Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Hey guys! I'm leaving Mexico, some vacation! My sister Brandi turned 23 today and heading home so she she can see her friends tonight for her birthday. Tomorrow I'm boarding a plane to Portugal! I'll also be visiting all over Europe. I'll be hitting England, Germany, Spain, and much more. I am so excited! "Rock Rio" is gonna be the bomb! =] thanks so much for making "tamed" 1# video on iTunes and song of the week I'm so blessed. I can't wait to see you UK!!! Xoxo, M


  1. Soo glad you had a vacation, you deserve it, good to see your daddie too, not many mentions of him of late, pic of you in a polkadot bikini in mexico in london newspaper the Sun, headline "Hannah Sun Tanna" thought that was good,do you pick up souveniers when you go to all these places like a tourist? TOP shop london is waiting for you to come back!lol Tom Cruise was here yesterday and the sun was out & hot, said he thought he was in Miami!! if you go to New York pop into Julia Reynolds ice cream parlour, she has 300 flavours of ice cream, try Vanilla Armognac between 2 cookies Yumm Yumm!! how long are you staying in UK? can you put up an itinery of places you are going to do signings or promos, selina gomez does and has no problems,I dont want to miss any interviews or appearances, like I did the last time you were
    here, have you learnt any german or spanish (xcept Holla!!) fans love that when you say a few words in theyre native tongue, have a safe trip miley, feel All the love that is still out there for you, and enjoy,are you bringing liam??
    love ya freddie C x x

  2. It's super great you're going to Mexico and also Europe. Like you said..all over the Europe. I WISH u came to north europe too..but i bet now :(
    Hopefully one day!;) I'll be waiting. lol

  3. You frikin rock Miley. You are so generous and giving and we love you for it. God Bless friend:)

  4. Do you will come to Germany or Austria too?



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