" in there Miles." UGH! I was SO ticked off. I wanted to rip his head off! I just grabbed my phone and said "I didn't write that. My friend had my phone and must've written it." I felt SO bad. I LIED! But I was SO humiliated, because he laughed at my work after I've been trying REALLY hard to actually be able to write. Writing music is my HEART. And he completely exploited that! I was SO embaressed because that was VERY personal what he was reading. He was on my phone, ORIGINALLY, to check his emails. because he had very important e-mails coming in.

So I was like "Okay, check em." I am VERY clingy to my phone. I can share EVERYTHING, and ANYTHING, with ANYONE. But NOT my phone! That's normally for my hands only! It's got everything in there. My notes, my lyrics, my vents to myself, "remind me"'s. It has personal text messages, voice mails that I save from people. It just has EVERYTHING! Tons of VERY personal things. And he went OFF of his email, into my NOTES, and read my songs! I was SO mad.

So I've been REALLY stressed for a few days, pinched for time, and I have tour in a WEEK!!! I want this to be the BEST tour ever so I'm completely working DAY and NIGHT! Ugh.

On a lighter note,is ANYONE else excited for the new Madea movie?! I'm SO stoked I can't wait to see it!! =] "HELLER!" I cannot WAIT. I'm having SO many Madea sesh's lately! She's SO funny and can make EVERYTHING better! But I have to fast forward to JUSt the Madae parts! I think they should make a STRICT Madea movie! Not tied in with all of the depression =[ I go to Madea to lead AWAY from depression! And there's always that story line that makes my heart hurt! MADEA NEEDS HER OWN MOVIE!!! Maybe "I can do bad all by myself" will be more Madea, LESS tears! =]

UGH! Well I'm feelin' my eyes getting kinda heavy... I'll take advantage of this while I can and TRY to sleep. Although I'm getting a morning call in... about 5 minutes! so after that I will deff try sleeping. My "morning calls" are from someone that isn't in my time zone momentarily! They're super busy with an AMAZING project that I cannot WAIT to see A.S.A.P! =]]]

Anywho, maybe I can vent better tomorrow!!!

Love always, MC <3


  1. sounds like a very hectic day !

    i HATE it when people go through my phone!! i dont know why, it just bugs me. so now ive put like a lock down thing on it. no f-ing way are they gonna get in it now!! ha.

    btw WHO is MADEA?? im from the U.K. and have no clue =S

    omg. join the club. we can be irreg buds together. ha.

    <33 @helenaSoteriou

  2. cool <3

    come to brazil miley!!!!

  3. U r such a busy person
    ur so amazing that u can jugle all that!
    hope u can sleep better
    have a great day
    u r truly a great rolemodel not only for me but for everyone else too
    u rock
    ur biggest fan

  4. Hi Miley i think its great that you are doing this for yourself, you of all people need to get away from everything and everyone and think. You truly are an amazing person. Please dont ever change the way you are.
    -A girl that likes you for your Tennessee

  5. guhh, i hate itt when people go through my phone exspecially when theirs private stuff! If people just new you for you, i think they would understand you better. I like you for who you are not for what money you bring in. but for the way you handel all this whapa stuff! thanks for doing what you do! God put you on this earth for a reason!! I love yoou!
    neverr change yyouu! your perfect just the way you are!

  6. I KNOW!! O_O!! I HATE IT TOO!! thats why i TRY know...HIDE EVERYTHING!!
    but anyway when you think it better its kinda FUNNY!! :D
    c ya later Miles!!
    gonna DREAM OF YOU!!

  7. Love you Miley. We're always on your side. Remember that <3

  8. yeah, we love you, and will always be on your side, listening your music.
    Love you too, Miley. <3
    You`re amazing.

  9. Miley, hope everything goes well!
    im SURE ur tour is gonna be the BEST:D:D
    everything u do you put your heart in it and it makes it perfect!:)
    i rly wish u could sleep better!
    and uh i also hate when ppl go through my personal stuff. like my diary or sth.
    and gosh my cellphone is TOTALLY no. 1 for me(well, my fam&friends&pets come first of i have so special pix, texts, videos and other stuff in my phone..i donno wt i would do if sth happened with them!

    anywho, try to sleep and enjoy ur tour!!
    love u <333

  10. Oh my godddd haha.

    I totally relate to you! I know exactly how you feel! My friends are always taking my phone and then I realized I had VERY private stuff written in there and I had to delete it ALL so they wouldn't see, there were some songs in there too. and I have insomnia too, lately I've been up till 6 AM.. it's pretty bad. Also when I write i can't show people till it's finished.. or with a dance i cant show people till it's perfect, stuff like that.
    And.. lol, i'm going on my period too..and im very irregular too. weird lol..

    This is my favorite blog of all time haha =p



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