Monday, September 14, 2009

Opening Night in Portland

BEST first line to start this with?
I'm a girl with a period. K? I know mood swings, and I know cramps and the stress and all that stuff.
NO PERIOD has EVER made me more mood swingy than THIS tour has. I have gone to STOKED, to DEPRESSED and "I can't do this, there's no way I can go out there and do this again." to excited, to happy, to surreal, to GOD knows what. It's been absolutely awful on my mom lately because of my moods.

No, of course it's not just tour doing it lately my attitude has been really weird. Not my attitude but my tolerance. For a few days I was absolutely crazy. Snapping at anyone who talked to me, yelling all the time, crying if anyone said something that sounded even slightly bad. And you haven't been to LA with me! Okay, I can't walk NEXT DOOR without at least 5 people tearing me down. So my Mom made me go to the rehearsal and sit there. I wasn't allowed near my phone, I wasn't allowed to go on my computer, nothing. And that still didn't help, but I do believe I needed a small break from all of the criticizm.

Tour. I'm sitting on my stage right now, yawning, whoo hoo! Anywho, There are SO many chairs. And so many instruments ( I'm all alone up here ha) and just everything. I can't believe that tonight I will be going to sleep after my first Wonder World Tour concert! OMG!

And of course last night, being ME I couldn't just sleep. Psh,of course not, that'd be boring. =]
So I stayed awake ALL NIGHT with Cory and Ash ( Ashley runs the Heart of Miley too =] F.Y.I)
So because Cory, is getting MARRIED IN MAY!! YAYYYY! We were having fun talking about wedding dresses and stuff like that, I am SO happy for her you have absolutely NO idea.

She got purposed to and engaged on the swing in Tybee that me and Carly were absolutely addicted to! WE sat and talked there allt he time and it's the PERFECT place for a purposal I SWEAR. I love her! ANYWHO!

We did that and somehow me and Ashley got completely side tracked and got on stardolls and started dressing Avril Lavigne and Britney Spears and Demi and everyone, hahahahahaha! Then Cory fell asleep on us.

I went to sleep about 5 a.m. I had to be up a couple hours after that, slept again for about 30 minutes and I am good! I know it sounds really insensitive of me to stay awake before people go toa show but it helps me. I'm not so nervous, I'm more calm, I can handle things better and not worry. I can go and dance and not care what it looks like and haev a good time. To me, a good show is not only making sure the fans have a good time but making sure the dancers, the band, and your having a good time too. I'd never perform if I wasn't enjoying it and I hope that any other artist wouldn't either because that's a job, not a dream.

I can't believe that opening night has actually come. I feel like yesterday I was on the BOBW tour and saying bye to my tour, and crying and swooning over my black hair! Hahaha! But it's absolutely insane, I honestly can't believe everything that's happened over two years. Things that have happened should've taken me 10 years!I've actually just done SO much, and it's absolutely insane. I've made the greatest friendships that anyone could possibly ever have, and I've made enemies. I'm fighting my own battles as I go and it's making me stronger and that's what I'm focusing on.

I'm super excited for the show, I can't believe that I'm actually doing this again, and getting out there. I truly think ya'll will enjoy the outfits and the fun stuff. We have SO MUCH fake on me. Like people call me "fake" now? hollywood? You don't even KNOW! Haha. After this tour I'll be the most real lookin' thing on earth. I've got fake lashes, I've got fake hair, I've got fake heels and fake everything, it's gonna look really cool though.

We've just definetley got something that's gonna ROCK a lot harder than the first tour, but the first tour was defientley more of a FUN POPPY kinda thing. We had ALL different colors, and ranibows an smiles and whites and pinks and all kinds of happy songs and this tour is that way too, of course I'm happy but it's a bit more mature I'm not gonna lie.

I do wear shorts, and I do wear heels, and I do dance and things like that. I'm 16 and I plan on rocking out like any 16 year old would. People compare the tours a lot, including me but you also ahve to remember. "Still Miley" "Hannah" whatever your using I was 14, and newly 15. Now I'm about to be 17 years old and even though that's only a year older, it's still a HUGE jump in maturity, and in taste and in outlooks and things like that. I'm growing with my fans, and thsoe young fans that come and enjoy it, I truly truly appreciate that. I'm just transitioning too, I can't stay Hannah Montana forever, I'm already gonna pushin' her as a 17 year old whichi s awkward enough to me. But I DO love her, she's a part of me. But me physically? Hannah doesn't exist. I wish she did, but she doesn't. I'm Miley, I'm the girl under the wig and I'm the girl that does have my own thoughts and my own hopes and dreams and aspirations and that's what's important to me.

So yes, the tour will be defientley more Miley. And you also have to keep in mind that Metro Station will be with me, one of THE most mature bands out there right now and they're REALLY fun and know how to get a crowd jumping and that's important. We WILL be doing things like The Hoedown Throwdown, so there IS THINGS FOR KIDS. We will be doing that and more kid songs that are completely child-friendly. ALL OF MY SONGS ARE CHILD FRIENDLY, but I knowt hat some parents are kinda against the fact that they make shorts above the knee and stuff like that... I comlpetely understand I have a little sister.

