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So I've officially titled myself as a blog addict. I just made a blog the other day and now I'm making another one but I just wanted to like.. update ya'll now, since I didn't before.

1. MAKE SURE your all following @theheartofmiley on TWITTER. cause that's my ONLY twitter. That's not ME, it's my friend Ashley that runs it, and I tweet from it SOMETIMES, but mainly it's her and you can send questions and read her Q&A blogs and I answer ya'lls questions. It's really cool, and I love doing it. But if it slows down too much we'll stop doing it! And like we said at the beginning, once it becomes super popular and we get some real traffic & stuff, I'll actually do LIVE CHATS from there. I'm working now to figure out a way to do it without gossip sites getting ahold of it and stuff. Shhhh!

2. Tour is doing so great right now, I'm having so much fun, so many people are coming out and seeing the show, some of my friends, ect. And it's honestly so much fun. It's definetley hard being away from home, my family, my friends but we have family on tour too so that's really cool. I'm doing interviews all the time, shows, ect and it's so much fun. I've been doing so many fan related things and it's so cool to get to see and meet some of ya'll. I have a foundation type thing started up right now that's actually got some special needs kids coming out and seeing soundcheck and I get to meet them too, cause they're honestly going through so much and it's so hard on them and if I can make them smile my jobs done. All kids, I just love kids and meeting them and if they look up to me I'm just so inspired cause kids are the future, and kids are so pure hearted and it's amazing.

3. MY NEW ALBUM!!!!!!! OMG!!! =]
My new album is doing SO awesome, like I said in an interview, I can't write songs just for no reason. It's actually had to HAPPEN to me, and this ENTIRE new album I've written ALL the songs!!! So you'll defineley get way more into my life, the parts that I want to put out there. Because I know that my breakout album was a lot about break ups and stuff and I know like, 7 Things and stuff really helped some girls and that's such an awesome thing, so tons of songs that have been on my heart, that can hopefully help some girls (or guys? Eh? Eh? I dunno!) and kinda just unite us. Cause face it, half of the guys in this world suck. So.. hopefully we all find/found a guy that won't break us.

My last break up was way different from the one in 2007, when Nick J and I broke up I went into a funk. I dyed my hair black, I started acting different, I was trying to seem okay when I wasn't. And I laid in bed all the time and felt sorry for myself, and I ate all the time and I was stuck on mandy like glue, sheliterally like.. never went home cause I always needed her, and she'd basically have to slap me from talking about it so much. I'd listen to their albums, I'd talk about their little update things, ect. And that went on for a few months. Duh, that was my first love so that was really hard. But this last breakup, I was crazy about that guy and that's when I learned how I should handle it. That "breakup" was trying to hold me back, he was trying to tell me if I wanted him I couldn't go live my dream, and I couldn't go and do this thing that I was really working for. And when we broke apart, I realized that the best thing you can do is just get up, and keep moving and keep going.

I don't think I spent one day in bed missing him. I had a hard time, duh, it's a breakup after 11 months. But I got up the next day smiling, and I got more and more excited for Georgia, and I was with friends, and hanging out, and having fun. We filmed Send It On, it was just awesome I had an amazing time. I went off to Georgia happy, and I met the greatest people in the world. And that's what I learned, was never to stop your life over a boy, just get up and keep moving, keep being happy. And now, I'm the happiest I've ever been. So it's been awesome, and hopefully throguh my songs some other girls learn what I learned, and hopefully I can help some girls through their heart aches, and other situations too. We're all growing up, and this record hopefully shows ya'll what I'm going growing into.

There are a few cuss words, OHHH NOOOOOO.. it's honestly not that bad though, people over react to those things. I'm growing up, I'm not saynig adults should say those things but that's the music I want to share. this new record will show what music I like. It's my kind of music, and it's my style, and the style I want to share with people too. it'll be awesome, and I'm so excited and it'll be another one of those times that I learn who my true fans are, by supporting me through another transition.

I'm all for giving power to girls, making them feel better, making them feel happy single and stuff so, hopefullyyy all of this hard work will pay off and I can help some people. Cause the best compliments I can get on my music is, "It helped me." or "I relate to it." and that's such an honor when I can hear that!

Any girl that has gone through a break up like I have or anything, the best thing you can do is get up smiling, tell yourself your beautiful, and you'll never let a guy hold you back. There are TONS of guys out there, don't wate time on one. Don't give your everything to one.


I'm just saying. If he says you're going to be together forever, then WHAT'S THE RUSH?! Just don't do something you'd regret basically.

Anywho, writing too much I need off of my computer for my day off. I LOVE ya'll!! You're absolutely amazing and I can't wait for you guys to hear the album, see the movie, I can't wait to get to Season 4 of Hannah, I'm loving tour, I hope ya'll are too. God bless you guys!

Love always,
Miley Cyrus

And to any guy that thinks I miss him, or want him back, or that I'm hurting over him - I don't, I don't, and I'm NOT. =]

P.S. I know I say I want my personal life personal, then I come write these things - SORRY! Just writing what I want to get out there!!! =]

X's and O's!!!


  1. I swear Miley, I love you like crazy. And yes I am a girl. And no I'm not a lesbian. hahaha.
    You just rule and your blogs are the best. You write so cryptically sometimes.. as I know you have to. But I love your writing and I hope your're happy. I hope you read this. :-)

  2. I love reading these, it just helps me realize that yes their are other people going through some of the same things I'm not the only one. You speak from the heart and don't care what others will think of you. I can't wait for this new album and to hear how it sounds. I will always support you in everything you do.
    Sincerely, Katy

    P.S. I would love for more people to be able to follow @theheartofmiley I just don't want to give someone the access of sending this to a gossip site, I mean you never know who to trust.

  3. aww, i just adore reading this blog. you are so open and honest about the little things in your life, miles. i can always relate to your advices on boys, family and life. at times, i take quotes from your blog and hold on to the words, like : "the best feeling is smiling so much that your cheeks hurt and go numb. that's the best pain that you could ever ask for." and the other one " Love at first sight, is love at first glimpse of the heart, not the face".

    keep this blogging coming. love to hear more from you. take care, miles.

  4. ohh we loved to read your blogs..because its your thoughts..came from you like writing whatever you were thinking that are so honest..i like that on you,pls continue to be like that whatever some stupid people say..
    and yes when i broke up i couldnt be alone without my best friend,she was my rock.. and i was listening alla day and night your song,obsessed..oh my god..i was feeling every word in that song..and i was crying..but it make to have more strengh.. and noww of course i am listening the 7 things heh;pp so i can say im feeling a little bit better now.. ill smile again like you do because.. NOO, a boy that treats you without respect,he is not worth to be in your life.. And..thanks for the advises..thanks for your words..for your are sush an inspiration to us..

    pleeasee keep blogging.. with your thoughs..with your thoughts you make us hope again.. smiling again..after i read your last blog..i had the first smile that i had in a long time.. thanks you miley..

    take care:)
    Constantina xxx

    ps. hope you will do soon another live chat..but pls tell us the address that we can go so we can watch you..

  5. Blimey! I've missed the live chat again. Miley, we live in different time zones and it's really difficult to catch you. Hahaha. I enjoy reading your blog and you're so down to earth. Cool a new album and I can't wait for this new album. I'm really excited and i wonder how it sounds. I bet this album will be awesome. Miley, I'm really grateful for an artist like you.

    Take care and keep blogging =]

    PS. By the way, I'm a guy. (^_^)



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