Saturday, January 23, 2010

Hey boy... don't you wish you could've been a good boy?

You know, I have never been one to understand how people use people so easily and fling them aside like the piece of meat they were used for. Of course, the people I attract seem to understand that wonderfully. Or at least one person. This one person decided to go to a news station this week apparently, and speak about a relationship we had, and lied about so much stuff. Of course, some of it was true, but the part that really makes me pity them, is that they did it for attention.

It really makes me sad, that a year later, after this "relationship" he decided to come and speak out and play "heart broken". I wanted to make it clear that before this, before any of anything, I've made many attempts to sit down with this person and talk through things. Not to get back together, because I'm very happy with my relationship status as it is, and the people involved in it. But just to go through things, and heal any old wounds that may have been caused. There is no break up without someone hurting. Even if you completely care NOTHING about the person, you will always have some level of hurt from it. So I tried so many times to get with him and sit down and talk things out because I've been happy enough that I have respect for myself enough to do that. Apparently, his maturity is shorter than his hair.

We sat down, and he was happy with someone else, and I was completely happy with someone else as well. I've been happy for like 3/4ths of a year now. No matter, who I was with, single or not, I was just happy. Of course then, he had nothing against me whatsoever. Then again, there wasn't a news crew there while we talked. When I go into a relationship, I am 110% commited. and of course, that might not be the best thing, I probably get hurt for that reason, but I am. I do that, and I don't believe in just going in half way. That's stupid to me. Well, everyone was right. This person went into it, knowing he'd get a song, and attention from it. And that's also very sad. No I am not saying this just from being angry about what he said, but I know first hand that this is what happened. That's why a lot of what happened, happened. And he successfully acheived it. And now, he is acheiving a bunch of press, and news, and attention because of what he said about me earlier this week and is now published about me. The ONLY THING YOU SHOULD BELIEVE, OF WHAT THIS BOY HAS RELEASED, is that in his video, he walked past a barber shop, shook his head, and kept walking. I begged him to cut his hair several, no, more than several times. It was gross. I have long hair, but I WASH MINE. When he ran his fingers through mine, he didn't pull out a family of 7's grease from a breakfast of ONLY BACON. It was nasty.

Anywho, it is very sad to me that he released this, long after he was "over it", long after it HAPPENED, right when his single came out... This entire thing is for a few extra itunes sales. My fans rock. My fans are the absolute best supporters in the world. And it's going to be a big shock to him when all he gets from his publicity pertaining to ME, is a bunch of unsupportive fans of mine on his back for trying to use me from the BEGINNING to the END. I am NOT a sales advertisement for his lame songs. And I refuse to be looked at as one. It's so sad that while I'm living my life, having a great time, living, learning, he's doing everything he can for attention. I would hate to think that I made it where I am by using people, or stepping on people, or breaking peoples hearts. That is sad. I have been heart broken before, and I would never want to make someone else feel that. And trust me when I say, he DIDN'T FEEL THAT.

I don't know what else to say honestly, it's pathetic in all sense of the word, that he has come to these lengths to try and sell a few songs, or get a few followers on twitter. It's disguisting to know that I have had such a close bond in the past with a liar, someone who used me the entire time, and someone who will use everyting against me. It is also sad to know that some people will fall into this game and support him through his horrible words, and lies. But I know that my supports, MY fans, and the people I continue to make music for, that support me no matter what, will give him the same finger I'm giving him for all of these stupid mistakes he's making.

Yes, Justin. When you said "in time, you look back and laugh." you were right. Me and my new boyfriend, the one that doesn't use me, or try and scrape some publicity and tabloid-attention from me, the one who can make me smile and comfort me WHENEVER, not just when it's a good time for him, the one that has been there and has never let me down, the one htat when I look at him I KNOW he isn't the same, the one that sat me down and told me what a loser you were for ever ATTEMPTING to believe you DESERVED me, yeah. Me and him? WE'RE laughing too. TRUST me, sweetie. We are LAAUUUGGGHHIIINNNGGGG. The only reason that I'm not "HA HA HA HA HA"ing all over this blog is because I don't want ANY of MY supporters misunderstanding and thinking that I'd be that cold of a person to do what YOU did to ME. So you can take your nasty hair, your stupid lies, your lame songs, your pathetic attempt at publicity, your tight jeans, your painted finger nails, your cold, dead, emotionless heart, and walk out of my life, and stop using my name in your STUPID tabloid whore-ing articles. And FYI, I'm doing GREAT. I hope you're doing AMAZING too! God bless you.

