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Just wrote a HUGE blog abotu something that happened to me today and actually ERASED it. Because I was NOT in the mood to share that and it was a huge slap in the face, "you say you want your personal life private and your out there throwing it aruond for peoples opinions!" so I stopped and erased it. Yayy for life lessons. So I didn't know what I wanted this blog to be about... I wish I could preach to ya'll about christmas and what I got and what I wanted and New Years but I just can't find that inspiration. I wish I could. Blah. But I can't. I just wanted everyone ot know I've been doing great, I've loved the last few days I'm finally back in London I missed it! This has become a second home to me, I now have an appartment here and it's absolutely gorgeous, lovin' it, wanted to take some pictures but I've literally thrown everything around and it looks like crap in here. But it's like, two apartments almost but two hotel rooms kinda. And it's my daddy, my mama, me, my 4 siblings, Sam kinda sorta ( my sissys man), Mammie, my grandma on my daddys side, it's a lot of family and we're all like crammed up it's really awesome because there's NO judging.

I can go into a room and it be all family and not judged so no matter what you say it's like nothing will be out, nothing will be judged, nothing will be taken differently or misquoted and that's an amazing feeling. So I'm really excited, I love the holidays and can't wait for them!

Happy Christmas Eve! what are YOU doing for the holidays?!

Love you guys so much and can't wait to blog some more xo,



    Miley your fans read this, not the stupid paparazzi, but it is okay if you erase it too.

    Christmas Eve for me is in 15 minutes D= Lucky
    I love eating those little chocolates in the count down calendars!

    Last Christmas I woke up at 3am and had to wait 4 hours! I don't think you wanna hear this ... it's pointless =D

    I hope you have an AWESOME Christmas full of joy and happiness Miley! <3

    Happy holidays!!

  2. i'm disappointed we didn't get to read the original post, but i'm glad you're doing what's right for you. hope you have the best christmas you girl!

  3. Hi Miley!
    It's so frustrating for you (and us sometimes) when you feel obligated to not air your personal life out there to the world, and yet we do feel so much closer to you when you can sometimes, lol! As the first commenter said, we're your (hopefully) nonjudgmental fans - the ones who have followed you all the way to your private blog here, your (friend-sponsored) tweets, the chats, etc. We know what a good thing we got goin here with you - believe me - we wouldn't wanna go and spoil anything by bein disrespectful of your personal comments meant to share or vent your feelings. But anyway, we will take what you decide to give for whatever reasons they may be. It's all good.

    I will probably be up to my eyeballs in last minute Christmas preparations tomorrow - so I will take this opportunity here and now to say that me & Esther hope you all have a wonderful, memorable, and blessed Christmas there in London all cramped up together!! What an awesome family portrait you've painted of yourselves - close and loving. Couldn't get much better than that, right? Merry Christmas friend. :o)
    -Gina & Esther

  4. Hey Miley,
    As the others have said I hope that us who read this are your nonjudgemental fans because we would never want to hurt you or make you feel bad. I hope you have a wonderful Christmas and a wonderful New Year!!!!

    And as to my holiday plans it looks like I will be stuck in my house since we are having a huge snow storm tonight, tomorrow and the next day. Up to 2 feet of snow!!! I just hope people if they do decide to travel are safe and make it to their destinations.
    Happy Holidays to the Cyrus Family

  5. i really wanted to read your HUGE blog, but it's okay anyway. i like this too.
    it's good that you have all your family with you. i wish i could have mine fact, i wish i could pass through this holiday faster, coz it's depressing me somehow. my mother is in other country and my father lives with his mother. it's just me, my sister and my grandmother and grandfather. i feel alone.
    but at least, i have friends. and i hope that i`ll be with them at Christmas.. and New Eve..maybe.
    anyway, i`m glad you`ll have a beautiful holiday..just enjoy it with all the people you love.
    Merry Christmas, Miley.. and for all your family, Happy Holidays everyone!

  6. hi miley, you share So much with your fans as it is so we are ever gratefull for what we get, and that is WAY more than other fans get from theyr'e idols,So glad you have got an apartment,it makes it feel like you are going to stay with us here, and holding back the thought that you will be going home after christmas! (Boo-hoo)its a beautifull thang that you are all lumped in together, you being so far away from home and all the family that show theyre love by travelling across the world to spend time with you,and good of mitchell muso to come over too!,talking of mitchell 5hrs back to back hannah yesterday!! Mmm apple crumblie!! It makes me happy knowing that you are happy, dont like it when you get upset by all the negative out there, but as I have always said miley look at the numbers of peeps that bought tickets to all your concerts, look at the numbers of fans at the top of all your websites, that is pure love for you that outways the negativity, I know it hurts to read these things, but that is why they do it,to hurt you so please weigh up the positives, and hopefully it will help, Anywho
    i'm sure with all the love in the cyrus family you will have a fantastic time, have a 3 day break miley, concentrate on you & your chrimbo we will all wait until you start your manchester concerts to hear all about it if you decide to share!! have a wonderfull time, hope you get chance to go to midnight mass, (there is one on at westminster cathedrall)its being televised on the bbc, enjoy chrimbo just say Good Times Good Times, and think of nothing but the joy of this time of year, hope billy ray has lots of Pie!! & apple crumblie, and sweet nibblets, and doesnt have to say Danngflabbit I ate too much!!
    all the love to you & yours have a wonderfull time, Merry Christmas!! Jingle Bells, jingle bells, freddie C x x x

  7. hey :)

    what am i doing for the holidays ?

    i am doing the same as always ( traditions )
    i am at home and my grandparents, my autie and her partner and dauter and my uncle will come up for chrimas dinner.At night all my dads family meet up and celebrate together then on boxing day we have a party with my mums side then i am going to a concert on the 28th. cant wait !!!! CHRISTMAS EVE AKREADY !!!! i have a BIG family. As my dad has 7 brothers and sisters all married and kids my mum has 5 brothers and sisters all married and kids :) haha. its fun. sometimes to much but i love them all.

    for new year i am going to see the sound of music the musical then going to ANOTHER party :) and inbetween the partying .... cousework .... ughhh.

    Merry christmas and a happy new year !!
    Jess x

  8. Hi Miley: Isnt it awesome to be in the presence of your family, who love you unconditionally! You dont ever need to put on an act with them, because they know you, sometimes better than you know yourself. Enjoy your holidays with your family you deserve it as well as them. God Bless You and your family this holiday season, and even though you are thousands of miles from home, " Home is where your heart is". Shari

  9. hei Miley... i forgot to ask you something..
    do you have hi5? because i saw a lot of pages which pretend that are yours. and i don't know what to believe, and i really wanna know the truth. please answer me, and if you have one, which is? i really wanna see you hi5. i promise that i won't share with anybody. pinky promise!
    hope you`ll answer me.

    love you always,



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