Friday, January 15, 2010

I want to make this short and sweet. Go to your parents, or if you are a parent, talk to your kids about the earthquake in Haiti. Please make sure you are all completely aware of how severe and devastating of a situation this is. Just by TEXTING! A simple text, you can donate 10$ to help so many people. They are without water, food, clothing, shelter. Just a few cents could give water to 13 people. How much would 10 dollars be?! This is an incredible opportunity to help thousands of people in need. They NEED you. They all need YOU and ME, I'm spreading the word and donating. I hope that you all are as well. Keep praying, keep spreading the word. Talk at school, work, wherever you go. Keep talking and make sure to keep telling people how one simple text message and the help of only 10$ WILL save lives. Thank you. Keep praying! We can beat this!

Praying for Haiti,
Miley xo

PS text "Haiti" to 90999. To save a life by donating 10$. Talk to your parents. Talk to your peers, children, ect. WE can make a difference!!! TEXT IT!!!


  1. It's been a while since I've been on your blog...a few crazy months have flown by. But I've finally caught up on all your posts. Seems like everyone these days has been experiencing a year of facing heavy stuff inside of themselves, as well as having to process countless difficult things on the outside...whether it be tragedy, finances, illness, etc---sometimes it seems like its all too much to process, too much to just move on in life with...and yet as each day ends and another one comes, we realize that we are making it through.

    I have no idea what your days are filled with nowadays...whether they are full & busy, or relaxed and fun---(or a mixture of both)...but whatever today brings you, I hope you have lots of laughter & lots of reminders in your day that good things are ahead. No matter what people say or assume, your life has been in the best hands since before you ever took a breath.

    Have an exceptionally relaxing Friday, and remember, undeniably good times are ahead.

    Bye babe. -Alaina

  2. Miley,
    So glad to see your post about Haiti. So happy folks in the public eye like you and Nick's post are pausing to mention about the Haitians tragic situation over there. It's this kind of stuff that makes me proud of all of you.

    God bless those poor folks over there. I will do what I personally can.

    Have a good weekend Miles.

  3. Hello's a day later but I was thinking about you this morning when I was reading my bible. I found a verse that really struck something in me & hopefully it will be an encouragement to you

    "This I know, that God is for me." Psalm 56:9

    Above anything else we attempt to understand, I love how this is the absolute thing we can always know for sure. Have a lovely Saturday, Miley!

    -Alaina Douglass

  4. Ok, so I know I've posted a ton already...but I was thinking about Haiti today, and what if Disney sent one or two of their cruise ships (that are usually out of Florida) to dock outside Port-Au-Prince so that some kids and and their families could have some fun distraction for a day. Perhaps it should be in a month or so (after the immediate medical & basic necessities needs are met), but wouldn't that be incredible? I've never done a Disney cruise but everyone I know who has been on one LOVED it and had so much fun. Especially for those Haitian kids who haven't had that kind of opportunity before, it would be a wonderful mental escape from the extreme trauma they are facing...even if just for an afternoon. I don't know if you have the ability to suggest things of this sort to Disney, but I thought I'd throw out the idea just in case you had the opportunity. Have a fantastic evening, Miley!



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