Friday, March 5, 2010

Hey guys! Today has been so slow! I went to set early, and we had what I guess would be referred to as a "half day". I went home SO bored! Me and Liam were sitting around playing with the birdies and decided to go bike riding. It was SO relaxing, but we got followed by photographers. It was so lame. Today all together has been slow but relaxing. Going out with some friends now and then to dinner! I love you guys xox

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  1. i guess it's good to have some slow days sometimes. it makes life go by slower and we can take more time to really take it all in. Usually we are so busy, time flies by without us even realizing it until it's too late! I hope your night has ended up being great!! :)

  2. Aww no-one has commented yet :( I'll be the first :)
    It sucks that you can't even go for a bike ride without getting photographed, although I'm glad it was relaxing :)

    You posted premiere dates on Twitter before but I couldn't read it on my phone, then when I got home, you had deleted it.

    IBelieveInYou. I love youu -H. xox

  3. its good to have quality time together when you are both so busy, make the most of it as soon you will be doing premieres for your movie, awards shows (good luck) and be really busy, so enjoy the down time together, was it alison photographing you? lol, paps!!, it comes with the teritory of being a star as big as you are, if you 2 get bored play "I spy" its
    a crazy game, but dont say I spy something beginning with G! when you are in a field!! Sweet nibblets!! Love the new mileyworld tour book on the site,
    laters freddie C



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