And God bless you all who have read this blog, and those who agree/disagree with me. I love you guys, you're the best support system in the world. I LOVEEE YOU!!!

Sincerely HIS, STILL laughing, WAY happier, FINALLY with a good guy,

xoxo. =]

"Hey boy, don't you wish you could've been a good boy? Try to find another girl like me, boy. Feel me when I tell ya, I'm fine, and it's time for me to draw the line."


  1. I don't know if you are talking about Justin or Nick. Because I never heard a song by Justin before. Either way I support what you are saying all the way Miley, and it is a terrible feeling to be used and I can relate. <//3

  2. hell. yes. miley you are so ferocious and i love it!! i'm glad you know that we're behind you all the way. and we ARE giving him that same finger, we don't tolerate users! and that boy is nothing but a user. hopefully one day he'll figure out how to stop being such a parasite and just live his life without trying to use other people to get ahead. until then he's only going to be miserable. we love YOU and support you no matter what.

  3. Nevermind. It's Justin. Paper hearts. Whatever, it is ridiculous what some people will do to be famous. And Miley, don't forget your amazing, and your fans are here, and they aren't fans of you because of someone else. Because you live for your music, and not to sell albums by making up somethng.

  4. I'm glad your sticking up for yourself Miley. No one desereves to be treated like that ever. i just read what Demi tweeted on your guy's account. It looks like you have some really great friends that will be with you and stick up for you no matter what. What kind of person would use someone else for their fame,popularity, or whatever else the reason. anyway im one of the many of fans that are glad to see you with whoever it maybe that makes you happy and treats you right!

  5. some good has come from it - your boyfriend and possiblely a new song from your strong emotions :)

  6. I toootally agree with you, Miley. He`s a jerk.
    At first, I was afraid you were talking about Nick, but after reading more, I realized it was Justin, because I remembered that I read a few days ago that he`s singing now.
    I know how is to be hurt by guys. Even today, I found out that a boy wrote on his hi5 page a list with the things that he hates, and in that list put my name too. And I loved him for almost 4 years. :)
    I felt like the sky was falling on my head; my world was falling apart; but that`s it; BOYS are JERKS. and I can`t even find the reason why we love them :| really.

    I`m sorry for what Justin did to you... he didn't deserved you, but I`m glad you`re happy with your boyfriend now. :) Keep laughing, you deserve it.

    And we, your fans, will keep supporting you from everywhere, everytime.

    LY. - Aida -


  7. Don't worry about famewhores. He's just digging his own grave careerwise, before he's even "famous" because your true fans won't believe what he says. We've got your back. :)
    Just remember:

    "Who thought it was a good idea to sell men's underwear by putting a giant pussy on the front?" ~Joel McHale

  8. Ok Miley, I TOTALLY agree with you, he doesn't deserve you if he's going to use you like that!
    I've been used before, obviously not for publicity, but I have been used, so I can majorly sympathise with you on this one. Of course for you it's worse with the whole publicity thing.
    Your true fans will always stick by you no matter what, we can kiss ass together Miles :)
    Just focus on the positives though, you're happy now with your current boyfriend, you have amazingly loyal fans who love you, you have great friends and family, so just ignore him. He's just a tiny bump in the road that can easily be avoided :)
    Chin up! Love you and God bless, Louise x

  9. He's such an idiot, I dated two people like that and obviously I am not famous but you know what highschool is like, word gets around but everything my ex said was a lie, hence why I am homeschooled now because I don't like lies and rumors.

    But I believe everything you say, I support you 110% percent, so don't forget your fans LOVE YOU and SUPPORT YOU.

    I am so happy that you're happy, you deserve that and so much more.

    Don't let stupid people rain on your parade.
    Cause you'll be the one standing when his career will only last two seconds.


  10. Urgh JUSTIN needs to get himself a LIFE..He is so so disgusting..To have Used you like in the EXACT same situation right now with a guy and i SWEAR he is twisting the truth to suit his OWN self..and yeah..a lot of people are falling n his trap too..with all his LIES and attention..But you're BETTER than that Miley!
    He is not and will NEVER be worth you.! I never liked him in the first place!
    So just leave him be, caz in the end he'll be left alone and miserable in the end, NOT you..He doesnt deserve an inch of your time and is a waste of "good looks"..

