Friday, February 26, 2010

My mom and I have heard on multiple occasions that someone who looked just like her was showing up at the same places we were showing up! It was creepy at first, and we heard it several places. Today at lunch, my mom picked me up to take me to get lunch for the cast at HM. We got to where we were going, and the lady to help us rushed outside and yelled, "she's here at the same time you are!" we walked over the a white SUV and turns out, there was a woman in it that DOES look JUST like my mama! It's insane! We were all in shock. They'd heard about eachother in so many places and we finally met her. It was so cool. They say you have a twin somewhere. Today we met my moms! And she's so pretty like my mom. I wonder where mine is! :)

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  1. Oh that's so cool! I distinctly remember you having a look alike or something, and it being in a magazine, and you being like, yeah she does look similar, that's so cool. But then again, it was probably a dream. My dreams always seem pretty vivid, do yours?

  2. Dude thats awesome!! It would be like looking in a mirror. I wonder how many times people have asked her if shes your mom? LOL

  3. it's kinda weird that so many people know what your mom looks like well enough to spot a doppelganger. but weird in a good way?

  4. wow that is weird...yep they say every1 has a twin...yours will be found soon i know theres a girl that works at a drugstore here in nc that looks exactly like selena gomez...u rock miles

  5. Yes! everyone has a twin, I know yours is in heaven with Big white wings & a long flowy dress, because of the way you act on earth SO kind & giving, YOU must be an angel!!

  6. That is so awesome! Yesterday I met the twin of my brother in law... the freaky part was that he has the same mannerisms and talks the same way!! :)



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