Saturday, January 2, 2010

My best friend Demi said, 'Oh she's just being Miley.'

So, we're really excited ( we, being me and Demi) because of quite a few things. One, we're both in the south right this second, this will change probably tomorrow or sometime following very soon after. Both of our bestie Nick J had his FIRST show of his Nick Jonas & The Administration tour today YAAYYYY!!! We're so proud of him and love him with our whole haerts, we're supporting and I know he's super stoked, and we are too. We can't wait. His album also DROPPEd today, so everyone should go check it out! I got mine already, I'm in love with Who I Am, the video was honestly absolutely amazing and it's just so awesome and I cried it was amazing.
ANYWAY, we're both so excited for what the future holds and what 2010 will bring us. More Send it On work, more work and fun with eachother. we just can't wait.
To kick off this awesome year together we've both opened a twitter account. Like I've said in previous blogs (I'm sure) I had an account @wearebesties for me and Scott Cunha, we ran that and stuff while on tour. But he is a hair dresser and continues to work with others and we won't be able to see eachother anytime soon, and when we can we don't want to spend our time tweeting! So I texted Demi, and we decided we'd take it over TOGETHER. Which is awesome for the fans because ya'll can see both of us tweeting, without it being official and the media being all up in it, but also relate to us, two people you ALL know and hopefully understand better as the tweeting progresses. So follow REMEMBER, THE ONLY ACTUAL SITES I AM ON - =] And Demi is!!! =]



  1. I love your wearebesties channel!! You both are awesommeee!

    I can't believe Nick is going solo it's so awesome!!! Not that I hate the other Jobros, I lvoe them, but it's cool that it's just Nick too. Wish him luck from all his fans <3


  2. I love that you & demi are together, dont know how long as work will probably split your time,
    is she making a new Sonny with a Chance? she is so funny in that,while you both have the time, I know that the mileymandy thing was you and mandys, but maybe you could do a demimiley show as well, im sure yours & demis peeps would love to see you & demi larking about espess if she does that brill laugh of hers,("Check it out") put her alongside your sense of humour and i'm sure you will have a hit, you havent done a mileymandy for ages due to work, but as anybody said "Are you doing another mileymandy show soon? to you when you have met your fans at your concerts? New Year New Ideas!! I say,
    you can still be bff's with mandy, she had work commitments so couldnt go on tour, so has moved on, ask you fans if they would like a demimiley show or a mileymandy show? I'd love maybe a demimiley show in demis house as a change from your house! (nothing wrong with your house, lol) but nice to have new background, or maybe in your studio, That we havent seen yet!! I'm sure you are full of ideas, but from a fans point of view these are some of the thangs that I would like to see in 20&10, last hannah soon, How will it end?? competition there!! how would fans like to see Hannah end?? sell off the props for your charity, All those Hannah wigs!! those guitars in front of the piano, lilly & lolas wigs, they all probably belong to disney but unless they are opening a Hannah Montana museum at disney world (another great idea) you could say No I want them for my charitee,
    anywho, you & demi keep taking the chicken soup and knock back that flu bug, well done to nick for taking a chance away from his bro's could have gone wrong with fans, but you have to keep things fresh its a new year, hope you & liam work out, if thats what you want,
    take care freddie C

  3. wait a minute..."His album also DROPPEd today, so everyone should go check it out! I got mine already..."
    i thought it wasnt going to drop out until february 2nd?....hmmm...cause last time i checked, it still isn't available to buy yet..
    anywaaayys...i love the wearebesties thing, seriously...miley+demi=best team ever.

  4. Ha! I caught that too Vanessa but I guess being friends with Nick J has its perks, like getting the cd early. LUCKY! The rest of us have to wait till next month!



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