  11. Justin is the definition of a fame whore to the tee. You are in a waaaaaay better place successfully, AND from what it sounds like, personally without him. He can take his stupid ass paper heart and shove it for all I care.

  12. as I said LOUDLY on twitter, "YOU GO GIRL" Jan

  13. YOU ROCK!!! like, seriously, you are AMAZING miley! and that blog made me just get so excited for how much you are OVER him and all the good things that are in your life now!! you deserve the best, just like anyone does, so the fact that he's being such an effing asshole right now just goes to tell everyone that he is NOT worthy of you or a lot of other girls/people. He's so gross (in manyyyy ways!) and is acting like such a girllll! def not a MAN!
    well, your relationship with Liam sounds sooo amazing from what you have been writing over the past month or so, and I can only imagine that it's even better actually LIVING it! you are the strongest person I have ever "known". I say it in quotes because although we've never met ( :( times a million) I can really relate to everything you say and I feel like you're my friend:) I love you so much and I admire your ability to stay strong through all this shit because you are a beautiful amazing person inside and out!
    Now go write a hit song about this babe!!--- something justin will NEVER be able to do!!
    God bless you Miles,

    PS, I haven't seen this "news footage" or whatever it is, but i think i'm gonna have to now to prove what an immature fame whore (like you said) he actually is, who was selfish enough to put a damper on your life now, and waste all of your time back then! ughhhh what a lil biotchhhh

  14. Miley, I'm torn between laughing and crying for you! You are so awesome, and yet I wish you weren't having to deal with this mess. But I gotta laugh - "enough hair grease for a family of 7 bacon dinner" Lololololol!!!!!!!! You go girl. You'll always have my support - you are a good judge of character - even if you are quick to give your heart (that's good - that's why we all love you). But you're no lilting violet either - kick his a** if he deserves it, if someone has treated you unfairly - in other words - demand that RESPECT. Don't worry Miles - I think his 15 minutes was up the day you broke up with him. -Gina :o)

  15. WOW. That blog was so intense and powerful and inspiring. You are completely right. I knew he was using you, I can tell/ read people when I see them. And it is a shame that someone whould go to that low of a moral standard to further their career or establishment for that in any way. I can't believe he would come back and say that shit, that is so wrong. I hope his idea of using "uh yea i dated Miley Cyrus and this and that about her" blows up in his face. I will tell you right now I will not ever support someone so slimy and back stabbing.

    To Justin, you wear that cross around your neck...why dont you look Jesus in the face and see what He has to say to you and to what you are doing because it in no way reflects your "cristian values"
    Miley I got your back, tell me who I should punch in the balls. Haha. I'll do it! Don't worry, ignore his immaturity and cherish the love and support you have of your new (and way hotter) boyfriend. Your life is on a roll, there will be speed bumps...just race over them and keep going!

    You are an amazing individual, keep God right beside you and your love of life will always prevail. God Bless!

  16. your amazing, so awesome! :D

  17. This comment has been removed by the author.

  18. first off, i would just want to say that i LOL'd at what you said: "Apparently, his maturity is shorter than his hair". Very funny! Epic!

    second, i knew from the very first time i saw pics of him with you, i was already thinking at the back of my head: this guy could be using her. But i gave the guy the benefit of the doubt that he may not. Looks like he did use you. He's such a douchebag.
    The word Opportunist has his picture beside it as its definition. That word and a whole lot more that I can't write down here. Hehe..

    You deserve every bit of happiness, Miley. everybody does. I love the fact that you don't want other people to feel hurt because you have felt it and don't want others to feel it. very admirable of you. Just goes to show that you have your values intact.

    Don't let it bother you too much.

    Focus on the people around you, the ones who TRULY love you.

    Praying for you. Take care and God bless..

