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I'M BAAAACCKKK! And guess what I'm here to blog about? As if I could just pick and choose for fun - NOPE, people are too busy lying about me and making people believe really bad things about me. So, I'm here to set the record straight on some stuff. It is beyond me how people can sit around and really just pick at me, it's disgusting. I work really hard, everyday to make people smile and make people happy and it's so weird to me how people could try and take that from me, they could try and take the happiness away from me. Maybe I'm just a hippy, maybe I'm just way too giving as a person because I want everyone happy. I want everyone to find happiness in everything they do. I think there'd be so much less horrible things going on in the world if people were living by passions. But apparently, people find happiness in trying to tear apart a 17 year old girls dream and life so okay, whatever.

So okay, first of all, why is it such a big deal if someone has friends? I'm completely banned from having friends because it seems like I have too many? In what way is that sane, or fair? I've never been the type of girl to have thousands upon thousands of friends. I'm not the girl that can hang out with like 40 people and have a good time. I like having small groups, but I'm allowed to have friends. And I'm allowed to have friends that are closer than others. My best friends are my business, but I have a right to say I have best friends because I do. And I can have as many as I'd like to. My best friends are Mandy, Liam, Mitchel and Nick. Yes, I do have a lot of best friends but those are the people I can tell anything to, they're the people I go to about everything. I don't care what people say about that. Brandi, my mom, they're also my bset friends because I'm close to my family. My dad, my mom, my older sister, they know everything about me and so do my older brother, and younger siblings. That's just how our family works.
Secondly, I DID NOT IN ANYWAY say that Angelina Jolie, or any other parent in the industry was the cause or the reason for the paparazzi. At all! It's disgusting that old men with cameras could stalk anyone, being 5 years old, 17 years old, or 40. I hate paparazzi as it is, being stalked with cameras, being followed and being creeped out because old guys wanna wait outside of my fence for me to get up in the morning. But the fact that it's legal, or that people aren't taking action against them following young children is worse! My sister is 9 and she is SO afraid of paparazzi, they have no boundaries. When I was her age I remember benig with my daddy when they'd go after him, but they had restrictions. They couldn't get so close, they had limits of like 3 feet or whatever. Now they don't even have that! I couldn't tell you how many times they've crawled on my car or screamed at me, or yelled and jumped under me to try and get shots up my skirts. It's a disgusting and dirty career that I'm sick to my stomach that people would honestly take part in. Anywho, I in no way said that it was the parents fault, or that they should do anything - I'm saying it's disgusting people stalk anyone, but especially BABIES.
Thirdly, I am a 17 year old girl, I can make decisions on my own, ESPECIALLY what I eat! Who cares if I eat a bowl of cereal, or 17 hamburgers. I went to a burger place, I was HUNGRY, and I ate. I didn't do anything to make them do anything differently or treat me differently and they didn't. If anyone else went in and said they wanted that, they would've gotten it too. I didn't say, "I want 20 differnt burgers here NOW." I was eating a burger, looking at the menu and ordered another one. I was hungry, and that's my business. I'm a big girl, I like to eat. That's not anyone's problem but my own. And no they didn't "give me a number" for 24/7 service. They closed at like 9, and we didn't get any special treatment either. We left at 8:45 so they could get their stuff clean and we didn't bother them or their closing hours. And we didn't "not tip" or anyhting thsoe stupid sites said either, we tipped them as much as we should have and none of the workers or anyone had a problem with us, we all joked and a lot of them from time to time came and sat down with us because we were all really friendly and they were too. It was a good time, it's stupid people would make a story about a girl eating. Yeah, I eat a lot, probably more than others my age that's my problme. I like eating, and I'm not gonna stop so that stories don't get printed.
Fourth, Mitchel came to stay with us because he's my best friend. He came NOT because of "boy problems", because I was touring with Metro Station, which has his brother Mason included in the band. He came to see him, and came to see me because we're besties and we wanted to see eachother. Who cares.
Fifth, "7 Things" I did NOT change the lyrics to make fun of anyone, hurt anyone, or dedicating it to Nick. Nick is one of my bestest friends and I didn't mean he was gay, or anything like that. It was a transition for the song. that's all I'm gonna say about that because that's the stupidest thing I've EVER heard.
Sixth, there WILL be a Wonder World DVD, I can't wait for that and I hope everyone else is just as excited as I am! It'll be featuring a concert, backstage, more fun stuff and all that jazz. It'll be really fun and I really can't wait!

I CAN'T BELIEVE TOUR IS OVER, but I can't wait to be back in the swing of things back home.
Love you all,


  1. AMEN, rumors are just a pathetic way for sites to gain hits, and sadly enough it works.

  2. Miley don't worry about the stupid paparazzi. They honestly don't have a life. And if you don't care, you and your fans are unstoppable :)

    It's annoying how people try to make everything you do seem bad. I have had burgers before, and if the paparazzi was in front of me and snapping pictures, I would have shoved it into the stupid camera :)

    I cannot wait for the wonder world dvd!!!

    Miley keep doing what you are doing. Everybody has haters, and when you don't care, then what can they do to you?


