Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Had a wonderful night tonight with my friends Liam and his brother Chris and Scott! We all spent a lot of time together and it was great. We went to see Sherlock Holmes - UH-MAZING!!! Seriously go see that movie. It's such a thriller. That movie is so amazing. Anyway, went back to Liams apt w him and Scott, and we just chilled and had a really spectacular time. :) xoxoxo


  1. glad you liked sherlocke holmes!,where you see them on the dockside & a big drum heads towards them, that and a lot of other bits were made here in Kent, at a place called Chatham Maritime where all the old sailing ships were made & repaired, they still make rope for ships the way it has been done for
    hundreds of years, glad your finding time to have quality time with your bff's & BF, have you caught up with Mandy yet? looking forward to a new miley mandy show ( its a Tank Top!!)
    5 days to go to start of hannah, they say they are going to spread it out for the whole year!!
    cant imagine how its going to end!! hope you use the scriptwriters that had the idea of the
    show where jackson & rico sang the intro to each segment,!! that was Sooo funny!!! its 11am here snowing again, been like this for 2 weeks now, where is it all coming from?? OMG,
    the site where do i find it? on twitter or where??. have fun miley life is so short & we have to take all advantages while we can, as it seems you are,
    love freddie C

  2. Hey Miley i luv reading ur blogs...they make me smile...glad u had fun wiff liam and the crew. you deserve to be happy. So liam does have his own place? thats cool. its everywhere that he moved in with you and blah blah blah and in fact its no ones buisness if he did or not. Glad u liked the movie. me i cant wait to see Dear John next month and The last Song...Ugh i dont kno if i can wait 3 more months LOL! i kno its gonna be awesome. I read the book which was amazing cried the whole time. Well hope to hear from you soon and keep speaking ur mind gurl!
    Luv the New YOU!
    luv always ur fan

  3. I love your blogs! In a weird way, they make me feel amazing about myself and you give me a reason to keep on believing even when things are tough... So thank you for that :)
    I'm glad your happy, you deserve nothing less.
    Love always xox

  4. aww fun :) i deff wanna see tht movie too;) trailer is so awesome;)

  5. I've been wanting to see that movie! I might have to go see it really soon! I'm just truly truly glad you are so happy right now! it makes me happy for you! well anyways, love you for the millionth time prob and cant wait for everything you're working on for the future! it gets me really, really! hopefully you'll have lots of time for m&m shows too :( i miss them so so so much! Thats where the world can truly see who you ACTUALLY are..which is an absolutely hilarious, beautiful, amazing person. I feel like I kinda know you from them and that's so cool for me! anyways I'm reading the Last Song right now and it's getting so good! I'm honestly not much of a reader, but I cant put this one down! there was something else I wanted to say but forget now :/
    hugs and kisses! God bless always!



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