  19. I am so sorry that you had to go through any of that. He is a jerk, and he clearly needs to get a life. You're so right. He was sick for doing any of that to you. And you're right. you're fans are backing you. We all love you even though a majority of us have never really met you. :)
    You are an incredible, strong, independent, caring young woman of God. And don't ever let a man tell you otherwise.
    I'm so glad that you've found someone who actually cares not only about you, but for you. Someone who would do anything for you because he loves you. :)
    Believe me, I know what it feels like to think that you are building a true relationship with someone just to find out that they aren't as invested as you were. It sucks, and the pain seems almost unbearable. But, we just have to be strong, and continue on with our lives because God has a perfect plan set out for our lives. Continue to trust in him, and it will be alright.
    As always, I'll continue to pray for you. :)
    Sincerecly, a loyal fan,
    <3 Sami :)

  20. You know, my pastor recently said something about how one of the best ways to face life--particulary when there's a ton of stuff coming against your character--is to keep standing confident that God's got your back. Sometimes, though you're standing, the situations don't seem to be turning around in your favor. But ultimately Miley, if you make sure you keep reminding yourself that it's Jesus who is your Defender, eventually truth will win out. That's what Jesus does best babe...He's amazing at exposing truth and restoring whatever people attempt to break in our hearts. Let Him defend you. There were some dramatic situations my family faced a few years back where people questioned our character & slandered us in such an jaw-dropping, painful way. People who were our friends totally abused our reputation to hide some terrible things they had done. Though it took about 2 years to see it turn around, God did such a work of restoration in us--as well as got ahold of the hearts of the people who hurt us, and they actually came to us and apologized. I can't share the details of the situation, but it was so dramatic in nature, that seeing how restored the situation is today is a total miracle that shouldn't have logically happened.

    All of this to say, I know God has you in Hollywood & in the very midst of the opportunities around you, because He adores you and has beautiful & significant things He wants to do with you right there. It's such a bummer that with that comes a huge trespass on your private life (and I really mean that), but I have to believe that God knew--way back before He created you--that this sort of thing would be something you would face...along with the haters, the paparazzi, the gossip...and I believe He put in you a ton of grace (His favor & perfect help in time of need) to face this. I'm not saying you have to be stonger in and of yourself or just will yourself to be okay with it and pretend it doesn't bug you. I'm saying what I said before...Jesus is your Defender. Tell Him to take the weight of the hurt & to defend you so you don't have to yourself. Watch Him be super strong for You...He's God & LOVES to show off His goodness.

    I know you have extraordinary courage, Miley. The confidence you have toward life is amazing. I just want to encourage you to give this battle to Jesus, cause babe, with Him in total control, it's a sure win.

    Have a lovely evening & I'm praying for ya.
    -Alaina Douglass

  21. i can't really say that i relate to this b/c ive never had a boyfriend and have never been in love. but what i can say is that people getting attention through other people is rediculous. If you do that then you have a no soul, no heart at all! Using someone is not a way of being a good person. Doing this to someone who has ONE of the BEST HEARTS around the world and trying to make them look bad b/c of what YOU did is not very nice.

    Miley YOU are a WONDERFUL person, you have a WONDERFUL family who cares deeply about you...and now you have a man that will treat you better than any other man will. You ended up with the have it all! You don't let fame get to your head, You don't care what people think about you...your YOU!

    NOW JG on the other hand...mmm he needs to cut his hair and wash it like you said :]

    THANK you! for showing us girls around the world, that people don't need to control you. That people who aren't good to you don't deserve you. b/c they DON'T!

    YOU are in a great relationship with a wonderful(by the way you talk abt him :])boy! Who knows how to treat a lady.

    Miley you are a great person! No matter WHAT anyone trys to say about you. Youu show people that you can be real no matter what situation your in!


    love always
    mary :]

    When i read this i felt like kicking Justin's butt! I can not believe that he did this to you :( You don't deserve this at all.

    Don't worry everything will be fine in the future :) Just keep on breathing and keep on living your life!

    Also who your with right now is 100000 times better then Justin :D

    God bless you! :)

  23. thanks for the truth, Miles. when I saw that he had a new song and a music video, I was freaking shocked about it. I mean like, why would people want to sign him for?!

    damn ex-boyfriends like that. they should be banned from this world. popularity doesnt come from the charity thing he is doing. spreading to medias about his sooo call broken heart. what the EFFFF. yes, Miley. I'm showing the same finger too. definitely not buying any of his songs. NO NO NO.

    you're falling down, JG.

    woot woot TEAM MILEY :)



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