Thursday, December 3, 2009



We just closed my SECOND headlining tour in America!!! =] I'm so so excited, and it's all thanks to you guys! Because of you guys we have donated SO MUCH money to the City Of Hope for Cancer! One dollar off of EVERY ticket sold went to City of Hope!!!

Now we're on our way to the UK, to finish the whole tour!! I'm so excited, spending so much time there! I'll be there for Christmas! I kinda wish I could be back home, but I know London is so beautiful, and I can't wait!

I don't know what else to write, other than that I'm so thankful, I wanted to thank everyone so much for making this tour, not only this tour but everything I've worked so hard for, such a success. You can only be as great as your fans, and I must be doing pretty dang good, cause I have the best fans in the world!!! I honestly love all of you guys, and all of my fans just so so much, I'm so thankful for every single second that you guys are loving me, and I love you guys 10X more!!!

It's been pretty crazy during this tour, I wasn't expecting it to turn out the way it did, the kind of entertainment that we transitioned into, but it's honestly been just so much fun, and such an awesome time and I'm so blessed for the oppurtunities I've had, and hopefully will continue to have in the UK.

Thank you guys so much, and I can't wait to hear from you guys!!

So guys, thank you again for the amazing American tour, I hope some of ya'll got ot come to the shows, with or without being able to go, even through youtube, I hope you all enjoyed it and I can't wait to keep rocking for everyone!

It's a party in the UK! Get ready to rock,
Love ya'll!

Miley C


  1. Hei, Miley... even if I saw the shows just through youtube, I LOVED it. I`m so proud of your work, I just think you`re amazing doing all that, and working that hard and..everything. I wouldn't handle it, I`m sure. But you are strong.
    I`m glad you finished your tour in America, and I`m happy you come here, in Europe, even if it`s kind of far away from my country, Romania, and I still can see you just on youtube. Sad for me, but I will wait.
    I tried to get any ticket for the concert, I participated in a contest, but I just wasn't the lucky winner who will see you in London.
    I wish you a Merry Christmas [I know it's early but I feel the energy of Christmas right's coming! it's so close!] and have a great tour from now on too.

    so put your hands up, they are playing your song! it's a party in the UK! [ still my favorite song. since August; woah, can't believe it. ]

    btw, today I recevied the book Miles to go. I started to read it, but it`s hard for me because is in italian and I have to use the translator online. But I will finish it this year. Promise!


    - Aida. -

  2. HI Miley: Thank you for being open and honest and opening up a part of yourself to your fans and supporters. We love you! I wish that their were more mileys in this world today! No one knows what it is like to be you, but you yoursel=f! For someone whos life is constantly under the magnifying glass, I think that you handle it well. You have an awesome family that supports you wholeheartedly and that says alot! keep blessing others in doing what you do! I sure that God is very pleased with everything that you are doing! I pray for you continually! God Bless! Nicks new song is amazing isnt it! Enjoy your break before heading to the U.K. and remember to keep rocking!

  3. Miley I am so proud of you! for everything you have to go through on a daily basis and for everything you've accomplished! I'm so glad I got to go to both concerts in Northern California! it was the most amazing weekend ever!! youre amazing! you truly are and I'm so glad you are aware of how much we all love you <3 Have a very merry Christmas in London that will be amazing. We'll all be here waiting for you with love when you come back to the US! I love you so much and keep rockin it girl! muahhhh

    Love, Paige

    PS: yes "Who I Am" is so amazing! I just listened to it :)

  4. Aww Miley! You deserve that happiness:) and your show rly looks GREAT! ur amazing performer, the best singer! I didnt have chance to go to ur concert, but i watched a LOT of vids on youtube. and it made me want to go to ur concert even more, but becoz of the location it wasnt possible. But i enjoyed it so much:D

    X-mas in London will be awesome, im sure! im going to London upcoming summer. You gotta tell me ur fav places and shops so i will know where to go and wt to check out.Lol!

    have a rly cool time in London!!!!
    oh yeah, i listened to Nick's song Who i am. i rly like it ;):) its a good song!=] going to listen to it now too..

  5. Your welcome beautiful. WE love you cause you love us and we would not have it any other way. I pray for you and your family every night. May you be blessed in all that you do friend. WE LOVE YOU MILEY!!!! HAVE A WONDERFUL DAY BEAUTIFUL.



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