  3. miley congrats on finishing the tour, another fine job!! you got her done!! (hannahs on tv now)it seems that there will always be people jealous of your success at so young an age, the only way they can get at you ,is by using the internet to tell lies and fabricate stories, the only way to maybe stop them would be to not respond to them, as you have said before you are normal and have feelings, and it does sometime hurt to read such things, but you yourself know that they are lies, and I geuss the people that you are supposed to have said things about know you,and realise that there is No way you would say such a thing,we as long time fans have gotten to know you through all your official sites, and know you are No diva and dont demand special treatment, or treat people in the service industry badly, if your daddie found out you did you would be definitely be grounded!! and I dont think you want that!!. you eat a lot because you perform at 100% burning off calories, so they have to be replaced, Duuhh!! I watch streets of hollywood on E channel, and I cant believe the way america lets these papparazzi do the things they do!! tori spelling had her new bay in her arms and was posing for papps and the amount of flashes aimed at that poor baby it could cause him to have epilepsy, I know its a catch 22 that celebs need papps to promote films etc: but as you said when they are standing outside your house with cameras or your hotel!! there must be thousands of pics of you coming out of an hotel, that should be outlawed, the governor arnold swartzenager has been there done that! I thought he would have been on the side of celebs restricting the papps as a lot of other celebs are feeling as you do ,kate hudson had a go the other day at them, plus gwen staffanis
    son,as there is a new year just around the corner 2010, maybe all celebs with theyre great power could all pull together and diminish the power of the papps, as they are getting more powerfull flashlights, and are effectivily blinding you when you try to drive away from them. try to start 2010 with a different outlook miley, dont let Them get you down or they win, you dont have to explain yourself to your fans about ridiculous rumours
    on the internet, a true fans knows mitchells bro is in the band, he wouldnt travell from america to uk Just to speak to you about his love life when he could just pick up a phone Duuhh!! thank you for the fantastic tour really looking forward to buying dvd of tour to see how other fans saw it, perhaps peeps that never went will see how hard you worked, I was suprised to read that all your family went back to nashville and left you behind, poor baby!! lol
    wishing you A Very Happy new Year miley hope you still have dreams to fullfill and lots of them come your way! Freddie C

  4. oh, you`re so right. people just like to invent stories, lies. i don't like it too.
    it`s true, i saw a LOT of bad things about you, but i didn't believed any of them. it`s true, sometimes i was confused, i didn't knew what to believe, but i decided that i won't believe anything but what i really know it came from you. like this blog, for exemple. or the interviews on the magazines, when i see that is written what you said (and even about this i can't be sure).
    i understand it`s hard for you to be followed by paparazzi, i would be too..and i`m sorry. but that`s the way the people act when it`s about a celebrity. even me, if i would see you right in my face, i thing i would be crazy. i mean, i would try to calm down, to breathe, but i would be soo happy and excited that i would hug you or something :)) i`m really nervous when it`s about celebrities, people that i admire, like you. for me it`s something that i don`t see everyday..but anyway.
    soon, i will try to put on this page some photos. with my walls ( i have a lot of posters with you on my walls ... i would like you to see; i made pictures, but it`s New Year`s Eve and i don`t have the right mood to put the pictures on the computer.)I`m not sure that I`ll be able to put the photos here, because I have no idea how to do this, but I`ll try. I promise. Next year. :))

    I`ll go now, I have to prepare for the New Year ( i have almost 5 hours left till the midnight!)

    Happy New Year, Miley. For you and your family.


    - Aida . -


  5. OMG haha my and my friend was just talking saying their should be a dvd so we can relive it again and AGAIN !!! :) concert was amzing best i have been to soo far ... :)

    happy new year to EVERYONE !

    hope next year is as good as this one has

    jessica x :)

  6. Hi Miley: I think that it is so sad that you have to keep defending yourself to people who say that they support you! If they support you they should not be so concerned about what others say of you. The media will do anything they can to make a wholesome teenager look bad in the eyes of the world. I want you to know that above everything else that goes on in your life, God has a plan and a purpose for you! You know Him and He knows you, your family and friends are your best support! I pray God's richest blessings upon your life this coming year 2010! I pray that will shine in 2010! Always be the best you can be and God will prove you to be a faithful servant in that which He has called you to do! God Bless You! Happy New Year! shari

  7. well, I see the difficulty of trying to have privacity in your life, you have to fight everyday, they have no mercy in spite of you are a teenager, be strong! have a good time all the time, God bless ya

  8. Miley, I wish there was a magic "delete" button for all those ppl who get to you, who do the rumor spreading, the paps who invade your space, etc. You cannot control them and their actions - but you *can* control what you choose to pay attention to. It's meaningless to even care about these supposed "fans" who engage in these things. They are obviously *not* fans. I would think if you just uphold your true fans who don't care about these silly, meaningless things and who do not judge you or make wild assumptions, the others will fall away eventually due to neglect by you, and not getting the attention (albeit negative) they are after. If you just wanna vent because it is literally *hard* to deal with these idiots, then that is absolutely fine - we are here for you. I really wish there was the magic "delete" button, for your sake Miley, and Nick's and everyone like you who is continually bothered by this problem resulting from being such a prominent person in the public eye. So hard for some to believe that you aren't this big indestructable cloud in the sky - you are "lowly" and human as the rest of us. Of course, I mean that with the utmost respect girl! Peace Miley. - Gina

  9. Miley.. you are so AMAZING <3
    I love that your honest with your fans, and with yourself.
    I HATE it when people think teenagers shouldn't be eating "so much". I really.. I don't know how put it in words, but I don't see why eating a lot is BAD! We're growing right now, and as cheesy and cliche as it might sound, it's TRUE. I beat myself up all the time about how much I eat compared to others, and that's hard enough. But for you Miley, you have countless of people criticizing your every move.. I don't even want to imagine how hard THAT is, along with the other societal pressures of a teenage girl. But one thing's for sure, you are such a strong person inside and out. You are aware of yourself, and your so confident. I hope to be more like you when I'm your age.
    I THANK you so much for being so honest about the hamburger situation haha :P I can relate to you and I love your music!

  10. I love you miley, and everything you said is so TRUE!! you are so amazing to put up with that on a daily basis and not let it interfere with your dreams!! You can wish to do whatever you set your mind to, and I will be there for you through it all!! You inspire me. love you gurlll!
    xoxo, Paige



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