Saturday, September 19, 2009

I have to make this really short. Oakland rocked! Going to San Jose now. I can't wait.

Tonight my "aunt" Edi's grandma is passing away. She has been like a grandmother to me for so many years, so please keep her in your prayers. We are all having a very hard struggle about this situation. It's killing us emotionally. Noah walked up to me today asking if she would be with my Pappy. And I know she will be. They're gonna keep it warm up there for us. I am so blessed to have my mammie with me always, and on the road with me now. Healthy. I am so thankful.

I have to stop now, but I heard a really bad rumor about myself today. I won't even say it. I just got done (just before we found out about the tragic news) crying with my mom because I felt so helpless. So many people believe these vicious lies that people create to hurt me. It's sad and I truly hope we overcome this sick twisted "fad" of rumors soon.

I am going to go pray now, and get me some sleep hopefully. Goodnight.

Why do I just lie awake and think of you... I need some sleep... Tomorrow I have things to do. <3


  1. hey Miley..i`m sorry for your "aunt"Edi`s grandma..hope you are ok...
    btw,i know how is with this bad rumors, but you have to know that you true fans will not believe all the shits[sorry] about you, because they know that is not true. we are with you, anytime, anyway.

    i saw on youtube your shows, you are awesome; even now, i listen Party in the USA; i totally love this song, i listen it since it was on internet. i`m sorry you won't make a video of it, but i love the another video of When i look at you anyway. It`s sooo good. Amazing.

    i`m going to bed to listen your music. Good luck, LY.

    - Aida -

  2. Hello Miles,
    So sorry to hear of your loss. It's always painful if one loses beloved people. I'm going to go pray for her and you. Don't worry too much about all these rumors ! The real fans know how and who you really are. I'm 26 years old and I hope you're not scared about my age. LOL Yes Miles, you're reading correctly, adults like you too. I'm following you for two years and have to say, you've done really a lot during these two years. I admire you as you get all your things regulated, in spite of your youth. Honestly, you deserve respect for it. I was pretty shocked when I read that you want to leave Hollywood. But I can understand your point of view totally. You were very young as everything had begun and now you're still so young. There's nothing nicer than to be a kid and I know these years are so important for you. My advice, "Do it, be a kid for a while and find yourself before cameras do". I'll keep my fingers crossed. One thing I've to mention about your new tour. I've only two words for this "simply amazing". My favorite part of your show is "Bottom of the Ocean". The effect of where you are underwater is simply brilliant. I could burst because I'm so proud of you Miles. Oh my God! Ha ha I sound like a teenager and I better should stop to write. Miles, don't be down in the mouth and keep rocking the world !

    In love, a true fan from Germany.

  3. Im soo sorry to hear that, Miles. i hope you'll get through this loss strongly with all your friends and families, cause I know you will overcome anything, eventhough youre on tour now.

    be strong again, Miles. this is what life is all about. lies will always be around, somehow we dont have the power to stop them instantly. just know that your fans wont let this stupid rumors about you bring us down.

    keep on going, spidermonkey.

  4. Girl people talk about you because they have nothing else to do with there lives and are jealous by your talent, they want to hurt you because they cant have what you do, so just laugh off the lies because you know the truth, and i know what your talking about with your aunts grandma because my grandpa is really sick to and its killing me inside, but i hope everything goes well with you and your family i will pray for you.

  5. Miley, i really hope everything is okay. I'm praying for your aunt Edi's grandmom.
    You're right we gotta be rly thankful for having healthy grandparents. My grandpa is going through a lot right now:( He has a cancer, but he's going to doctors and getting some treatments. I relly hope that this helps and he'll get well!!
    Luckily my grandmom's are both healthy..also my great grandmom!i love them so much <333

    So, stay strong. Give your mammie a hug every day she she would know howwwwww much she means to you:)

    Oh, i havent heard of a rumor of you and i hope i wont. I wouldnt believe it anyway. I only believe the things you say.. here or on your myspace blogs/bulletins. Nowaways its so hard to trust anything that they write in newspapers..there's so much scoop u know.
    But you know your true fans and friends never believe rumors of you. we know who you are! we love u, miles <333 =]

  6. I think I know the rumors...but what will we do? it´s the cost of being famous, the paparazzis have no just SMILE and ignore that cuz in the future, they will atack again and if you feel hurt, you could fall,about aunt Edi's grandma...we all have to pass by this situation, no advice for this.
    stay in touch, stay in prayers, teach us what the lord brought you these days, never stop smiling smiley

  7. Sweetie..we know its never easy to let go someone you love so makes your heart feel sad, but you're right..she will be in the bestest place anyone can b.. In the arms of the Father! Let that fact bring peace to your heart and let God make you a source of strenght for your aunt and your whole family. And about the rumors.. I know you know they're not true, but i also know how facing unjustice can hurt your heart..remember God is a God of justice and "if God is with you, who is against you?" He's there to counsel you and give you victory over all this..and remember..dont let "them" win by letting your peace and your smile go away. You're God's lil girl, that's more than enough!! Love you Miles and pray 4 you always! sTePh

  8. Keep strong Miley - your aunt Edi's grandma would want it that way I'm certain, and turn away from the rumors - that's the devil's work and you are waaay above that. Keep rockin and don't stress, all your true-blues are here for ya. Miss your mismile tweets, but be where you have to be right now. We love ya!! :o)

  9. As difficult a time as this is for you and your family just know that she is moving on to a better place. As far as the rumors go, don't pay attention to them, these people are just jealous and because they haven't accomplished THEIR goals in life, they need to try to bring other people down. It's their insecurities that start all this crap, YOU just keep doing what you do and know that your fans love you!!

  10. Hey DjSiCNiK21, I think that is not envy, it´s just the need for fresh news that generates ´em $$$, and about that the fans love miley...I think we don´t have to talk as fans in here...I think...let´s talk each other as equals (don´t know many english, try to understand)



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