Friday, May 7, 2010

Hey guys!
On the set of HM today filming one of the very last two episodes. One of the many days we've been on set crying the entire time. It's so hard to believe and accept that HM is coming to an end. Time truly flies. We were looking through pictures and old clips and I just kept asking where the time went. It seems like yesterday. We have all grown and will always love the show, we are all ready to go do new things, but saying good-bye is the hardest thing I've ever done. I'm cherishing one of the last few moments I will wear the Hannah wig. One of the last moments I will BE Hannah Montana. I don't really know how to do this yet, just taking it one day at a time.
We all love yall!!! Xoxo



  1. hey miley, cherish the memories,all the cast and crew will always be at the other end of the phone, all the great work you'all have done is on tape, its just another part of lifes cycle, they are all like family, and as with familys they all go off and do other things, but still remain family, you will always have them in your heart & mind, that will never change, hannah was a Big part of your life, yes!!, but all the NEW challenges that are coming your way, and you are growing up into a woman, you wrote your book "Miles to Go" then moved on you filmed "Hannah movie" then moved on, its another chapter in the Wonderfull life of a Wonderfull young lady named Miley Cyrus, your fans will cry too knowing its the end of hannah, but will also cry with xcitement knowing there will be lots of new & xciting stuff to come from you, so "Be Happy" miley, get xcited about the future, and know your hannah family are just a phone call away, love ya always, freddie, xo xo xo

  2. hey you have had so much happen and this is part of you and always will don't think of it as letting it go! Its just a new chapter of your life
    Jess x

  3. this is really sad :( i`m so sorry that Hannah is ending... i`ve seen all the episodes, and i loved them all. i know it`s hard for you all, it`s hard to leave the things with that you grew. i`m waiting for the 4th season, and i know it will be great, and i know i will cry too when it`s gonna end. :(

    btw, i really love your new video, Can`t be tamed; it`s perfect, you look and sing amazing. yes, it`s different, but in a good way, and i`m proud of your work.


    - Aida. -

  4. :((( that makes me super sad too! each time u think about it just remember all the amazing times and memories HM has given you. you have learned so much i am sure, and now the future is nothing but BRIGHT and full of opportunities! love you girl. enjoy the last moments! and love life!! xoxoxox forever, Paige

  5. Hannah has been a big part of my life, made me laugh, made me cry, been like a fly on the wall documentary, seeing you grow up, living your life with you,SO many Good memories, been a great show to tune into. You will always have the memories in your brain,and on video, you can be proud of what HM has taught you, and turned U into a better actress, look at it as graduating from high school,"The future is bright" 4 U!! new challenges, new xperiences, "Good Times, Good Times" to come!, starting final series of HM on uk tv on 21st may, next friday, Yahooo!!!
    RIP Hannah love ya!! love miley!! x x
    keep smiling love freddie C



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