Monday, May 31, 2010

Hey everyone! I have been to such beautiful places the past few days, it's mind blowing! I haven't performed in these cities so I am so happy to be doing this for my fans. I also wanted to remind you all that the release date for "can't be tamed" has been changed to June 18th! I am stoked to be doing this and am so blessed I have such amazing and demanding fans! None of this would be possible without you! I also broke a record with my crowd at "rock in rio" with over 119,000 people!!!! WHOA!!!! Thank you all so much! I can't wait for you to hear all of the songs and learn their meanings an what and who I wrote them for!! Xoxoxx! =]


  1. hi miley, isnt this world a beautifull place?
    you are having the good fortune to see lots of it,like the song said "Its a Wonderfull World",
    I'm like so looking forward to buying your next
    single & then album, as in the last series of Hannah being shown on fridays here, its really good to see & hear new stuff from you, I am still amazed how you can walk on stage in front of 119,000 fans and not get nervous!!I do hope it boosts your confidence that there are more peeps that Love you than there are that hate you,
    enjoy your travels miley, UK is awaiting 4 U!!,
    disney still running every episode of hannah from the start,(cousin Louanne yesterday,) waiting for the Z phone one!!, as release date of CD is now june 18 not 14th is the album still on track for 21st release date? the weather is going to improve (hot) by the time you get here, so thats good news, who is coming with you? & its advertized you are on Britians got Talent!! so you must be staying for a few days !Yes??.when you sign off now I notice you only give kisses no hugs!! X M, it used to be XO XOM, we need your hugs miley!! have a safe journey,
    welcolme to london!! love ya freddie XO XO

  2. hey, when will you be in Argentina?

  3. Thats awesome! Can't wait for the CD im going to buy it the day it comes out and blast it in the car. I was away for this past weekend and I just got to see the videos of you performing at "Rock in Rio" and they are amazing. You did really good and it seemed like you had a lot of fun. Thank you Miley for everything your an amazing person :)
    xo Katy
    "Smile Your Worth It"

  4. Yay for the awesome news:D so, 4 less days to wait for the album! im super excited!
    I've listened to your album preview over and over again. And it ROCKS! Literally. I love it. Im beyond words. It's absolutely amazing!I love your music and i cant wait to buy it! It'll be my no.1 fav!<3

  5. Sounds like your haveiing fun@! i cant wait to hear the whole album!!!

  6. YEEE!! 13 days!! cannot wait girfrennnd!!! safe travels and HAVE FUN! xoxox, Paige



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