Saturday, February 20, 2010

I hate being sick yall. It's been kinda stormy here, and somehow in the mixture I caught a cold. In bed, bright red nose, sneezing, coughing, sniffles, groaning, poutiness, THE WORKS. My mommy made me hot chocolate and it tastes like dirt. Moral of the story is: I hate being sick! Pray for me xoxox

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  1. Aw, that sucks that you're sick again. I'll pray for you. :)

  2. Sorry your sick again...u just stay sick u poor thing. My bro is sick too. he has strep and a ear & sinus he knows how ya feel ur in my prayers and keep my bro in yours please
    luv crystal
    Feel Better Soon :)

  3. dude, i bet you're a cute pouter. you probably have your mom wrapped around your little finger when you're like that. haha get well soon miley, love ya girl

  4. aww so sorry you're sick again... :( hope you get better soon!! :) i'll pray for you, love you miles <3

  5. I was just like that two days ago :( Just rest a lot and drink lots of fluids and you will be healthy again in no time, get better! Love you Miley!

  6. Hi Miley!
    I hope you get better soon,Honey!!
    I'll pray for you!
    Every time I speak with you're sick....
    I hope you get better soon,Honey!!
    Be careful...
    I do not want you sick....
    more of what you're... =)
    Oh...Thank You So Much For The Beautiful Words You Wrote In My MetroFLOG!
    Follow me!
    Kisses & Hugs!


  7. I caught a cold too! In fact, first day of Convention, great right? Maybe somehow I floated over to you in my sleep and coughed on you, and then floated all the way back to Canada. Deepest apologies for that ): I have the same thing, in church, I couldn't sing the songs, and when I did the high notes were all weird and pitchy and stuff. My best solution for a sore nose when you are blowing it all the time is just plain Vaseline. Seriously Miles, load it on there :) Your red nose will be gone in no time.

    Yesterday I felt terrible. The worst thing for me to do when I have a cold is take a nap. I feel terrible after, and I hate when people are like, oh it's just a cold. I wanna scream at them, colds SUCK monkey bananas. Anyways, I ALSO had a really sore jaw on the left side, like when you blow up too many balloons, or chew sweet gum. Well whatever I ate gave me that pain, and the worst part was, I could NOT get full! I had to eat, and most of the stuff tased like nothing due to my cold! It was bad, I am all good now though. Hopefully I won't catch laryngitus, when you lsoe your voice. It is really annoying to talk because everyone just laughs.

    So, catch any of the Olympics lately? I wanted to kill all the Americans when I found out they were in the lead for medals and Canada was only in 4th. If only you were Canadian and there was a singing contest for the Olympics, then we would get MORE MEDALS. That was a compliment btw :)

    Getter better, gonna pray for you.

  8. Sorry you are sick ill pray for you.
    hope you get better asap

  9. aww boo i hope you're starting to feel better! We'll pray! we always do! luhhhh you! :)



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