Saturday, May 22, 2010

Hey guys! I woke up where I feel like I should never leave. Nashville, TN! I am so happy to be home for such a short time. I will be leaving really soon! I went from LA to Kentucky to Nashville going to NYC too for the S&TC premiere! Ahh! I'm on a radio tour and I'm currently being patched into a radio show right now at 6am!!! I wanna go back to sleep ha! Thank u again for making "tamed" 1#!!! June 22 is getting closer! Ps I'm coming VERY SOON UK!!! I love you all!! :)


  1. Hope you get to enjoy some time at home in TN. Sounds like you'r gettin very busy though. Is the Radio Tour to promo the new album? Just one more month to go! I know we can't wait for it, and if Tamed is just a hint of what else is on the album, we are all in for a great treat. Keep up the great work:)

  2. PLEASE come to the LONDON soon. We <3 you here Miley. And a chance to meet you would be incomprehensible...lets just pray for good timing!!

  3. So glad you got to go home miley,its nice going away to diff places, nice to travel, but when you go HOME to the place you were born, all the memories come flooding back, did your horses remember you? like Blue Jeans said on hannah!!.
    so glad you are coming back to UK!, at the moment its hot! hot! hot!! bit like LA, compared with last time U were here, is it a flying visit? as they say your CD is out on June 14th, your album June21st and U R appearing at G,A,Y on June 6th, so U R coming on the 4th & staying untill 23rd? that will be good, is your daddie OK? not many mentions of him! though he was on Bio channel last night on a documentary on Dolly Parton! G O D will bless U 4 feeding all those unfortunate people hit by the hurricane, & sure the childrens spirits were lifted to see U visit, Good Times Good Times!, did you give them "Apple Crumblie"? lol, you have turned into a wonderfull person miley, good on Ya,
    love ya freddie C x x

  4. ARHHH cant believe your coming you have been so busy !! hopefully i will get a chance to see you.



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