Thursday, January 28, 2010

I was shocked.... NOT!!!

I've said before how I find it so sad that people use names for publicity. Somehow, someway, people always seem to do it now-a-days. I try to overlook things but at the end of the day I am still a 17 year old girl. I still have insecurities, I still have a mirror. And I will always find imperfections, because I am imperfect. I am not perfect, and I don't aim to be perfect either. Sometime recently, Rihanna, who is absolutely amazing and so respected, and so brave and so strong, released a statement saying, "Miley Cyrus is a guilty pleasure. I have two songs I love. The Climb is automatic, and Party In The USA always makes you want to celebrate!" THANK YOU RIHANNA! That is such a compliment, and especially from such a respected and talented artist. It will always be a compliment when anyone says anything supportive, but it was still very sweet that she'd say that.

Not even a few days later, Chris Brown was on a radio show and randomly decided to tell everyone, "Miley Cyrus is not attractive! She's ugly." okay? Well, first of all, this man has beat up a woman, he's done so much - and honestly I can't stand his music. But that is just my thing, I don't like pop/rap. (I don't know if he's pop or rap, but I know he's one of them!) and so it was really very confusing to me while all of that is going on, he's gonna focus on a 17 year olds physical appearance? Real cool, Chris. Your deff. getting a LOT of respect this year, too!! Not only is there physical but emotional abuse, too. I can't say 'no offense' because it is WRONG what he did to her and I will always say that! But I am still a kid, just like Jamie Foxx going live and saying that I had big gums, and all that other stuff. I LOVE myself. Why do all of these rapper, old dudes wanna come wreck on my physical appearance? Why do they gain anything from that? Either way, I'm leaning on the support of my family, friends, and my fans of course. Because you guys get me through everything! I am not losing my confidence! They aren't worth it. I'm not being offended by a woman beater, or someone who can't find a song to sing other than, "a-a-a-a-a-a-alchohol".... They trash their own reps enough, I don't gotta help em!!! But thank you all who have written me. It is a little hard when someone says that stuff, because I am a kid, transitioning, growing, changing, and I am human. God made me this way, and they aren't happy with how I was created. and that's disgusting. I didn't ask for their opinion on my looks. So yes, it does hurt. But I will be fine, they aren't worth that! Thank you guys, and I love you all so much!!

Love always,



  1. Don't let them tear you down, i agree with you 150% :D. Your awesome!
    God Bless

  2. MILEY!!! So well said! I think your beautiful! So don't listen to them!!! Your fans love you just the way you are!!! <3 Ally.

    Everything about you is completely gorgeous, especially you're BIG HEART.
    You have beautiful eyes and a beautiful face. And you're just a nice person. God blessed you with talent and looks, people are jealous. Don't listen to some woman beater and a guy who has no career other than to sing about having sex and getting drunk.
    You're amazing, don't ever think any different.
    Love you girl =)

  4. Miley you are an amazing person..amazing singer and actress. your personality and ur looks are beautiful. Dont let ANY ONE make u feel bad..They are just mad they arent a great person like you they feel bad about them self so they want to make others feel bad about them self its very sad..Much love and respect Miley keep ur head up

  5. haha i can't believe those lowlifes said that about you. that's truly sad when FULLY GROWN MEN have to pick on a 17 YEAR OLD GIRL just to make themselves seem cooler...when it actually has the opposite effect. chris brown is nothing but a bully and he's showing that he'll always BE a bully. and jamie foxx...just needs to keep his mouth shut. clearly, both of them were lying, or are blind. you are seriously one of the most gorgeous and ballsy people i know, and nothing some pathetic singers/actors with dying careers say can change that. <3 you!

  6. oh, and talented--just wanted to throw that in there too. i know it goes without saying, but...

  7. Miley, I got one word for you - JEALOUSY. Yep, the ole green-eyed monster came and bit both these 'tude-totin rappers in the sweet spot! I just have to laugh at these *adult* idiots (well, Chris is younger, but honestly - I simply pity him more than feel disgust for him at times). And truly, I dunno which emotion is worse at times - pity or disdain. At the root of all this Miley, is that they are jealous that you have accomplished, at your age, a woman, all that you have. You are "in their league" and then some! You are *above* their league - make more money, top their record sales, etc, etc, etc. So, just look in the mirror and be proud - believe me. Btw - Jamie Fox's mirror aint all that happy - what a hypocrite for talking about anyone's physical appearance. Rest easy Miles, they got *nuthin* on you! -Gina

  8. Miley,
    contrary to what anyone may say about you (it's out of jealousy btw)YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL!! and what's even greater than that is your infectious wonderful personality. anyone who can see that will fall in love with you instantly because it's amazing. obvi those guys and others don't see it, and that's their problem. theyre missing out on the real you! I wish more people in our world could be as strong, compassionate, vivacious, and loyal as you are. whatever negative things are said are WRONG!! in the end the only people who are really worth it of your love and friendship are us, your true true fans, and your family and friends. For everyone else, it's their loss. being close-minded doesn't get you anywhere and they obviously haven't figured that out. I love you! rock on like you always do!!
    Peace and blessings xoxox,

  9. ohh and honestly....i don't think Rihanna's comment was thaaaaat great. She should not feel GUILTY about liking your songs!! lol they're amazing and I can't wait to hear the new ones soon!

