Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Hey guys!
Today is such a big day. It's the last day before the photos of my new video are released then Friday the video is premiering! So much has been going on but I took some time at work today to really think. This Friday my "Disney" image will be gone. It's such a scary thought! It's something I've wanted to for so long, I am excited but it's such a big and life changing experience too. I've been reminding myself that I'm almost 18, I need to grow and let my fans see who I truly am. I am so happy to share all of these trials and challenges with you all. And to show you who I am, and what I want to do. I think you'll all be shocked, you've never seen this side of me before that will be expressed in the video. But more than that, I'll think you'll be closer to me. You'll see who I am. Thank you for coming on this journey with me through the "Cant Be Tamed" video and I hope you all enjoy it.
Remember to check out my official myspace/mileycyrus for it's new lay out to support the video and especially for the premiering Friday.
I love you all, hope all is well! Xo


  1. So....I'm just curious to hear from YOUR perspective how what we're going to see on friday is "the real you." I think it would be helpful for us fans if you put into words whatever message you're hoping for us to get from this new video.

    I'm getting the vibe that you expect a shock factor. Ok, well that's cool--definately makes a statement.

    You, as the artist, are (I'm sure) very aware of the message you want to send to your audience in the projects you do, and I just want to get into that space and see this video how you've wanted us to see it (so as to not mis-interpret the message in it....which can tend to happen in shock-factor videos).

    So, any description on "how this video reveals you as a person in a truer light" would be awesome.

    Thanks & have a fantastic evening, Miley. I'm anxious to find out more about this "new you."

    -Alaina Douglass

  2. I can't wait for my mind to be blown :]

  3. literally, i am beyond excited!! omgomgomgomgomg mileyyyyy you will be fabulous i have no doubts whatsoever and everyone will love it!! even if people are not like major "fans", they will see this wild and crazy side and fall in love with you just like we all have on THOM and all that. I can't tell you how many times i have showed friends your M&M videos and interviews and stuff where the REAL YOU comes out, and they are like, "i like miley so much now. she's so funny. she's so real." so yeah anyways, people of all ages will love it no matter if they were a fan before or not! embrace it. love it. you're living your dream. and it's amazing.
    don't take any step of this journey for granted :)
    love love love love you times a million!!!
    hugs and kisses, Paige

  4. with this new video coming out, your change of direction in your career, buying your own home, making serious movies, it makes me as a fan who has followed your career from the start, feel like a parent who's little girl is growing up, whatever direction you want to take I hope it will be something that makes you happy, I do look forward to all your new stuff as its so xciting to see new miley, I'm sure the video will shock, if all what the press are saying is true, but good on you miley for xpressing your self, your a teenager now and we have to move along with you as fans into your teenage world, whatever you do I will be there for you and I'm sure a lot of true fans will too,
    So in a teenage way I'll say "Holler"
    love ya freddie C x x

  5. I am reallty excited this is such a big thong for you! i am so proud you have come such a long way! i really cant wait! Its making me wonder what it is going to be like !

  6. How I view you will never change, you never were a "Disney kid' to me. You are an inspiration to all young adults out there, because you never let anything stop you from doing what you want, and you have never let Hollywood change you. You have more confidence, stamina, courage, and sincerity than anyone I have ever met, young or old, to survive, especially in your business. Can't wait to see your video, take care and God bless!

  7. i`m so crazy about the song Can`t be tamed; i bet i`ll be about the video too. i`m sooo waiting for it.

    Love you,

    - Aida -

  8. I just watched it... it's AMAZIIIING!!!!!!! There is no word that can explain how good it really is! You rocked it, girl!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Congrats!

  9. Just saw your new vid, all I can say is OMG, YOU ARE AMAZIIIING!!!! :) LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, IT!!!!~ Cant wait for more. You have totally cracked out of that "shell", and we love it. Give us more soon.



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