Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Hey guys! My day has been amazing! Started with a meeting between me and my manager and some awesome people who gave me some rad news about a few things. We got the release date for HM4 to start, got the date I'm starting to work on mixing my fragrance! Yes, I am going to make a "Miley scent"! I am working with such an inspiring woman on it. It won't be a line, just one fragrance and that's it. Super excited for that! I got some news for The Last Song world premiers, and we got a range of dates to choose from for the record! So we got our calenders made up and all I can say is BE READY cause it's all gonna happen fast! I'm stuck in traffic right now. Dang LA drivers! And pray for my puppy Rodeo (AKA "Roadie") he has been coughing a lot. Today has been so great!

God bless you guys!
Xox. MC<3

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  1. aww your puppy's sick? haha you have a lot of pets...we already knew that...but it's still astonishing. but if i had the space i'd probably have a lot too. PUPPIES EVERYWHERE

  2. oh yeah, and i'm excited for all the stuff coming up. i just bought my dad the last song book for his birthday, he's gonna love it. we miss you being around, don't be a stranger! <3

  3. miley, are you coming to southamerica?? :)

  4. can't wait for all the new stuff miley and so stoked that the last song is coming out on my birthday now...yayyyy! i'll be 23 march the 31st. so a happy bday would be awesome...def goin 2 c it on my bday and xcited for HM4 and ur new record and wow can't wait for your perfume...hope it sells at walmart. well hope to hear from ya
    luv ur fan always

  5. My heart just flipped in excitement. My only thought? "Hell. Yes"

  6. oooh perfume! yummy!!
    I hope HM4 is going REALLY well and I can't wait for the premier!!! Def think you should consider sending out tickets to a taping for THOM-ers!! we would loveeee it. pretty much DIE. and I'm sure I speak for everyone when i say that!
    keep it up girl! ur amazing at what you do

  7. you're gonna have a fragrance? where have i been living in? i had NO idea. how amazing:D i need a new perfume anyway! :D



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