  10. MiLES... dont worry about what tehy say to u.. THEY ARE JUST TRASHY WANNA BE ARTIST... that want to tear down a little girl.. who is doing BIG thiings.. and is going through changes... they see in their sick minds.. ur sensible.. and since their careers are OVER.. they want to try and rice their autosteam.. u know.. dont worry about this.. little LOSERS... ur awesome.. ur a girl who is changing and learning from her mistakes.. good thing is that u have ur fam.. and u have US.. (UR FANS).. take care.. dont worry about them.. THEY ARE JUST JEALOUS...

  11. AMEN GIRL! All those old dudes and people who basically have no career left are just trying to use you so people pay attention to them, and I am so glad you can brush that stuff off because that is so wrong of them to say that. You are beautiful and confident! They are jealous...don't even sweat it!
    And yea about the music...I can not stand that. At least what you sing about is true and meaning full while they sing about slappin' hoes, prostitutes, sex, and drinking all night and I respect you for knowing yourself enough to not fall into all that.
    You are a great role model in al aspects, but the number one reason I believe you are such a great role model is that you are comforetable in your own skin and you are influencing so many other people out there to have the same outlook. That is the true aspect of a role model.
    Love you girl! You keep your chin up and look those haters in the eye and know you have God right there saying "I got your back Miles!"
    You Have my respect, and I hope that means something to you because I think that is the most important thing in this world that no one has anymore.
    Love, Elizabeth

  12. AWESOME! That's the only word I can think of to describe you inside & out!

  13. They are both dumb ass's. You at just 17 years old are so much better a person than they will ever be. Keep you chin held high sweetie, you have a wonderful big giving heart, and deserve everything you have, you work so hard for your fans. Don't let other peoples crap break you. Oh and I gotta say I enjoyed reading your post about JG. Just one more dumb ass to put behind you and move forward.
    Wishing you nothing but happiness, and health.
    Are you feeling better by the way?
    God Bless You Miley, you are a wonderful young lady. Be proud of your self.
    Love ya,
    Dustysmommy & Dustin.
    P.S. Sorry to hear about Brandi's car, that's just not cool at all. Mean people SUCK.

  14. i really know it`s hard; i`ve been through this, and i know how it is. in fact, it`s not our fault and we shouldn't care about this. people are bad. :) this is the life.
    you should not listen to what Chris said. you ARE beautiful; he`s just jealous. hmm...i used to like him, but i guess i will not anymore. he dissappointed me second times.

    stay strong, Miley, coz this type of people is everywhere.
    " but you, you gotta be strong, just keep pushing on. "

    Love you always.

    - Aida-

  15. Haha I’m sure all your comments are giving you the confidence boost you didn’t even need, but I’ll throw in my 2 cents anyway. Chris Brown has hit rock bottom, therefore he needs to lash out at SOMEONE to distract people from his own retarded mistakes, but picking on you was probably the stupidest thing he could’ve done. One, if people call you ugly, ask them to explain why and I bet you most of the time, they can’t. Why? Because you’re not. The structure of your face is the envy of millions of girls. Your smile is endearing and contagious, your eyes are bright and bubbly (just a reflection of you, really) and your nose is cute and goes perfectly with everything else. But your looks, they don’t determine your talent (though it seems all talented artists are hot anyway, so...).

    Yep, that’s exactly right, God made you the way you are. Keep in that frame of mind because we, YOUR fans, tell you the truth. We love you, so of course we’d be nothing but honest. Anyone who says otherwise, they’re just scared to conform and admit that you DO have an admirable face, that you DO have a heart warming voice. They're silly, I know.

    And lastly, that whole not perfect thing, everyone is just perfect imperfection to me (unless you’re stinky Chris Brown or anyone else who trashes you for no good reason). Heaps of people get picked on, but it’s probably so much more hurtful when it’s public. Anyway, I’m probably just bothering you with my babbling so I’ll wrap it up.

    YOU LISTEN TO ME MILEY RAY, AND YOU LISTEN (read) GOOD. You. Are. Beautiful. In. So. Many. Ways. Inside and out. Let that soak in real deep. Thanks for sharing that with us Miles, and I hope the rest of the comments filled in what I missed. Though this was probably just a repeat of what the rest of ‘em said. Oh well! It just shows we all think the same about you! Alright, alright, I’m going... :)

    P.S I love you

  16. Miley, you are beautiful my friend. These other clowns are donig it just for attention like you said. You are beautiful both in your looks and as a person. You are SEXY!!!!! So forget them. You inspire so many, so keep your head up friend. We, your fans, love you no matter what and that will NEVER change!!!! Have a wonderful day Miley.

  17. Miley you're BEAUTIFUL and UNIQUE in your way, foret about the bad comments, they are useless

  18. Miley: i think that you are one of the most sincere, compassionate celebrity in the business. I dont know you personally but I do read your blogs, and I believe it is here where each time you write we get a little piece of who Miley really is, outside of all the crap the media would want us to focus on. Because I work with teens your age I understand the struggles and challenges that you face everyday as a teenager, outside of stardom. People who dis others for how they look, what they do, have little or no respect for themselves. They may think they do, but their actions show different. Keep blessing others with your loving and caring spirit, in the end, you will be the one laughing, because God will bless you beyond measure! Praying for You and your family! God Bless! Shari



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