Thursday, December 17, 2009


Right now I am in Dublin, Ireland. It's so cool here and it's beautiful and I'm enjoying it so much, I'm here like today I think, and then I'm leaving but I don't know for sure. Hopefully soon I can get some more time here because I have a friend that lives around here that I'd love to actually be able to meet up and hang with, but I can't do that this trip and it sucks.

Tour is coming to an end, slowly but surely and that's so depressing for me but I'm having a marvellous time, and I'm trying to cherish every moment that I have left on this tour. The holidays are getting closer, we've done some shopping and I'm so excited, as well as my family and friends on this tour. I think the hardest part is knowing that some of them will be without their family for this tour, we're trying to work around that and send some of my friends back home for Christmas Eve and Christmas day, and then New Years too. Quite frankly, I don't know what I'm doing! I don't know what day I'm going home, and that's kinda weird. We have a date but I just don't pay attention, I'm horrible with dates and where I am. Like in the states it was terrible cause I'd wake up and go to breakfast and the waitress would be like, "it's so wonderful your here!" and I'd be like, "Yeah I love Kansas!" and they'd be like, "Uhh.. we're in Idaho." ( that wasn't nessecarily the two states that were mentioned, but you get the point.) and that was weird, I didn't know where I was.

I don't know what date I'm going home, I'm pretty sure I'll be home sometime in January, and we'll jump right into the show and I'm so excited for that. It's been such a struggle on this tour keeping everything going yet it's been such a peace. Knowing that I'mm really giving my all and really working hrd for what I do, and for other people. I've gone to multiple children hospitals, multiple orphanages and I'm not saying that's enough - it's not. I'm just so.. I don't "pity" kids. I don't pity at all, I don't give pity, and I don't want to receive pity. I hate it, and the word, and the meaning of it. But I give my heart out to those children that fight for their lives everyday. we're worried about a war, while little kids are dying without parents, without clothes, without any source or meaning of happiness. And the sad thing is that THOSE children are the children that actually KNWO happiness. They don't take for granted, they don't expect anything. It's such an amazing thing to them just being fed in the day, and I just wanted to bring awareness to that.

because you don't have to have a lot of money, or a lot of stuff, but don't throw things away. If you don't play with a toy anymore, your kids don't, they grew out of clothes, YOU grow out of clothes, keep those things and box them up. Even if you don't wanna go to an orphanage, or a hospital send someone else, mail it. Just do that because throwing things away end up with them getting burned or getting thrown out in general and nothing happening. These kids need help, and need happiness before things happen and I just really truly hope that you've been doing that or now can START doing that like Id o, we just recently before we left on tour went thorugh all of Noah's old clothes and brought them to an orphanage and her toys and stuff she doesn't play with anymore and they were the happiest. We've been making stops and childrens places all throughout tour, trying to exclude media in everyway, we didn't want anyone knowing and it was really truly wonderful, it was an awesome experience and I was so happy to be able to do it. So above all, that's what this blog is about, is just to really give back, and instead of sending ( not that it ISN'T important) 3$ to Africa or whatever, just box up old stuff because right now gas money, and all that is important but you can still give back jut by not throwing things away. And it also helps because you can clean your closets and garages and storages out and get some more space while also really making a child happy, and warm for the holidays. Nobody wants to be cold and not have anything for Christmas, no family, no warmth, no electricity, nothing to wake up to. Especially children who have faith in Santa Clause and all of those things, so let's keep their hope alive and really give back and send some things to the orphanages. Even this blog can really help, because hopefully we can spread the word so just spread the word of all of this going on.

Also we met a lady a few weeks ago in Tampa that bought like 50 stuffed bears from a dollar general thing that my mom was in, and we were asking her what they were for. And she said 4 were for her kids and the rest were to go to a childrens hospital, and we gave her and her family all tickets to a show, and they got to go that night and had a blast, and we all got pictures and they'll remember that hopefully for a long time. So yes, I do look fo rthose things, not that you should ever ONLY give back JUST to go to a concert, but everoyne is trying to help especially in these hard times, these kids don't know where to go, what to look forward to, and a lot of them think that the cure to their illnesses is death and that's what they know will happen sooner or later and no kid should ever think that way.

So, again, for the holidays just give back. Go to a nursing home and spend some time, send some sweets, go to childrens hospitals and orphanages either one is so amazing to visit, and just visit with kids and talk to them and try and relate. I garuntee if you go to a hospital or an orphanage, within 15 minutes of talking to those kids you'd be giving up your house to them. You'll never meet any child sweeter, they just have no faith and especially right now. Children that are 5, and 6, and even 2 and 4, they don't have the strength to continue to be just so happy all the time and have faith. So let's use this holiday to even just get a shirt or two that you wore last summer that you won't wear again, and send it to them. Also girls, if you do that you'll probably get to shop for more next summer! there's absolutely no down side, it's free, just do it for these kids because they get a bowl of soup for Christmas, and nobody deserves that.

