Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Just finished my "can't be tamed" version featuring Lil John! We can't wait for yall to hear it, it sounds dope! And thank you guys so much! Can't be tamed is 1# on iTunes! You guys are sooo amazing! I'm going down to the studio tonight to celebrate the success with my Rock Mafia family!!!! We are all so proud of this song and we are so happy yall like it!!! Loveeeeeee!!!!!! M


  1. Congrats Miley!!,just shows that your NEW music is very popular!! so if you give it up for a year it will be a great loss!! and as jon williams said,!!
    "Music is my first love & it will be my last, Music of the future & music of the past, to live Without my music is Impossible to do, in these times of troubles my music brings me through!!.
    I know you want to concentrate on acting, but all the new experiences you will be having will make for some good story lines for writing toons,so when you come back as miley stuart would say "Baammm! I'm back!! with some great toons folks, double excitement to look forward to mileys acting & a year or so down the line more NEW music from miley, Congrats again miley NO 1!! not a first for you , but "Good to know" it still gets you
    Luv ya freddie C x x x

  2. The Lil John version of "Can't be tamed" must be wicked good! Congrats on all of your success Miley, you deserve so many amazing things! Keep on rocking! God Bless!

  3. We love the new song and we love you too friend. Go celebrate and love life. May god bless you in all that you do in life. Doo da doo, life's good.



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