Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Reading my bible this morning before the day starts! I won't lie, it's been too long since I've even prayed. Remember guys, the LORD is patient for you. He deff has been for me, lately... A lot more than he should have been. We all have doubts. We all are tested. We don't pass every test! God bless you all xo


  1. You spoke volumes there Miles. You know as I've gotten older, I really think that God lengthens his "leash" he holds on us intentionally - he lets us veer off on our own a little bit to see what we see. We are of our own free will, so I believe He wants us to experience life to learn lessons. The *only* important thing, regardless of whether or not we fail or succeed, is that we come straight back to Him - whether it takes a day or a decade (believe me, I know!). He waits for us forever, and accepts us back all dirty and makes us clean again. Right? That's when the real learning takes place, more often than not, it's *after" we've veered off the path and made some mistakes. That's when we really *see* the truth He wants us to see.

    Well, didn't mean to "preach" today, but boy you sure do have a way of bringing those kinds of things out in folks! Guess it's God in you Miley shining through!

    Thanks for sharing. God bless you, and keep going to Him no matter how long you've been away.

    -Gina (& Esther)

  2. wow! reading your Bible? tell me more if you can...what book of the Bible were u reading? were you trying to find any answer? well, God bless u.

  3. That's awesome that you are praying and reading your Bible again! I always forgot God was beside me the whole time, and when it felt like he wasn't there, I just wasn't acting very Christian. I definitely don't pass every test, I am trying, and he is always waiting <3 Keep staying connected Miley, you are awesome. Keep searching for more. ♥

  4. I take God for granted WAAAAY too much. He exists through each and every one of us and speaks to us in magical, amazing, spiritual ways! I sometimes forget how important he is to me, but I'm so glad he's in my life. It's so obvious that God shines through you each and every day with your words, actions, beliefs, and honest wonderful values. I think we should all treasure him more as well as the people he shines through! It would bring out so much more positivity in the world which is greatly needed!
    xoxo, Paige

  5. P.S. PLEASE go on your formspring!!! <3

  6. Cant lie....this made me smile VERY big. I love you so much and I don't care who you are, what you go through, what WE go through, I ALWAYS will. Stay strong and never change. Love you to the moon <3



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