Monday, December 7, 2009


HEY!!!!! I have so much news, I'm SO excited to share with you guys!!

It's about 7:30 in the morning here, I'm not "just" awake but I've been up this morning. I'm just feeling the need to blog!

Like in my mileyworld blog I will go ahead and get this out of my system!!


I'm not a huge person on pop music, as you all know, but we all know that that lady is a GENIUS!!! I've been listening to her music for a while, not too many songs but honestly who is more abstract and inspiring than lady gaga?! Her inspiration for me is just to be yourself. She literally wears SUCH outfits that are so.. CRAZY!!! And she works them! She's a huge fashion inspiration, and I am just so so so excited to be able to share with you how much of an amazing woman she is!! I got a picture with her, and hopefully before I finish this blog I will find out how to post pictures!!! =]

I have been in England for a few days now, I'm excited to be spending my Christmas here, and to share some music over here in the UK! My first time performing Party in the USA here was at the Jingle Bell ball - which was uh-mazing! I had such a wonderful time, met some awesome UK artists, and we had an awesome time. Although I must say, it was SO freezing! I was in literally like, mini shorts, boots, and a tee that was half open so I was really cold but it was still awesome. I had an awesome time, I was so excited and honored to be there.


OMGOSH! That lady is honestly so beautiful, and when I met her she was so sweet and genuine, I honestly had a moment of just 'Wow' because honestly, HOW MANY 17 year old girls can say, "Yeah, I chilled with the queen of England last week!"??? Not many! Going in, I thought I'd just go, perform, have a good time, meet her, then leave. But it ended up being so much more! I met a lot of amazing people, had an experience of meeting the queen that I am so blessed for, she's honestly the sweetest. And I met LADY GAGA!!! ( listening to Poker Face right now in honor of this amazing night =)

I wanted to attack some rumors, I will be attacking on mileyworld as well but for those who haven't had Mileyworld - I DIDN'T GO TO AN ADULT PARTY!! Such a stupid lie to make up, I had a wonderful time at the hotel with my friends, the next day I was out at the pool the whole next day. So, whatever. No "adult parties" for me. Sorry.

I've been shopping a lot in London, it's been such a wonderful shopping experience BECAUSE London is a huge fashion CAPITOL of the world, so much fashion in such an amazing place. I've been hanging with my friends Scott and Denika so much, and that's been so fun. We've been hanging out a lot on tour and here having so much time off we've really been bonding!

OUR NEW OBSESSION = CLUE! Since it's a time change we are awake so much, and we play clue all night long. Somehow, I've become the stereotypical "dumb blonde" of the game because I am blissfully unaware of the obvious. They laugh so much at me because I've been having, "but the, and the.. ohhhh... i get it now." moments! Luckily I am now a little more used to the time change. It's gonna be hell trying to adjust back home! Like right now being about 8 in the morning, it'll be.. I think about 11pm back home! It's INSANE!! But I'm so blessed for the experience and I can't wait to get home and share the stories with my friends!

Also, as soon as I'm home HANNAH!!!! yay! I can't wait to get back on the show, back with my friends and back to filming! It's my home, and I can't wait to get back to it.

SOMETHING I WANTED TO ADDRESS! I am SO tired of nosy people!! Omgosh! even in my personal life, why can't yuo just LEAVE something alone, you know?! It's like dude. I've given enough, DON'T keep snooping! It's really just so annoying! UGH! I can't stress it enough. ANYWAY.

So yeah, I met Lady Gaga, huge amazingness. I'm getting kinda tired now, I might take a nap today but hopefully I can get out and have a wonderful day =]

THANK YOU for reading my HUGE rant, hopefully I can figure out how to get pictures on here!!!


  1. that's pretty sweet that you got to meet lady gaga. and the queen sounds pretty cool too--i bet you intimidated the hell out of her haha. i think you should record some video while you're there in europe, even if you never share it with the world you'll be glad for the footage that will be clearer than your memories when you think of them later on. keep having fun!

  2. Thats soooo coool! hope u had fun and can u address another thing about the tat under ur boob,Is it real or henna? its so cute to well luv ya miley

  3. omgsh.. miley, you are like in LONDON!!! ahhh. my best friend amy and I coming to your concert this sunday! and we are going shopping in the morning to get each others xmas gifts and it's gonna be one of those days when you are with your best friend and nothing in the world can make you unhappy cause you are with your best friend. I cannot wait...i'm counting down the hours! Tip: try going to Carnaby Street and Covent Garden in London. Really cool spots...I love watching the entertainers in coavent garden and they've got a cool little market thing. alos, the obvious, Oxford St and Regent St...if you can. Look at Pull and Bear, its a cool shop!! near a waffle hut :) but, unfortunately, i'm in school (boarding) and i got exams...ahhh. but I'll love you and leave you... sing, dance, happy. love always. gina xxx

  4. WOW -- LADY GAGA <<< i am obseesed with what she wears.they are so crazy, original and amazing clothes!

    didnt pick the best time to come to england haha its getting colder. HOPEFULLY (fingers crossed)it will SNOW again :)
    jess x

  5. Hi Miley! Just found your blogs back again! So happy to see you blogging and sharing your heart again. Hope it lasts w/o gossips interfering. Congrats on meeting "The Lady" and The Queen!! I like the second better, but that's just me. Lol! Anyway, keep smiling girl and be happy. Esther says hi! -Gina (luvmuch2)

  6. LAAADY it duuude. Saw her at purdue U about a month ago, needless to say she's got some stellar talent working there.

  7. Woow it's so cool! But i need to meet you no Lady Gaga x) hahaha Woow this is your first photo in your blog! Cool!
    Good-Luck Girl!
    With you for ever and you are NOT a bad influence ;)
    Lovv ya'


  8. Please Miley Follow me here i made this fan club for you i know that all of my texts are in spanish but you can use a translator x) and if you like me blog i can write the texts in english. answer me if you can! :D

  9. Hope all is well beautiful. I pray for you and your family every night. I try not to be nosy so I hope you are not talking me. I just try to support you as much as I can and give you a good word of encouragement because I know you need it. We love listening to your rants and will always be your fans. WE LOVE YOU MILEY!!!!!

  10. YES miley WE are very lucky that you give so much to your fans, I personally feel priviledged that in the past you have even answered an e-mail or two of mine,not many celebs give as much of themselves as you do, I know the haters hurt, but look at all the love there is out here for you and hopefully that will balance it out, Lady ga-ga!! lucky you!!

  11. miley your blogs are SOOO long Can you turn them into songs?? songs are stories, and the blogs are stories of your life, could have a rocky edge as its ranting ( bit like jackson then, Ranting!!)on your music, have you ever considered adding brass sounds?? as in "Bandslam, the last song vannessa sang was brill mixture of diff types of music, as U R in ireland theyre music again is different, as you travel a lot do you pick bits here & there to get ideas for your future music projects?

  12. haha;D ur London trip rly sounds AWESOME!
    meeting Lady Gaga!Wow! Meeting Queen! Wow wow! did u got to say her something?(besides nice to meet you) did she say something to u too?

    mhm. time difference is weird.

    btw, why did u perform in shorts and tee if there was so cold??



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