Sunday, April 25, 2010

Hey guys! So my internet should be a lot better now meaning I'm back to blogging and everything. Yipee! =]
I just wanted to let you all know that it's 99.9% confirmed my first performance of "I can't be tamed" will be on Dancing With The Stars, May 18th! I'm so stoked.
I love you guys and sorry I've been working so much but it's been insane. Working on everything, CONSTANTLY! But I'm thinking I'll be more on formalring to answer yalls questions and that might help. It's so convenient. So check out my and send in all your questions as much as possible.


  1. okay. i'm very excited to hear 'i can't be tamed', and i'm sorry you've been working so hard lately but i know it's what you love to do. so as long as you're happy we're happy. headin over to formspring now.

  2. at least you're busy with fun things!! soo excited for 'I can't be tamed' and everything else that's in store!!
    luhhh ya ;)

  3. it was said in uk press you filmed video "Cant be Tamed" in london,it was Sooo saucy that the crew didnt know where to look!!, we as fans know that your job means that you are Super busy, U have your'e acting, singing interviews, family, friends, boyfriend, and then try to find time for fans?? your not a robot miley U cant do it all, as long as you are happy doing your thang, then we as fans will be happy with the bits left over, 17!! enjoy life, love ya,

  4. Yeih!! I can't wait for "I can't be tamed" So happy you are so excited about your upcoming projects, take care and God bless!



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