Sunday, March 7, 2010

just looked up to c I am still awake @ 4:45 a.m. let me tell ya it's not the most thrilling feeling. Even worse when u know u have to be somewhere important that day. I don't consider the Oscars important though - I consider them HISTORIC! I am soo blessed to be able to attend! I lovveee being around all of the uh-mazing artists! It is SO inspirational! It is so dark in my room, but I feel Mate @ my feet. I think he is the only thing keeping me same right now grr! Not only am I 1. Tired 2. Nervous about my lack of sleep to present tonight AND look glam 3. My attitude on the day with no sleeppp but also because I miss someone verryy much! I am heading to ny real soon for promotion for the movie! I am soo excccitteddd!! I really hope u all go c the movie it is getting soo close to coming out. This month is going to be craazyy! I am doing Hannah a few more days then taking a short break and going 2 ny for promotion then heading back and going straight to premiering! The world premieres will be insane cuz they ALWAYS r duh, but I cannnnot wait to get to some rad places! It is now 4:53 and something tells me I should try to sleep before the sun comes up hehe ;) and my favvoritteee show is on! Yipee! :) i am ready for a crazy schedule of traveling again! I haven't had this since the hm movie and it is soo exciitinngg! I might be too excited to sleep! ahhhhh!! :) thank u for reading my rant... I can't wait for movie promotion! The LORD is good xo!!

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    I will most definitely see the movie.
    I can NOT not see the movie, been waiting for it for like, EVER. I'm sure you did wonderful, I'm excited to see it :D

    I love you woman, you rock forever.

    The LORD is great! Keep holding onto Him<3

  2. i can`t wait to see you at the Oscars!
    i was awake at 2:51 today too, because one friend sent me one birthday message. haha, the oscars are in the same day with my birthday!
    anyway, i wish you luck, and i know you`ll do just great!

    LY. - Aida-

  3. haha its not really a rant !!! most of it is good in a way !!!! TRAVEL WOW i want to go with you !

  4. i wouldn't be able to sleep if i was going to the oscars tonight!! especially if i was presenting!!! ahh good luck not like u need it. i hope you're not too tired today though :) god bless u always. and i canttttt wait for the last song! i wish i could go to the premier! that would be insane! bring me with you when u go to ny and all the other places?? ;) anyways love you, you're awesome. i cant say it enough but it's true!!
    xoxo, Paige
    ps follow me?? @paigey215 now that you have ur personal one back

  5. Just saw you walk down the red carpet! You look simply gorgeous babe! (And I really mean & your momma look stunning!)You had my favorite gown last year & I think you just might with my vote again this year). I hope you have a wonderful time!

    -Alaina Douglass

  6. Your dress was beautiful and you looked gorgeous!!! You did wonderfully! Congrats and God Bless!



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