But we're gonna do all that fun stuff, and hopefully I can put on a REALLY fun show for all ages. I'm gonna be breaking from the Hannah label next year, and that's scary for ME. Like fans are always like "NO I WANT HANNAH!" but the fact is that I'm growing, and I'm really scared because when Hannah's gone, I don't know what fanbase is gonna be there other than my TRUE fans. And I LOVE my true fans more than ANYONE, but transitioning from Disney, I'd rather get an older audience NOW since I'M growing. Get it?

Honestly, after Hannah I have another film and after that I really wanna go back to Tennessee for a year or so, without paparatzi and without rumors, and sites. No work, no nothing. I wanna spend my senior year in my highschool ( even though I'll be graduated by then, I wanna go back) and actually graduate from a school with actual kids, and I want to justnot work. And actually be a normal family that can all be together allt he time, and actually get time with eachother and actually have a boyfriend that isn't on the front of every magazine. And actually be able to be myself and find myself before cameras do.

So I love my fans, and I never want to pop up and be like "I'M LEAVING" and them stop supporting me. I just wanna warn everyone that reads this that soon I WILL be leaving Hollywood, and starting a normal life that I can actually go back to. I DO want to come back, and make my own material, my own rock album and do more tours as an adult, but I'm gonna go home soon... and actually stay home and be a kid for a while, while I can. Bceause these years are SO important.. and I haven't been able to cherish my age, becuase I've had to act older for years. And I wanna go home and be a kid for once.. and not have to care about what the whole world thinks..

ANYWAY, I'm WAAAAY off subject. TOUR TONIGHT! I'm really excited, I truly truly am, and I'm SO thankful for every single fan and especially my TRUE fans that are there throguh every transition and every fault and fall that I have. I love you guys with all my heart and I truly wanted to thank you all becasue your amaizng. I've gone NON STOP for about two years now... and I just can't wait until all of this finally hits the ground and you see everything out there that I'ev worked for you guys to finally get.

As soon as my 2007 tour ended, I ( STARTED THE M&M SHOW YAYY!) recorded Breakout, went to Nashville and filmed a movie, as soon as I was back I was filming Hannah again, I did Bolt, I went and filmed The Last Song, I released the clothing line, did an album, I'm now on tour, then HM4 will be filmed, another movie will be filmed, and I'm just non-stop and the next time I'll actually be able to slow down is about this time NEXT year. That's the next time I'll be able to actually spend a MONTH at home. And that's really sad to have to say. ANd honestly I don't know if I have anything I'll do after that, right now I kinda have a wall up right after that for when I get to that point I can decide what I'm doing.

I have vented way off the pointSO MUCH! I know ya'lls eyes must be SO tired.

TOUR. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!! I CANNOT wait for tonight just a few more hours and Miley Cyrus will be ON THE ROAD AGAIN!!! YAYYYY!! I am so thankful for ya'll thank you for bringing everytrhing the success it HAS, thank you all so so much, and I love you guys and your my entire heart, you are my world THANK YOU I love you guys SO much and I truly don't believe you understand or comprehend HOW MUCH you mean to me. I love you.



  1. It's nice to know that you really are a teenager who are trying to be yourself.
    Stay always being who you really are.

  2. Miley Cyrus you are like no other!! Thank you for sharing yourself with all of us. We love you and we will support you know matter what you do or when you do it. And we support you when you are happy AND when you are cranky! Most of us will support you no matter what you do. You are human and we love that you are keepin' it real.

    You amaze me EVERYDAY. I love reading your blog because you share such genuine emotions. I am not like you. Most adults could only hope to be half the person you are at just 17. And I tell you Miley Cyrus what ever you do for the rest of your life, you are already LEGENDARY.

    I hope you have a blast tonight rockin' it out. And I do hope that you take a deep breath and JUST have FUN!!! Can't wait to see you on Nov. 28th.

    Love ya,

  3. Have fun on tour! Rock it out and have a blast!
    I'm going to the Sept. 23rd on at the Honda Center! I can't wait! It's seriously the highlight of this month forsure! Miley Cyrus and Metro Station! How much better can you get!?!

    anyways have fun! and i can't wait to see you rock it out on sept 23!

    God Bless,

  4. Miley, Kill 'em on that stage girl! Know you will!!! Always follow your heart - your fans will follow it too whatever you do!! TN sounds great - you do deserve a break and take a good breath! For now, see you up on stage and thanks for everything!!!

  5. Ah everyone gets moody. I cracked at my dad just before because he said he didn't like my hair. Haha I love my side fringe! I imagine how it is like to be on stage but I cant really picture it well. Thousands of people screaming? Lol. Anyways I know two girls who are going to your concert on the 23rd I think. They are LUCKY! xoxo

  6. its okay, Miley.
    and dont worry. your true fans will always understand whatever youre going through right now. cause basically, we're teenagers too. and a senior year is a must. go for it. i dont mind picking up Seventeen at the store and the title is "Miley is Staying at TN for 10 years". of course youll be terribly missed, and my life would suck without you. be we understand. if it takes you that longggg time to have a nice rest in TN, we will wait for youuu. always will. youll never lose a fan.

