Tuesday, March 16, 2010

I had a great weekend and beginning of the week. I spent Sunday night with my mammie, boyfriend, noah, ems, and the most precious baby 3 year old girl ever. My aunt came over later that night when everyone was in bed. My mama dyed her hair a little more blonde the other day and now her and my aunt look SO alike! They are so gorgeous. We all got to hang out and watch "who is clark rockefeller" on lifetime, it was such a good movie. I got to watch it again last night. We brought chinese home and just got to chill. Yesterday me and liam and some more of the cast did some press. I did an interview and "press sesh" alone after which is sooo weird, then I went to set. Today I'm on set, doing press and possibly some record work. crazy but BLESSED schedule :) just gotta keep my cool w/ these friggen photographers! Went to the park @ the end of t day w/ boyfriend and noah too. Great last few days!!! God bless. Xo!


  1. glad you're doing well. love ya.

  2. Keep enjoying your family, friends, boyfriend and work, and keep that smile on your face, God Bless xoxo! :)

  3. I bet after weeks like that, you really love your pillow and jammies. Hahahaha

    All I got on my "plate" so to speak is college finals---but man, I sure look forward to gettin done with the studying, throwing on the cozy pj's, and chillaxing. :)

    Have a lovely nite, babe.

  4. a smile is the best accessory u can ever wear. with that said, u make it so fashionable! ;) love you and im glad ur happy!!
    xox, Paige

  5. I have followed you for many years, and find you give so much of yourself to others, always putting You second,as Genuine fans know how busy you always are, we will still support & love you faithfully if you have an internet break, all the peeps in your life you have to find time for,
    all the showbiz stuff you have to do, and worry about us as well!!, youre not a robot miley you are a person!! do your thing the way you see fit, we will Always be there for you!!! love always, freddie C x x x (hope you made up with noah) 10am uk time,

  6. Glad to hear the good news. We love yo for who you are not what you do. We love you because you loved us first and we will always love you Miley. Have a wonderful day beautiful. God Bless:)

  7. Before you were concieved, she wanted you,
    Before you were born, she loved you,
    Before you were 1 yr old, she would die for you,
    Now you are born, she has endless love for you,
    That is a mothers love for her child,



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