Wednesday, September 9, 2009

So I'm at dress rehearsal waiting on my mama! She went with my aunt edi to starbucks! So, duh, she's bringing me back some! :)

I'm going to be rocking some awesome looks on tour! WOW. It is Wednesday and my 1st show is SUNDAY! I can't believe this is my first tour since '07!!! Anyway... The lady just asked me to try on green spandex pants... Uh, no thank u. :)

I'm also listening to paramore!! I haven't in what seems like years! My friend Karina was listening to them today and I was like "ohmygoodness!!" ha.

Well I'm at dress rehearsal, thankfully I don't have to dance right now!! I am SO beyond tired!
Mom hasn't been able to talk to me about how in trouble I am yet but I know it'll happen SOON!

He made it home safe, we laid in bed for about an hour talking. Then I sent him to the couch (he couldve gone to a guest bedroom) and we crashed!! I fell asleep at rehearsal so I'm ok. Just not OVERLY enthusiastic... Haha.

Hope all is well, I love text blogging! Which means WAY more blogs :) hehe. Especialllyyyy on tour!! Love ya! Xx


  1. yayy, more bloggs :) i was hoping you would be able to blog on tour :) well i am glad he mad it home safe, and i hope your mom doesnt punish you too hard :) and i am glad he made it to your house okay :)

    can't wait for more bloggs to relate too!

  2. Hey Miley

    I love reading your blogs I can relate to them I've been having a rough day since my great grandpa is in the hospital my mom just told me that he isn't doing good. I wish I could go visit him but he lives in Michigan and the last time I saw him was last summer. The nurse thought that he had a stroke because he couldn't get out of bed I don't want to lose him so please keep him in your prayers I'm glad that he made it safe home and to your house.

    Love You

  3. yaay a happy ending lol i love happy endings its good that ur both ok have fun on tour

    john C

  4. oh ur mom hasnt had "the" talk with u yet? well, lets hope she wont punish u hard.fingers crossed:D
    im glad to hear ur friend made home safely.and that u finally got some sleep.
    btw, dont you think that when u r tired and cant sleep reading a book helps?
    i always read a book when in on my bed coz then i can fall asleep way quicker. it just makes my eye lids sooo heavy.

    anyway, nice to hear we are gonna hear more abt ur doings while u r on the tour. YEP!amazing. ur last tour was in 2007. two years time flies.
    im still hoping to see ur live concert one day too. just wanna feel all the power:D haha

    im going to read now. coz i need to sleep. haha
    loveee <333

  5. i`m so excited about your tour; i`m so waiting to see videos;

    btw, i like a song from Paramore too. Decode. It sounds so good <3 and the lyrics are soo cool, especially those: "there is something i see in you; it might kill me; i want it to be true." I love this lyrics <3

    Wish you all the luck in tour, hope you will be ok <3 Love you.

    - Aida -

  6. yay things are looking up so far! the talk will catch up with you later but for now enjoy the starbucks and clothes ;) i wish i woulda been able to grab tickets. oh well. atleast you can blog from your phone now so you can in touch with us. how did you do that by the way? i've been trying to get my blog on my blackberry for the longest. it totally hates me :-( lol anywayz im very happy to hear he got back to your house safe last night.


  7. listening to Paramore? I love Fences and the latest one, Ignorance. their music are sooo awesome.

    hahaha. more blogs are way cooler on the phone. its like we can blog about anything we want to without a computer with us, just the phone.

    btw, i dont mind more venting too, Miles. its like reading a different version of Miles To Go :)))



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