  7. Awh Miley. We totally get it. We're teenagers too, we know all the ups and the downs and the mood swings. One time I even screamed just because I get asked a question... kind of scary. Haha.

    And we TOTALLY understand if you wanna go back to Tennessee. You ARE on your special age and you DO need to cherish it. We will miss you, but we love you and understand!

    Always keep asking GOD for strength. I'm praying for you everyday!!


  8. Hey Miles, I'd like you to know something..
    There's a reason why i started following you and it was not your music, was not Hanna Montana..i have to admit i barely knew about you at that time, but one day i saw you and i saw a light in you.. idk.. i was going trough a really hard time and for some reason seing you smiling made me feel happy, it made me get my hope back so i stared looking for getting to know a little bit more about you, the real you, and it has helped me A LOT!! your joy, your honesty and openness, has helped me find the joy, honesty and opennes within me. Im really thankful for your life. So i honestly say...if i keep following you its because of WHO YOU ARE!
    There's only one thing that can change the world.. what God has place within you, me and all of us... that's worth keeping, showing and sharing.
    God bless you always Miles, and wherever you are or whatever you're doing.. let him be the light that shines in you.

    Love u..Stephanie

  9. I LOVE YOU MORE THAN YOU WILL EVERRRRR KNOW!!! I read this on my phone the other day when you posted it but I got really agravated trying to comment back through the im just now getting to it. :) You are absolutely precious and SOOO sweet! Im thinkin I should hire you as a wedding planner cause you are ALL over it girl! lol. Maybe we should try again WITHOUT the dolls distraction and me falling baddd.

    Of course I wasn't there last night but i know you KILLED it!! I talked to your madre like almost the whole way through the show on ebuddy. She talked me through the show almost play by play :). I CAN NOT WAIT until its myyy turnnn!!! Y5 in da house!! woot woot toot toot!

    Anyways, I have to get back to class in a minute but I just wanted to let you know JUST how much I love you (which is impossible to do explain) and how BLESSED I am that GOD put YOU in MY path. He knew what he was doing ;-) We've had some crazy awesome conversations and im sure they'll be MANY more to come!


  10. Miley, your blog blew me away! You are sooo much more mature!And i completely understand your need to go back home and rest and just BE! Sometimes i wonder and think it must be so hard for you. As we know every good thing has a bad thing with it. You life your dream, but it also has taken so much of ur free time. You need time to be a teenager who has a freedom without the paparazzis. You leaving the music field for a year(or more) would sure make ur fans sad, but as u said ur TRUE fans will wait!and they know that it's best for you. well, i support your all decisions. And im sooo glad i have your CD's so i can ALWAYS listen to your music:D:D And watch the movies too=]
    But sure Miley "from hollywood" is leaving, but Miley Ray is ALWAYS here:) You rock out there in Nashville;)

    Well, abt your tour. IM SO EXCITED! wish i could go to see it. maybe one day i have this chance!

    Btw, u made me laugh again when you said our eyes must be so tired. haha. when i was reading it it was kinda true. but i love reading ur blogs. but the black background and the white letters just make eyes tired. its 10:40pm so i shouldnt been very tired..:P

    Anywho, i know now your first concert is over, and i hope you totallly enjoyed it. im sure u did!=]

    Take care, Miles!!!!!& rock out all ur concerts<333

  11. i had written such a loooong comment earlier and it deleted before i could post it. i think i told u that already lol... so here is my short version...

    I LOVE YOU! more than u THINK u know =P AND i LOVE making those stardolls with you cause i have learned SOO much about fashion lately just from that! and i CANNOT wait until Cory's wedding! it's gonna be amazing! Whoo!

    and i love how u said "thank you all so so much, and I love you guys and your my entire heart, you are my world" because DUH that is why THEHEARTOFMILEY was created! cause the fans are in your heart, they make up a special part of your heart! AHHH yeah that part totally made me smile! =]

    I LOVE running @theheartofmiley . I really do and i'm sooo glad i started it! =]

    Love you fwiend! i know you KILLED the Portland... BUT it's not gonna be better than Nov. 28th and last show Dec. 2nd. NOO WAYY! =]

    Have a blast girl. Hold your head high. you KNOW i will ALWAYS be here when you need it. I have been so far and i dont plan on changing it ;]

    <33 Always, Ashley

  12. Just be yourself Miley, don't give in to the expectations that other people have for you, as long as at the end of the day you can look at yourself in the mirror and know that you did your best that's all that matters. Your true fans will stay with you through good and bad, hannah or not, and will wait for you while you take some time off for yourself. Wish I could make it to Wonder World to support you, just keep rockin ;) peace

  13. Miley, I'll say this again, you are too cute.
    I'm glad you're saying that you will lay low back in your home state. It's good for people to slow down and take a break from their busy life and get back to their personal one.
    You are truly a good girl. Keep up the good work and have a BLAST on tour!!
    =] Disa <3

  14. miley take a break go home be normal. you deserve it. thank you so much! you have contributed so much to the world and hollywood. your AMAZING! love you
    keep you head up angel people would kill to see you fall!



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