Wednesday, February 10, 2010


Before you read any further - I forgot to put this in my last post. I had it in a 'sticky note' on my desktop too, I knew to write it, I didn't "forget", I was being talked too and I clicked 'post' before I typed about it. But there is a blog before this I typed at the same time. So, go read that one too!
"Who I Am" sold over 80,000 copies!!!! I am so excited for Nicky, I know he has put his heart and soul into this, and he loves this music, HIS music. I've been listening to the record nonstop because it is just that beautiful. That is him speaking, with music. He has always been so musically active. Music before almost anything. I believe there is music in his blood. Trust me, if you guys saw a lot of his baby videos and stuff, he always had an instrument. Or had some kind of music playing. He's just a musical person. More than anyone I've ever met. You take this legends... or these people that LOVE music, that LIVE for music, for the music in the WORLD, and Nick doubles that in his love, passion, and life in music. He doubles anyone you could ever imagine loving music more than anything. And he deserves everything and MORE that he is getting now. So let's continue to spread the word about Nick Jonas & the Administration. Buy their songs on iTunes, tell everyone to do it, buy their record, buy everything. When the posters start getting made - GET THOSE. When the DVD's start releasing - GET THOSE. Buy like 902438509345 copies of the record, you get the point. This will be LEGEND of our future! When we're older, talking to our grand kids, they'll ask us if we can get them an old Nick Jonas & The Administration record, the FIRST ONE, and it'll be SO sold out, and people will be buying SO MANY, some of us won't have them if we haven't gotten them already. So do it for your GREAT GREAT GREAT GRANDKIDS!!! Do it for your CHILDREN, that you'll have like 20 years from now! GO. GET. THE. RECORD.
It's WORTH IT. It honestly is, it's beautiful, and loving, and inspirational, and meaningful, and TRUTH, and everything you WANT in music. And then the fact that the person who made it, who created it, who DREAMED about it, LIVES for music like NIck does is just a bonus! You can tell how much he loves music THROUGH the music. So do it for the LOVE OF MUSIC. Because apparently MUSIC LOVES HIM or he wouldn't have as much AMAZING talent as he does! And hello, he's hot too. Big bonus ladies! ;) got an amazing boyfriend who isn't all that great looking? Da da da da! Yay! Now you have a hot guy on your iTunes and your boyfriend will never know how truly offended he should be!!! =]
So everyone keep buying! It's amazing, and I LOVE the record and so does EVERYONE I know.

Have YOU bought NICK JONAS & THE ADMINISTRATION'S first album yet?!

Do it for our FUTURE. Our ENVIROMENT. Because our enviroment is better with people who participate. They participate if they're happy. They're HAPPY because of Nick Jonas & The Administration. So guys, get the record for your parents, your grandparents, your siblings, your children, your friends, your neighbors, your local shoppers at whatever convinient store you may be in in the naer future, your co-workers, your fellow peers at school, your waitors and/or those who take orders at fast food places, buy them for your pets. It'd be better than the snuggie for pets.

GET IT!!!!!!!!!!!!
Yayyyy Nicky!!!


  1. lol you are irrepressible. i will definitely be getting it whenever i have money again. i've heard it already and it's incredible.

  2. I pre-ordered it, so yes I have it.
    No worries, I have everything Jonas Brothers, Miley (you) and NJ&TA. I never go without all the new stuff, because I am just that into it =)

    Nick is amazing, obviously.
    You're amazing, obviously.
    I love you and you're amazing friendship with Nick.
    You guys are AMAZING.
    Love always,

  3. You're so awesome. You and Nick are so lucky to have each other. I can definitely tell that your friendship is so amazingly strong, and you'll always have each other to fall back on. It's inspiring to see two people who've been through so much together, and can still be best friends. So yeah, you guys are awesome.

    And of course I got Nick's album. It's amazing! But you already knew that. :)


  4. ahhh you're funny. "the environment.....those who take orders at fast food places!"
    but duhhhhh def got the cd on itunes last week! it's so beautifully done and amazing!! but yeah more ppl should definitely go buy it because it's so good!
    speaking of which....I CAN"T WAIT FOR YOUR NEW ONE COMING SOON! that'll obvi be a hit!! i love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! forever :)
    Love, Paige

  5. Done, and done Miley. You needn't have said a word. Agreed! :)

  6. Bought it. Love it. Love it. Love it. you made me laugh out loud when I was getting my chicken nuggets today. I read this earlier but didn't comment yet and i had MCD's for lunch and almost laughed at the guy serving me... haha! I did it for him MC!!! hahahaha

    Sincerely though, it is on repeat on my ipod and it is my favorite thing to listen to right now. Today I am loving the song "who I am."
    He and you are so lucky to have found your passions.

    I love the support you show NJ. That is so admirable and I'm sure he totally appreciates it. :)



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