So again ladies and gentleman, I can't stress it enough, let's give these kids something to look forward to, just send something you don't wear, socks, underwear, a bottle of water even, just go and spend some time with these kids, and give them soemthing to look forward to, and help them with their faith and their dreams because they can do just as much as any of us and they inspire probably more than any of us could. So let's give them that oppurtunity and that streangth. Talk to your parents, have your parents read this, let's do whatever we can to give back. Also, doing that you can get into GetUrGoodOn, that's an amazing site and foundation that I created for anyone at all who gives back and hopefully you can be someone who gives back, so let's do that. Instead of waking up christmas morning spoiled, gettnig everything you want, relaxing all day, drinking hot chocolate, let's give a little 3 year old a chance to wake up to a shirt, or to socks, and be the happiest kid on the face of the earth. You have a roof over your head, and socks on your feet, and you have a family to go home to, and we all want so much mroe ( me too, I'm not singling anybody out, we all do it.) but those kids don't have that,t hey sleep in the cold with no blankets, no family, no nothing, no education. so let's send books we don't read, childrens books, clothes, socks, anything that you can that you don't use can go to a little baby to make them a little happier, and a little more faithful.

YOU can be the inspiration, YOU can be the one giving back, YOU can be the one inspiring others to do this, and to save lives and to make little children happy. So let's try our hardest to give these kids just a little glimmer of hope for Christmas. We've been really trying through the Pappy Cyrus foundation, through GetUrGoodOn, I've opened so many foundations for donations and bids and money to give back to those people, to cancer patients, a dollar of every ticket sold on tour goes to City of Hope for cancer, I don't just sing and dance and bath in the glamour guys, I'm really really trying as hard as I can to give everything back that I can. There are some people that kinda run the business that have restrictions on HOW MUCH I can do, but I've pulled strings, and done as much as I can. But I can't do it at all, neither cna those that help under everyday bases, so let's just try and keep climbing, and keep trying. These little babies need inspiration to continue THEIR climb, and to keep climbing and to keep trying and that sometimes you do have to lose, but not if you keep pushing, to keep trying. So be an inspiration to those children, give back just a little and it'll be worth so very much.

I hope you guys have awesome holidays, I hope you have an amazing New Year an amazing Christmas, and I hope you never lose the meaning behind either through presents and colors and trees, so be happy and be safe, and God bless you guys! You're amaznig, and thank you so much for the oppurtunities you've given me. Let's give another kid an oppurtunity too.

God bless you guys, I love you,

We're so blessed, some children just aren't as lucky. Let's let them know they're blessed FOR the inspiration they give to us. Because every child struggling, and every child going through something like that, inspires me so much. My best friend Vanessa died when I was my BOBW tour from being not so lucky, and if I can give back to soeone like that, if I can insure that someone else won't go through what she went through then I'm going to do everything in my power to keep it from happening. We CAN help, we just DON'T. So don't lay around spoiled, and not caring about what's going on in the world because BABIES are dying everyday because we have so much. So give back, and keep trying.

Okay, I'm totally crying so that's my que that I need to shut up and let ya'll read it and hopefully inspire some people, GOD bless you guys, I love you. PLEASE give back, PLEASE consider it, PLEASE talk to your parents.

We don't know hw blessed we are just to see the sun rise in the morning, to experience snow, to have an education, we're so lucky for all of that. Be an inspiration. Especially those who want to be in the industry, your going to see a lot of this in your future if you keep trying, everyone GIVE BACK, go save those children, go give them inspiration. Go let them know that DEATH ISN'T THE CURE. I love you guys.

Keep Climbing, and on your climb if you can hold someones hand and help them up a little bit of that mountain than you've done something much greater than you'll ever accomplish through a new cell phone, or new uggs. So give back guys. You don't have to be on Disney to be an inspiration and a rolemodel. Go be one right now, and give those children something they'd never expect, even if all that is, is love.

I love ya'll.

Miley xo


  1. Miley, that is so beautiful and so inspiring. There is something that we can do, all of us. I will make sure I give back this holiday season not just because you inspired me but because it's something we all should be doing. Thank you for being so wonderful in every way. You have made a difference in so many people's life and it is time that we do the same. Thank you for your kind words and passion for life. It is truly contagous. We love you miley. God bless. Thanks beautiful.

  2. That was so heartfelt. I literally am crying my eyes out. Sometimes we need someone to light a fire under our butts to do things, because we are lazy, fearful, and preoccupied with our own crap.
    I appreciate your message and your motivation. A sentence that came to me one day, literally just came into my head, but I often forget:
    " I am the light that that will lead people to make a difference in their lives."
    You most definitely are that light.

  3. WOW you set me off crying now. I feel bad. like most other poeple i try to forget about what others dont have... Like today i love snow but these two sisters have just started in our school a couple of days ago and don't speak a word of english, and it started snowing today as i was looking out my window and they were dancing in it they must of been out there for ages. i say i love snow but , they knew the meaning of 'the love' of something i forgot not everyone have experinces things the way i have. lucky for me i have parents who like to give to charity and every couple of months we clear things out like books clothes etc and give them away :) i am grateful for that . thankyou for reminding me ..

  4. Miley,
    you are truly such a beautiful person inside and out and you make a difference in so many lives. You show everyone that you do care, so thanks for instilling a little more of that in me. As i read this, my eyes were opened for the first time in awhile. I feel compassion towards people who are not as fortunate as me, but I realize now that I need to do more about it. I need to stop wishing and start acting. i love you. you are such an inspiration and an amazing person. Peace this Christmas to you and your family.
    God Bless,

  5. well, what to say? it´s terrible that many people is living without caring and helping each other, but there are those, who do it!!!

    I wish you a merry X-mas, from your argentine friend, carlos style



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